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im:7142331, LAMB2, lamin, lamin-b2, Lamin-L(II), LMN2, lmnb2, lmnb2-a, LOC100136040, RGD1563803, wu:fb94e05, wu:fb95e12, wu:fc15d06, wu:fc49h03
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LMNB2 84823 Q03252
LMNB2 16907 P21619
Rat LMNB2 LMNB2 299625  

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Xenopus laevis Lamin B2 (LMNB2) interaction partners

  1. Axonal lamin B2 (LB2) associates with mitochondria, and LB2-deficient axons exhibit mitochondrial dysfunction and defects in axonal transport

  2. LIII filaments appear identical to the endogenous lamina, whereas lamin B2 assembles into filaments that are organized less precisely; Lamin A (show LMNA ELISA Kits) induces sheets of thicker filaments on the endogenous lamina and increases the rigidity of the nuclear envelope

Human Lamin B2 (LMNB2) interaction partners

  1. Mutation of the nuclear lamin gene LMNB2 in progressive myoclonus epilepsy with early ataxia.

  2. Nuclear envelope remodelling during human spermiogenesis involves somatic B-type lamins and a spermatid-specific B3 lamin (show LMNA ELISA Kits) isoform.

  3. Treating normal human fibroblasts with farnesyltransferase inhibitors causes the accumulation of unprocessed lamin B2 and lamin A (show LMNA ELISA Kits) and a decrease in mature lamin B1 (show LMNB1 ELISA Kits)

  4. Mutation in LMNB2 gene is associated with partial lipodystrophy.

  5. Studies indicate that the lamin (show LMNA ELISA Kits)-binding proteins implicated in laminopathies include lamin B2 and nuclear envelope proteins.

  6. These findings indicate that a lamin (show LMNA ELISA Kits) dimer principally has the freedom for a "combinatorial" head-to-tail association with all types of lamins, a property that might be of significant importance for the assembly of the nuclear lamina.

  7. analysis of protein-DNA interactions at the human lamin B2 replication origin

  8. The proteins bound in vivo at the LMNB2 replication origin were investigated along the cell cycle.

  9. This analysis reveals the modular structure of the lamin B2 origin and supports the idea that sequence elements close to the replication start site play an important role in origin activation.

  10. the distinctive ensemble of heterotypic lamin (show LMNA ELISA Kits) interactions in a particular cell type affects the stability of the lamin (show LMNA ELISA Kits) polymer

Mouse (Murine) Lamin B2 (LMNB2) interaction partners

  1. Lamin B2 may play a key role in nuclear translocation.

  2. Lamin B2 is essential for brain development and is important for resistance to nuclear elongation in neurons.

  3. Absence of both Lmnb1 (show LMNB1 ELISA Kits) and Lmnb2 in keratinocytes has no effect on cell proliferation or the development of skin and hair.

  4. These studies establish an essential function for lamin B2 in neuronal migration and brain development.

  5. Evidence suggests that germ line-specific lamin B3 reduces the stability of the nuclear periphery due to its shortened rod domain.

Lamin B2 (LMNB2) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a B type nuclear lamin. The nuclear lamina consists of a two-dimensional matrix of proteins located next to the inner nuclear membrane. The lamin family of proteins make up the matrix and are highly conserved in evolution. During mitosis, the lamina matrix is reversibly disassembled as the lamin proteins are phosphorylated. Lamin proteins are thought to be involved in nuclear stability, chromatin structure and gene expression. Vertebrate lamins consist of two types, A and B. Mutations in this gene are associated with acquired partial lipodystrophy.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Lamin B2 (LMNB2)

  • lamin B2 (lmnb2-a) Elisa Kit
  • lamin B2 (LMNB2) Elisa Kit
  • lamin B2 (lmnb2) Elisa Kit
  • lamin B2 (LOC100136040) Elisa Kit
  • lamin B2 (lmnb2-b) Elisa Kit
  • lamin B2 (Lmnb2) Elisa Kit
  • im:7142331 Elisa Kit
  • LAMB2 Elisa Kit
  • lamin Elisa Kit
  • lamin-b2 Elisa Kit
  • Lamin-L(II) Elisa Kit
  • LMN2 Elisa Kit
  • lmnb2 Elisa Kit
  • lmnb2-a Elisa Kit
  • LOC100136040 Elisa Kit
  • RGD1563803 Elisa Kit
  • wu:fb94e05 Elisa Kit
  • wu:fb95e12 Elisa Kit
  • wu:fc15d06 Elisa Kit
  • wu:fc49h03 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for Lamin B2 (LMNB2) ELISA Kits

lamin B2 , lamin-B2-like , fc15d06 , lamin-B2 , lamin LII , lamin-L(II) , lamin B3

394291 Xenopus laevis
468657 Pan troglodytes
485070 Canis lupus familiaris
100038111 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100136040 Oncorhynchus mykiss
100426602 Macaca mulatta
100582220 Nomascus leucogenys
30196 Danio rerio
397912 Xenopus laevis
84823 Homo sapiens
16907 Mus musculus
396222 Gallus gallus
100620983 Sus scrofa
299625 Rattus norvegicus
516326 Bos taurus
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