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Glutathione S-Transferase pi 1 Proteins (GSTP1)
On are 60 Glutathione S-Transferase pi 1 (GSTP1) Proteins from 14 different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping Glutathione S-Transferase pi 1 Antibodies (283) and Glutathione S-Transferase pi 1 Kits (25) and many more products for this protein. A total of 379 Glutathione S-Transferase pi 1 products are currently listed.
DFN7, FAEES3, GST-P, gst-Pi, Gst3, Gstp, Gstp2, GstpiB, PI
list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
GSTP1 2950 P09211
GSTP1 24426 P04906
GSTP1 14870 P19157

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  1. Human GSTP1 Protein expressed in Wheat germ - ABIN1306100 : Andrukhova, Salama, Krssak, Wiedemann, El-Housseiny, Hacker, Gildehaus, Andrukhov, Mirzaei, Kocher, Zuckermann, Aharinejad: Single-dose GSTP1 prevents infarction-induced heart failure. in Journal of cardiac failure 2014 (PubMed)
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  2. Human GSTP1 Protein expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) - ABIN666776 : Hayes, Pulford: The glutathione S-transferase supergene family: regulation of GST and the contribution of the isoenzymes to cancer chemoprotection and drug resistance. in Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular biology 1996 (PubMed)
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Human Glutathione S-Transferase pi 1 (GSTP1) interaction partners

  1. Our results indicated that the GST (show SLCO6A1 Proteins)-null allele (GSTT1 (show GSTT1 Proteins)-null/GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Proteins)-null) is a risk factor for ESRD and carriers of this allele have high levels of MDA.

  2. Study could not find a significant association between GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Proteins), GSTP1 and GSTT1 (show GSTT1 Proteins) genotypes distribution and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. However, significant associations were observed in the subtype analyses for GSTP1 and GSTT1 (show GSTT1 Proteins) polymorphisms.

  3. This study evaluated the influence of genetic polymorphism GSTP1 Ile105Val, GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Proteins) (null/non-null) and 2 XRCC1 (show XRCC1 Proteins) polymorphisms (Arg194Trp and Arg399Gln) on the survival of ovarian carcinoma patients treated with chemotherapy. METHODS: 106 patients received treatment with a carboplatin-based or alternative chemotherapy. Polymorphisms were genotyped by pyrosequencing.

  4. In this study we determined the relationship between the ADRB2 (show ADRB2 Proteins) Arg16Gly polymorphism and GSTP1 polymorphisms, involved in bronchodilator response and oxidative stress, respectively, with susceptibility to asthma. GSTP1 Ile105Val polymorphism may be linked to the severeness of airway dysfunction.

  5. The potential association between glutathione S-transferase (GST (show GSTA1 Proteins)) M1, T1, P1 polymorphisms and the risk of oral leukoplakia was analyzed. Glutathione S-transferase (show GSTa2 Proteins) Mu1 (GSTM1) and glutathione S-transferase (show GSTa2 Proteins) T1 (GSTT1 (show GSTT1 Proteins)) null polymorphisms increase the risk of Oral Leukoplakia. The glutathione S-transferase P1 (GSTP1) polymorphism did not demonstrate a significant relationship with Oral Leukoplakia risk

  6. study detected a significant high correlation between predisposition for colorectal cancer (CRC (show CALR Proteins)) and presence of the Ile/Ile genotype of the GSTP1 (IIe105Val) gene polymorphism, but did not find a significant relationship between predisposition for CRC (show CALR Proteins) and GSTT1 (show GSTT1 Proteins) and M1 deletion polymorphisms

  7. association between polymorphisms in three glutathione S-transferase (show GSTa2 Proteins) genes (GSTP1, GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Proteins), and GSTT1 (show GSTT1 Proteins)) and treatment outcome for advanced non-small cell lung cancer. Genotypes of GSTP1 were associated w/ lower risk of disease progression compared with the IIe/IIe genotype. No significant association was observed between GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Proteins) and GSTT1 (show GSTT1 Proteins) polymorphisms and progression-free survival and overall survival in the NSCLC patients.

