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5730421P04Rik, AI507121, AI787438, AL118320, ILWEQ, mKIAA0320, RGD1565416, talin-2, TLN2
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TLN2 83660 Q9Y4G6
TLN2 70549 Q71LX4
Rat TLN2 TLN2 315776  

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  1. Human TLN2 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN422626 : Xiao, Shen, Chen, Wang, Xi, Xiao, Wang: Talin 2 concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid in patients with epilepsy. in Clinical biochemistry 2010 (PubMed)

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Human Talin 2 (TLN2) interaction partners

  1. data suggest a potential molecular link between TLN2 and camptodactyly pathogenesis.

  2. Both TLN-1 (show TLN1 ELISA Kits) and TLN-2 levels correlate with tumorigenicity in human HCC (show FAM126A ELISA Kits), indicating that these molecules constitute important molecular targets for the diagnosis and/or treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma .

  3. Data indicate the role of vinculin (show VCL ELISA Kits) in inducing the talin mediated integrin activation.

  4. Talin1 has unique expression versus talin 2 in the heart and modifies the hypertrophic response to pressure overload.

  5. Data show that SCGB3A1 (show SCGB3A1 ELISA Kits) was down-regulated in invasive compared with DCIS, whereas talin 2 (TLN2) and PTGS1 (show PTGS1 ELISA Kits) were up-regulated in invasive compared with DCIS.

  6. This review discusses the general function of talin 1 (show TLN1 ELISA Kits) and talin 2, as well as vinculin (show VCL ELISA Kits)/metavinulin, with emphasis on what is understood about their role in the cardiac myocyte and in whole heart.

  7. the differential concentration of CSF (show CSF2 ELISA Kits) and serum-talin 2 in the drug-refractory postencephalitic epilepsy group is an intractability-related phenomenon that might be involved in the development of RPEE

  8. The F-actin binding capacity of Talin 2 is regulated by intrasteric occlusion of primary actin-binding determinants within the talin I/LWEQ module.

  9. Talin2 may serve as the link between integrins and the sarcomeric cytoskeletonin stable adhesion complexes in mature striated (show NSDHL ELISA Kits) muscle.

  10. Data show that TLN2n presents only in the CSF (show CSF2 ELISA Kits) of temporal lobe epilepsy patients.

Mouse (Murine) Talin 2 (TLN2) interaction partners

  1. Binding of vinculin (show VCL ELISA Kits) to the R1-R3 region of the talin rod is important for focal adhesion stability.

  2. Data indicate that talin mechanics are isoform specific so that expression of either talin-1 (show TLN1 ELISA Kits) or talin-2 modulates extracellular rigidity sensing.

  3. Talin1 has unique expression versus talin 2 in the heart and modifies the hypertrophic response to pressure overload.

  4. Tln2(cd/cd (show CTSD ELISA Kits)) mice showed no major difference in body mass or the weight of the major organs compared to wild-type, although they displayed a mildly dystrophic phenotype.

  5. Talin1 was concentrated in peripheral focal adhesions while talin2 was observed in both focal and fibrillar adhesions, and knock-down of talin2 compromised fibronectin (show FN1 ELISA Kits) fibrillogenesis

  6. Fxr1 (show FXR1 ELISA Kits) knockout hearts exhibit an up-regulation of desmoplakin (show DSP ELISA Kits) and talin2 proteins, which is accompanied by severe disruption of desmosome as well as costamere architecture and composition in the heart

  7. Talin2 may serve as the link between integrins and the sarcomeric cytoskeletonin stable adhesion complexes in mature striated (show NSDHL ELISA Kits) muscle.

  8. Depletion of talin2 in talin1-null cells did not affect the initiation of matrix-activated spreading or Src (show SRC ELISA Kits) family kinase activation, but abolished the extracellular matrix-integrin-cytoskeleton linkage, sustained cell spreading and adhesion.

  9. demonstrate that testis and kidney express truncated talin 2 isoforms that lack the N-terminal half of the protein, and provide evidence for the developmentally regulated expression of the short testis-specific (show AIF1 ELISA Kits) talin 2 isoform in elongating spermatids

  10. Talin 1 (show TLN1 ELISA Kits) and 2 are crucial for skeletal muscle development, where they regulate myoblast fusion, sarcomere assembly and the maintenance of myotendinous (show TNC ELISA Kits) junctions.

Talin 2 (TLN2) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a protein related to talin 1, a cytoskeletal protein that plays a significant role in the assembly of actin filaments and in spreading and migration of various cell types, including fibroblasts and osteoclasts. This protein has a different pattern of expression compared to talin 1 but, like talin 1, is thought to associate with unique transmembrane receptors to form novel linkages between extracellular matrices and the actin cytoskeleton.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Talin 2 (TLN2)

  • talin 2 (TLN2) Elisa Kit
  • talin 2 (tln2) Elisa Kit
  • talin 2 (Tln2) Elisa Kit
  • 5730421P04Rik Elisa Kit
  • AI507121 Elisa Kit
  • AI787438 Elisa Kit
  • AL118320 Elisa Kit
  • ILWEQ Elisa Kit
  • mKIAA0320 Elisa Kit
  • RGD1565416 Elisa Kit
  • talin-2 Elisa Kit
  • TLN2 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for Talin 2 (TLN2) ELISA Kits

talin 2 , talin-2

453494 Pan troglodytes
478331 Canis lupus familiaris
528252 Bos taurus
100037170 Xenopus laevis
100054133 Equus caballus
100144637 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100156660 Sus scrofa
83660 Homo sapiens
70549 Mus musculus
315776 Rattus norvegicus
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