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Integrin alpha 1 Proteins (ITGA1)
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CD49a, E130012M19Rik, VLA1
list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
ITGA1 109700 Q3V3R4
ITGA1 3672 P56199
ITGA1 25118 P18614

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Mouse (Murine) Integrin alpha 1 (ITGA1) interaction partners

  1. Data show that in the absence of Langerhans Cells, CD49a(+) liver NK cells display an inappropriately proinflammatory phenotype that results in increased local skin inflammation.

  2. The decrease in hepatic lipid accumulation in HF-fed itga1(-/-) mice was associated with altered free fatty acid metabolism. These studies establish a role for integrin signaling in facilitating hepatic insulin (show INS Proteins) action

  3. a crosstalk between integrin alpha1beta1 and TbetaRII is essential for TbetaRII-mediated SMAD (show SMAD1 Proteins) activation and fibrotic signaling pathways

  4. These findings predict a role for biomechanical insult in the induction of integrin alpha1beta1-dependent Rac1-mediated mesangial cell process invasion of the glomerular capillary tuft as an initiation mechanism of Alport glomerular pathology.

  5. Macrophages express the highest levels of alpha1 integrin in the inflamed footpad.

  6. overexpression of mesangial integrin alpha1 and podocyte vimentin (show VIM Proteins) and integrin alpha3 may be important features of glomerular Alport disease

  7. TSC2 controls cell migration, attachment, and spreading through the alpha1beta1-integrin receptor.

  8. Data show that the induction of collagen XIII (show UGDH Proteins) in endothelial cells of Alport syndrome kidneys mediates the selective recruitment of alpha1beta1 integrin-positive monocytes.

  9. The ERK (show EPHB2 Proteins)/PPARgamma (show PPARG Proteins) axis plays a key role in regulating integrin alpha1beta1-dependent Cav-1 (show CAV1 Proteins) expression and consequent EGFR (show EGFR Proteins)-mediated reactive oxygen species production.

  10. data suggest VLA-1 expression defines a population of tissue memory CD4 (show CD4 Proteins)(+) T cells that act as rapid effectors upon influenza reinfection

Human Integrin alpha 1 (ITGA1) interaction partners

  1. MYC (show MYC Proteins) is a key regulating factor for the control of ITGA1 expression in colorectal cancer.

  2. Data indicate that CD49a(+) NK cells retain their phenotype after expansion in long-term in vitro cultures.

  3. miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-101:DNMT (show DNMT1 Proteins)-3B interaction modulates integrin alpha-1 epigenetically.

  4. 17-beta-estradiol modulates connexins and integrins as well as ER-beta (show ESR2 Proteins) expression induced by high frequency electromagnetic fields.

  5. CD49a promoted Con (show DISP1 Proteins) A-induced hepatitis through enhancing inflammatory cytokine production (IFN-gamma (show IFNG Proteins) and IL-17A (show IL17A Proteins)) by CD4 (show CD4 Proteins)(+) T and invariant natural killer T cells.

  6. ITGA1 gene SNPs rs1862610, rs24321 43, and rs2447867 and the ITGA1 haplotype block that includes SNPs rs1862610 and rs2432143 were significantly associated with gastric cancer.

  7. CagL is a versatile surface protein equipped with at least two motifs to promote binding to integrins, thereby causing aberrant signaling within host cells and facilitating translocation of CagA (show S100A8 Proteins) into host cells.

  8. Pro-inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha (show TNF Proteins) strongly promotes pericyte proliferation and migration, and concomitantly induces a switch in pericyte integrins, from alpha1 to alpha2 integrin.

  9. Dynamic structural changes are observed upon collagen and metal ion binding to the integrin alpha1 I domain.

  10. study characterized the collagen binding properties of an activated variant of the alpha1I domain, harboring a gain-of-function mutation E317A; the activated alpha(1)I domain represents a novel conformation of the alphaI domain, mimicking the structural state where the Arg(287)-Glu (show DCTN1 Proteins)(317) ion pair has just broken during the integrin activation

Integrin alpha 1 (ITGA1) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes the alpha 1 subunit of integrin receptors. This protein heterodimerizes with the beta 1 subunit to form a cell-surface receptor for collagen and laminin. The heterodimeric receptor is involved in cell-cell adhesion and may play a role in inflammation and fibrosis. The alpha 1 subunit contains an inserted (I) von Willebrand factor type I domain which is thought to be involved in collagen binding.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Integrin alpha 1 (ITGA1)

  • integrin alpha 1 (Itga1)
  • integrin, alpha 1 (ITGA1)
  • integrin, alpha 1 (Itga1)
  • CD49a protein
  • E130012M19Rik protein
  • VLA1 protein

Protein level used designations for Integrin alpha 1 Proteins (ITGA1)

CD49 antigen-like family member A , VLA-1 , integrin alpha-1 , laminin and collagen receptor , very late activation protein 1 , alpha 1 integrin , alpha1 integrin

109700 Mus musculus
3672 Homo sapiens
25118 Rattus norvegicus
535951 Bos taurus
395951 Gallus gallus
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