  8. Mutant genotype of GSTP1 rs1695 seems to be a genetic risk factor in univariate analyses, although not confirmed by multivariate analyses.

  9. GSTP1, APC (show APC Proteins) and RASSF1 (show RASSF1 Proteins) gene methylation in prostate cancer samples: comparative analysis of MS-HRM method and Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip beadchiparray diagnostic value

  10. the study indicated that GSTP1 Ile105Val, but not GSTM1 (show GSTM1 Proteins) and GSTT1 (show GSTT1 Proteins) polymorphisms, was associated with risk of gastric cancer.

Mouse (Murine) Glutathione S-Transferase pi 1 (GSTP1) interaction partners

  1. our study reveals the novel role of GSTP1 in regulation of iNOS (show NOS2 Proteins) by affecting S-nitrosylation, dimerization, and stability.

  2. These observed differences contribute to our understanding of how genetic ablation of GSTP causes different levels of myeloproliferation and migration [corrected]

  3. GSTP1/2 are a critical regulators of hepatocyte proliferation in the initial phases of liver regeneration.

  4. GSTP1 expression in retina increases with developmental age in mice and accompanies murine retinal maturation.

  5. GSTP knock-out mice display decreased ubiquitination capacity and overall increased susceptibility to oxidative stress.

  6. Report increased GSTP1 in airways of asthmatic mice.

  7. DNIC storage function of GST P1-1 and ability of MRP1 (show ABCC1 Proteins) to efflux DNICs are vital in protection against NO cytotoxicity

  8. Gst-pi expression of the prostate cancers are dependent on metastatic site.

  9. GSTP plays a major role in carcinogenesis distinct from its role in detoxification and provides evidence that the enzyme is a key determinant of the proinflammatory tumor environment.

  10. This study analysed the kinetic behaviour of all the various cysteine to alanine mutants of Gstp1. These mutations introduce cooperativity and a novel 'ping pong' mechanism in the case of the C169A mutant.

Glutathione S-Transferase pi 1 (GSTP1) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) are a family of enzymes that play an important role in detoxification by catalyzing the conjugation of many hydrophobic and electrophilic compounds with reduced glutathione. Based on their biochemical, immunologic, and structural properties, the soluble GSTs are categorized into 4 main classes: alpha, mu, pi, and theta. This GST family member is a polymorphic gene encoding active, functionally different GSTP1 variant proteins that are thought to function in xenobiotic metabolism and play a role in susceptibility to cancer, and other diseases.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Glutathione S-Transferase pi 1 (GSTP1)

  • glutathione S-transferase P-like (LOC100739163)
  • glutathione S-transferase pi 1 (GSTP1)
  • glutathione S-transferase pi 1 (Gstp1)
  • glutathione S-transferase pi 1 (gstp1)
  • glutathione S-transferase, pi 1 (Gstp1)
  • DFN7 protein
  • FAEES3 protein
  • GST-P protein
  • gst-Pi protein
  • Gst3 protein
  • Gstp protein
  • Gstp2 protein
  • GstpiB protein
  • PI protein

Protein level used designations for GSTP1

GST class-pi , GSTP1-1 , deafness, X-linked 7 , fatty acid ethyl ester synthase III , glutathione S-transferase P , GST 7-7 , Glutathione-S-transferase placental enzyme pi type , Glutathione-S-transferase, placental enzyme pi type , chain 7 , glutathione S-transferase pi 2 , glutathione S-transferase, pi 2 , glutathione-S-transferase, pi 1 , Glutathione S-transferase P , GST-pi enzyme , glutathione S-transferase P 1 , xlGSTP1-1 , GST YF-YF , GST-piB , Gst p-1 , gst P1 , preadipocyte growth factor

100739163 Sus scrofa
2950 Homo sapiens
24426 Rattus norvegicus
281806 Bos taurus
100861197 Capra hircus
721704 Macaca mulatta
100174544 Pongo abelii
398321 Xenopus laevis
14870 Mus musculus
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