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Calcium Channel, Voltage-Dependent, gamma Subunit 1 (CACNG1) (Internal Region) antibody

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Synonyms zgc:55364, wu:fb43f02, wu:fi19g08, cacng1, CACNG1, CACNLG, Cacng
Internal Region
(16), (16), (6), (5), (4), (2), (2), (1), (1), (1), (1), (1)
Rat (Rattus)
(31), (30), (14), (3), (3), (1), (1)
(44), (4)
(2), (2), (2), (2), (2), (2)
Western Blotting (WB)
(43), (23), (4), (2), (1), (1)
Pubmed 4 references available
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Quantity 50 μg
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Availability Will be delivered in 8 to 10 Business Days
Immunogen Synthetic peptide from internal region of rat Cacng1 (NP_062128.1, P97707).
Specificity Rat CACNG1
Cross-Reactivity Human
Predicted Reactivity Percent identity by BLAST analysis: Mouse, Rat (100%) Chicken (92%) Dog (85%).
Purification Immunoaffinity Chromatography
Alternative Name CACNG1 / CACNG (CACNG1 Antibody Abstract)
Background Standard Gene Symbol: CACNG1, Gene Family: Ion Channel, Gene Subfamily: Calcium channel - gamma subunit, Synonyms: CACNG1, CACNG, CACNLG, Gamma 1
Gene ID 786
UniProt Q06432
Application Notes WB (0.2 - 1 µg/mL)
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Lyophilized
Reconstitution Distilled water
Buffer Lyophilized from PBS with 2% sucrose
Handling Advice Avoid repeat freeze-thaw cycles.
Storage 4 °C/-20 °C
Storage Comment Long term: -20°C, Short term: +4°C, Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.
Supplier Images
 image for anti-Calcium Channel, Voltage-Dependent, gamma Subunit 1 (CACNG1) (Internal Region) antibody (ABIN610672) anti-Calcium Channel, Voltage-Dependent, gamma Subunit 1 (CACNG1) (Internal Region) antibody
Product cited in: Takeda, Hatai, Hamazaki et al.: "Apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 (ASK1) induces neuronal differentiation and survival of PC12 cells." in: The Journal of biological chemistry, Vol. 275, Issue 13, pp. 9805-13, 2000 (PubMed).

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Catalog No. ABIN610672
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