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Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing 17 Proteins (ZBTB17)
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6330516O17Rik, AA589413, AI426106, AI449354, ARIP3, DIP, Lp-1, Mfg-3, Mfg3, MIZ, MIZ-1, Miz1, mZ13, pHZ-67, PIASX, PIASX-ALPHA, PIASX-BETA, SIZ2, Zfp100, ZMIZ4, ZNF60, ZNF151
list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
ZBTB17 9063 O75928
Mouse ZBTB17 ZBTB17 22642 Q60821

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Human Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing 17 (ZBTB17) interaction partners

  1. The mechanism of inhibition of c-Myc (show MYC Proteins) transcriptional activity by Miz-1 that binds c-Myc (show MYC Proteins) while competing for binding with Max has been described.

  2. This study used NMR to deduce the role of Miz-1 Zinc Fingers 1-4 in detecting the Miz-1 consensus sequence and preventing nonspecific DNA binding.

  3. the silencing of Miz-1 expression inhibited cell proliferation and promoted apoptosis in vitro and reduced the migration ability in esophageal carcinoma cells.

  4. This study presents the structure of the synthetic Miz-1 Zinc Finger 13 determined by 2D (1)H-(1)H NMR.

  5. results indicate that Miz-1 may be directed in vivo to the novel motif sequences we have identified, where it can recruit its specific binding partners to control gene expression and ultimately regulate cell fate

  6. the expression of SENP8 (show SENP8 Proteins), SAE1 (show SAE1 Proteins), PIAS1 (show PIAS1 Proteins), PIAS2 (show PIAS2 Proteins) and ZMIZ1 is deregulated in the majority of PTC (show F9 Proteins) tissues, likely contributing to the PTC (show F9 Proteins) phenotype.

  7. UXT (show UXT Proteins) is a binding protein of PIAS2 (show PIAS2 Proteins), and interaction between PIAS2 (show PIAS2 Proteins) and UXT (show UXT Proteins) may be important for the transcriptional activation of AR.

  8. MIZ-1 can promote the proliferation of breast cancer cells through Wnt (show WNT2 Proteins) signaling.

  9. strategy for the purification of tethered POZ domains that form forced heterodimers is described, and crystal structures of the heterodimeric POZ domains of Miz1/BCL6 (show BCL6 Proteins) and of Miz1/NAC1 (show NACC1 Proteins) are reported

  10. We demonstrate that Arnt (show ARNT Proteins) is an interaction partner for Miz-1, and that Arnt (show ARNT Proteins) has a functional role in the regulation of CDKN2B (show CDKN2B Proteins)

Mouse (Murine) Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing 17 (ZBTB17) interaction partners

  1. the Myc (show MYC Proteins)/Miz1 (show PIAS2 Proteins) interaction is a defining hallmark of Sonic Hedgehog (show SHH Proteins) medulloblastomas development

  2. Miz-1 regulates translation of Trp53 (show TP53 Proteins) via ribosomal protein L22 (show RPL22 Proteins) in cells undergoing V(D)J recombination.

  3. Miz1 (show PIAS2 Proteins) plays an essential role in myelin homeostasis of peripheral nerves.

  4. The interaction of Nac1 (show NACC1 Proteins) with Miz1 (show PIAS2 Proteins) may thus be relevant to its mechanism of tumourigenesis in ovarian cancer.

  5. Conditional knockout of the Miz1 (show PIAS2 Proteins) POZ domain in luminal cells during pregnancy caused a lactation defect with a transient reduction of glandular tissue, reduced proliferation and attenuated differentiation.

  6. Miz1 (show PIAS2 Proteins) may link cell growth and ribosome biogenesis to the transcriptional regulation of vesicular transport and autophagy.

  7. Miz1 as a novel regulator in the Hedgehog protein signal pathway that plays an important role in mediating Smo-dependent oncogenic signaling.

  8. data demonstrate in vivo that Mule suppresses Ras-mediated tumorigenesis by preventing an accumulation of c-Myc (show MYC Proteins)/Miz1 (show PIAS2 Proteins) complexes that mediates p21 and p15 (show CDKN2B Proteins) down-regulation

  9. this study reports that the transcription factor Miz1 (show PIAS2 Proteins) was required for terminating lipopolysaccharide (LPS (show TLR4 Proteins))-induced inflammation.

  10. Our data demonstrate that Miz1 (show PIAS2 Proteins)-mediated attenuation of cell cycle arrest pathways via repression of cdkn1a (show CDKN1A Proteins) has a critical role during tumorigenesis in the skin.

Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing 17 (ZBTB17) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes a zinc finger protein involved in the regulation of c-myc. The symbol MIZ1 has also been associated with PIAS2 which is a different gene located on chromosome 18.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing 17 (ZBTB17)

  • protein inhibitor of activated STAT, 2 (PIAS2)
  • zinc finger and BTB domain containing 17 (ZBTB17)
  • zinc finger and BTB domain containing 17 (Zbtb17)
  • zinc finger protein 60 (Zfp60)
  • 6330516O17Rik protein
  • AA589413 protein
  • AI426106 protein
  • AI449354 protein
  • ARIP3 protein
  • DIP protein
  • Lp-1 protein
  • Mfg-3 protein
  • Mfg3 protein
  • MIZ protein
  • MIZ-1 protein
  • Miz1 protein
  • mZ13 protein
  • pHZ-67 protein
  • PIASX protein
  • PIASX-ALPHA protein
  • PIASX-BETA protein
  • SIZ2 protein
  • Zfp100 protein
  • ZMIZ4 protein
  • ZNF60 protein
  • ZNF151 protein

Protein level used designations for ZBTB17

DAB2-interacting protein , E3 SUMO-protein ligase PIAS2 , androgen receptor-interacting protein 3 , msx-interacting zinc finger protein , protein inhibitor of activated STAT X , zinc finger, MIZ-type containing 4 , Myc-interacting Zn finger protein-1 , myc-interacting zinc finger protein 1 , zinc finger and BTB domain-containing protein 17 , zinc finger protein 151 (pHZ-67) , zinc finger protein 60 , polyomavirus late initiator promoter-binding protein , zfp-100 , zinc finger protein 100 , zinc finger protein 151 , zinc finger protein Z13 , zfp-60 , zinc finger protein Mfg-3

9063 Homo sapiens
7709 Homo sapiens
22642 Mus musculus
396541 Gallus gallus
22718 Mus musculus
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