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c-H-ras, c-Ha-ras, c-rasHa, C11orf13, H-ras, Ha-ras, Harvey-ras, HRAS, Hras-1, HRAS1, HRC1, Kras2, ras
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Mouse HRAS1 HRAS1 15461 Q61411
HRAS1 8045 Q02833

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Mouse (Murine) Harvey Rat Sarcoma Virus Oncogene 1 (HRAS1) interaction partners

  1. High HRAS (show HRAS Proteins) expression is associated with hepatocarcinogenesis.

  2. p21-associated inhibition of early-stage malignant progression and the intense expression in papilloma outgrowths, identifies a novel, significant antagonism between p21 and ras(Ha)/ROCK2 (show ROCK2 Proteins)/NF-kappaB (show NFKB1 Proteins) signalling in skin carcinogenesis.these data show that ROCK2 (show ROCK2 Proteins) activation induces malignancy in ras(Ha)-initiated/promoted papillomas in the context of p53 (show TP53 Proteins) loss and novel NF-kappaB (show NFKB1 Proteins) expression

  3. this study shows that retinoic acid stabilizes HRas (show HRAS Proteins) protein during neurogenesis.

  4. we provide genetic evidence that the wild-type H-Ras and K-Ras proteins are bioequivalent in spite of their different structural and biological properties

  5. loss of one allele of Hras (show HRAS Proteins) increased the sensitivity of mice to this carcinogen, and this effect was further exacerbated by the loss of the second Hras (show HRAS Proteins) allele. However, loss of one or both alleles of Nras (show NRAS Proteins) failed to alter tumor burden, either in the absence or presence of Hras (show HRAS Proteins), after exposure to urethane.

  6. H-ras (show HRAS Proteins) isoform mediates protection against pressure overload-induced cardiac dysfunction in part through activation of AKT (show AKT1 Proteins)/PI3K signaling pathway.

  7. The long intergenic non-coding RNA CCR492 functions as a let-7 competitive endogenous RNA to de-repress c-Myc (show MYC Proteins) expression and to promote cell transformation assisted by the constitutively active H-Ras (show HRAS Proteins).

  8. these contrasting signatures precisely match those proposed to confer bias toward Hras (show HRAS Proteins)(CAA61CTA) versus Braf (show BRAF Proteins)(GTG636GAG) mutations in the original tumor sets. Our findings highlight a novel mechanism whereby exposure history acts through strand-biased mutagenesis to specify activation of preferred oncogenes

  9. The abnormal expression of epidermal cytokeratins suggests that Ha-Ras and Bcl-2 (show BCL2 Proteins) suppress the terminal differentiation and sustain the stem cell-like features in epidermal keratinocytes

  10. Ras (G12V)-induced cyclin D1 (show CCND1 Proteins) protein synthesis was markedly suppressed by the knockdown of IL-33 (show IL33 Proteins).

Human Harvey Rat Sarcoma Virus Oncogene 1 (HRAS1) interaction partners

  1. Suggest that loss of RASSF7 expression results in apoptosis in nucleus pulposus cells in human intervertebral disc degeneration.

  2. truncated RASSF7 could act as an oncogene (show RAB1A Proteins) in a small subset of tumours where it is mutated in this way.

  3. The RASSF gene family members RASSF5 (show RASSF5 Proteins), RASSF6 (show RASSF6 Proteins) and RASSF7 show frequent DNA methylation (show HELLS Proteins) in neuroblastoma (show ARHGEF16 Proteins).

  4. RASSF7 acts in concert with N-Ras (show NRAS Proteins) to constitute a stress-sensitive temporary mechanism of apoptotic regulation.

  5. RASSF7 regulates the microtubule cytoskeleton and is required for spindle formation, Aurora B (show AURKB Proteins) activation and chromosomal congression during mitosis.

  6. "rare" alleles of HRas1 minisatellite are associated with increased risk of papillary thyroid cancer formation in children and adolescents after Chernobyl accident

Harvey Rat Sarcoma Virus Oncogene 1 (HRAS1) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

Ras proteins bind GDP/GTP and possess intrinsic GTPase activity.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Harvey Rat Sarcoma Virus Oncogene 1 (HRAS1)

  • neuroblastoma RAS viral (v-ras) oncogene homolog (NRAS)
  • v-Ha-ras Harvey rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog (HRAS)
  • Harvey rat sarcoma virus oncogene 1 (Hras1)
  • Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family (N-terminal) member 7 (RASSF7)
  • c-H-ras protein
  • c-Ha-ras protein
  • c-rasHa protein
  • C11orf13 protein
  • H-ras protein
  • Ha-ras protein
  • Harvey-ras protein
  • HRAS protein
  • Hras-1 protein
  • HRAS1 protein
  • HRC1 protein
  • Kras2 protein
  • ras protein

Protein level used designations for HRAS1

GTPase NRas , neuroblastoma ras oncogene , transforming protein N-Ras , v-Ha-ras Harvey rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog , GTPase HRas , H-Ras-1 , c-H-ras , p21ras , transforming protein p21 , v-Ha-ras Harvey rat sarcoma viral oncogene-like protein , H-ras 1 protein , c-Ha-ras p21 protein , c-Ha-ras transgene , transforming protein P21 , HRAS1-related cluster protein 1 , HRAS1-related cluster-1 , Ras association (RalGDS/AF-6) domain family 7 , ras association domain-containing protein 7

100739349 Sus scrofa
396229 Gallus gallus
15461 Mus musculus
8045 Homo sapiens
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