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AI426939, AI551861, AW457082, ck1-epsilon, CK1epsilon, CKIe, CKIepsilon, CSNK1E, dco, fj38c01, HCKIE, KC1epsilon, tau, wu:fj38c01, wu:fj62a04, zgc:77310
list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
CSNK1E 1454 P49674
CSNK1E 27373 Q9JMK2
Rat CSNK1E CSNK1E 58822  

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Xenopus laevis Casein Kinase 1, epsilon (CSNK1E) interaction partners

  1. Casein kinase 1epsilon activates minus-end-directed transport of membrane organelles along microtubules. CK1epsilon functions downstream of protein phosphatase PP2A in the pigment aggregation signaling pathway.

  2. casein kinase I epsilon activity is regulated by Wnt (show WNT2 Proteins) signaling

Human Casein Kinase 1, epsilon (CSNK1E) interaction partners

  1. low CK1epsilon expression is correlated with a low survival rate and CK1epsilon may play a role as a tumor suppressor in hepatocarcinogenesis.

  2. Findings establish CK1varepsilon as a regulator of antiviral innate immune responses and indicate a novel mechanism of immunoregulation that involves CK1varepsilon-mediated phosphorylation of TRAF3 (show TRAF3 Proteins).

  3. CSNK1E expression is associated with disease-free survival in breast cancer patients with wild-type p53 (show TP53 Proteins) or poor histological differentiation or in those without adjuvant chemotherapy.

  4. a 4-locus CSNK1E haplotype encompassing the rs1534891 SNP (Z-score=2.685, permuted p=0.0076) and a 3-locus haplotype in ARNTL (show ARNTL Proteins) (Z-score=3.269, permuted p=0.0011) showed a significant association with Bipolar Disorder

  5. site-specific phosphorylation of adiponectin (show ADIPOQ Proteins), especially at sites targeted by CK1delta in vitro, provides an additional regulatory mechanism for modulating adiponectin (show ADIPOQ Proteins) complex formation and function.

  6. The dynamical and conformational properties for each of three isoforms of CK1 (show CSNK1A1L Proteins) are explored through molecular dynamics (MD) simulations.

  7. The results support our previous report of association of CSNK1E SNP rs1534891 with protection from heroin addiction. CSNK1E interacts with circadian rhythms and DARPP-32 (show PPP1R1B Proteins) and has been implicated in negative regulation of sensitivity to opioids in rodents.

  8. CK1epsilon expression was higher in colorectal cancer tissues vs normal and was correlated with the Dukes staging and depth of invasion. Knockdown reduced cell proliferation and invasion and downregulated wnt3alpha, beta-catenin (show CTNNB1 Proteins), PCNA (show PCNA Proteins) and MMP-9 (show MMP9 Proteins).

  9. Results indicate that changes in the expression levels of casein kinase 1 (show CSNK1A1 Proteins) isoforms CK1delta and DK1epsilon in colorectal tumors correlate with patients' survival.

  10. The loss of cytoplasmic CK1epsilon expression is greatly associated with poor survival and might be an adverse survival factor.

Mouse (Murine) Casein Kinase 1, epsilon (CSNK1E) interaction partners

  1. Linkage mapping, transcript covariance and pharmacological testing suggest that genetic variation affecting Csnk1e may contribute to individual differences in von Frey filament response.

  2. Findings establish CK1varepsilon as a regulator of antiviral innate immune responses and indicate a novel mechanism of immunoregulation that involves CK1varepsilon-mediated phosphorylation of TRAF3 (show TRAF3 Proteins).

  3. mice bearing a short-period mutation in the enzyme casein kinase 1epsilon (tau mutation), which accelerates free-running circadian cycles, were investigated.

  4. Data indicate period circadian proteins PER1 (show PER1 Proteins) and PER2 (show PER2 Proteins) as direct substrates of casein kinase 1epsilon (CK1epsilon).

  5. Integrated genetic approaches identify the molecular mechanisms of Sox4 in early B-cell development: intricate roles for RAG1 (show RAG1 Proteins)/2 and CK1epsilon.

  6. CK1 epsilon(tau), as a gain-of-function mutation, acts at a specific circadian phase to promote degradation of PERIOD proteins and thereby accelerate the mammalian clockwork in brain and periphery.

  7. A narrow genetic locus containing Csnk1e is associated with differences in sensitivity to methamphetamine (MA) and fentanyl; variation at the Csnk1e locus can regulate the locomotor response to MA.

  8. Identification of a novel Wnt5a-CK1varepsilon-Dvl2-Plk1-mediated primary cilia disassembly pathway.

  9. The results suggest that CK1delta/epsilon binds to and phosphorylates the N-terminal domain of Dnmt1 (show DNMT1 Proteins) and regulates Dnmt1 (show DNMT1 Proteins) function by reducing the DNA-binding activity.

  10. physical interaction between PER and CKIdelta/epsilon required for circadian rhythm

CK1 epsilon (CSNK1E) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a serine/threonine protein kinase and a member of the casein kinase I protein family, whose members have been implicated in the control of cytoplasmic and nuclear processes, including DNA replication and repair. The encoded protein is found in the cytoplasm as a monomer and can phosphorylate a variety of proteins, including itself. This protein has been shown to phosphorylate period, a circadian rhythm protein. Two transcript variants encoding the same protein have been found for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with CK1 epsilon (CSNK1E)

  • casein kinase 1, epsilon (csnk1e)
  • casein kinase 1, epsilon (Csnk1e)
  • casein kinase 1, epsilon (CSNK1E)
  • casein kinase I epsilon (NAEGRDRAFT_82890)
  • AI426939 protein
  • AI551861 protein
  • AW457082 protein
  • ck1-epsilon protein
  • CK1epsilon protein
  • CKIe protein
  • CKIepsilon protein
  • CSNK1E protein
  • dco protein
  • fj38c01 protein
  • HCKIE protein
  • KC1epsilon protein
  • tau protein
  • wu:fj38c01 protein
  • wu:fj62a04 protein
  • zgc:77310 protein

Protein level used designations for CSNK1E

casein kinase I epsilon , casein kinase 1 epsilon , discs overgrown , casein kinase I isoform epsilon , casein kinase I, epsilon , casein kinase 1, epsilon , casein kinase I isoform epsilon-like , CKI-epsilon , CKIe , CKI, epsilon , KC1 epsilon

399381 Xenopus laevis
496553 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100169975 Nasonia vitripennis
700565 Macaca mulatta
768234 Bos taurus
100006858 Danio rerio
458829 Pan troglodytes
443240 Ovis aries
8863218 Naegleria gruberi strain NEG-M
100407384 Callithrix jacchus
100447547 Pongo abelii
100523244 Sus scrofa
100607246 Nomascus leucogenys
1454 Homo sapiens
27373 Mus musculus
58822 Rattus norvegicus
474510 Canis lupus familiaris
378891 Gallus gallus
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