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Sad1 and UNC84 Domain Containing 2 Proteins (SUN2)
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B230369L08Rik, C030011B15, RGD1563141, Unc84b
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SUN2 25777 Q9UH99
SUN2 223697 Q8BJS4
Rat SUN2 SUN2 315135  

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Human Sad1 and UNC84 Domain Containing 2 (SUN2) interaction partners

  1. SUN1 (show SUN1 Proteins)/SUN2 may function redundantly in early HIV-1 infection steps and therefore influence HIV-1 replication and pathogenesis.

  2. These results demonstrate that SUN2 is required for the optimal activation and proliferation of primary CD4 (show CD4 Proteins) T cells and suggest that the disruption of these processes explains the contribution of endogenous SUN2 to HIV infection in primary lymphocytes and show that CypA (show PPIA Proteins) is not required for the decreased infection observed in SUN2-silenced cells.

  3. SUN2 exerts tumor suppressor functions by suppressing the Warburg effect in lung cancer

  4. SUN2 overexpression perturbs both nuclear shape and early events of HIV infection

  5. Nuclear envelope associated endosome-mediated transfer depends on the nuclear envelope proteins SUN1 (show SUN1 Proteins) and SUN2, as well as the Sec61 (show SEC61A1 Proteins) translocon complex.

  6. An important role for SUN1 (show SUN1 Proteins) and SUN2 in muscle disease pathogenesis.

  7. SUN2 as a tumor suppressor mediates miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-221 and miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-222 functions in central nervous system embryonal tumors.

  8. Codepletion of SUN1 (show SUN1 Proteins)/2 slows cell proliferation and results in an accumulation of morphologically defective and disoriented mitotic spindles.

  9. Study presents crystal structures of the human SUN2-KASH1/2 complex, i.e. SUN2 complexed with the C-terminal 29 residues of human Nesprin-1 or -2 (the core of the LINC complex).

  10. the crystal structure of the SUN2 protein SUN domain

Mouse (Murine) Sad1 and UNC84 Domain Containing 2 (SUN2) interaction partners

  1. our results clearly indicate that SUN1 (show SUN1 Proteins) and SUN2, at least partially, fulfill redundant meiotic functions

  2. Sun2 has a role in DNA damage response.

  3. Syne-2 (show SYNE2 Proteins), SUN1 (show SUN1 Proteins) and SUN2 play critical roles during interkinetic nuclear migration and photoreceptor cell migration in the mouse retina development.

  4. perturbations in lamin A (show LMNA Proteins)-SUN1 (show SUN1 Proteins) and SUN2 protein interactions may underlie the opposing effects of EDMD (show EMD Proteins) and HGPS (show LMNA Proteins) mutations on nuclear and cellular mechanics

  5. SUN1 (show SUN1 Proteins) and SUN2 may form a physical interaction between the nuclear envelope and the centrosome

  6. Sun2 is part of a membrane-spanning fibrillar complex that interconnects attached telomeres with cytoplasmic structures

  7. These results clearly indicate that SUN1 and SUN2 function critically in skeletal muscle cells for Syne-1 localization at the nuclear envelope, which is essential for proper myonuclear positioning.

  8. indicate that the SUN2-KASH complexes mediate the coupling between the nucleus and the centrosome and provide anchors in the nuclear envelope for cytoplasmic dynein (show DYNC1H1 Proteins)/dynactin (show DCTN1 Proteins) during neuronal migration.

SUN2 Protein Profile

Protein Summary

SUN1 (MIM 607723) and SUN2 are inner nuclear membrane (INM) proteins that play a major role in nuclear-cytoplasmic connection by formation of a 'bridge' across the nuclear envelope, known as the LINC complex, via interaction with the conserved luminal KASH domain of nesprins (e.g., SYNE1\; MIM 608441) located in the outer nuclear membrane (ONM). The LINC complex provides a direct connection between the nuclear lamina and the cytoskeleton, which contributes to nuclear positioning and cellular rigidity (summary by Haque et al., 2010

Alternative names and synonyms associated with SUN2

  • Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 2 (SUN2)
  • Sad1 and UNC84 domain containing 2 (Sun2)
  • B230369L08Rik protein
  • C030011B15 protein
  • RGD1563141 protein
  • Unc84b protein

Protein level used designations for SUN2

SUN domain-containing protein 2 , Sad1 unc-84 domain protein 2 , nuclear envelope protein , protein unc-84 homolog B , rab5-interacting protein , rab5IP , sad1/unc-84 protein-like 2 , unc-84 homolog B

25777 Homo sapiens
481250 Canis lupus familiaris
618392 Bos taurus
223697 Mus musculus
315135 Rattus norvegicus
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