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ACVRLK7, Alk-7, Alk7, C230097P10, habrec1
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Human ACVR1C ACVR1C 130399 Q8NER5
Mouse ACVR1C ACVR1C 269275 Q8K348
ACVR1C 245921 P70539

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Human Activin Receptor Type IC (ACVR1C) interaction partners

  1. Loss of ALK7 expression are associated with invasion, metastasis of the pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.

  2. Alk7 is expressed in male germ cells and Sertoli cells.

  3. ACVR (show ACRV1 ELISA Kits) 1C is a tumor suppressor, and lowered ACVR (show ACRV1 ELISA Kits) 1C expression is an important marker for the metastasis, invasion, and prognosis of gallbladder cancer.

  4. Our findings suggested that the ALK7 gene polymorphism rs13010956 was significantly associated with metabolic syndrome risk in females and may be involved in cardiovascular remodeling in metabolic syndrome patients.

  5. reduction or lack of ALK7 expression may account for the loss of its ligand sensitivity of breast cancer cells, thereby leading to breast tumor progression.

  6. These findings suggest that the Nodal/ALK7 pathway plays important roles in human placentation and that its abnormal signaling may contribute to the development of preeclampsia.

  7. ALK7 and its isoforms are expressed in human placentae of different stages of pregnancy and that their expression is developmentally regulated

  8. ALK7 induces apoptosis through activation of the traditional TGF-beta (show TGFB1 ELISA Kits) pathway components

  9. the Nodal-ALK7 pathway inhibits cell proliferation by inducing G(1) cell cycle arrest

  10. AB and activin B and is responsible for ac (show Actbeta ELISA Kits)tivin-mediated se (show Actbeta ELISA Kits)cretion of insulin from pancrea (show Actbeta ELISA Kits)tic beta cell line, MIN6.

Mouse (Murine) Activin Receptor Type IC (ACVR1C) interaction partners

  1. ALK7 protects against pathological cardiac hypertrophy in mice.

  2. These findings suggest that endogenous expression of ALK7 is necessary to maintain repolarizing K+ currents in ventricular cardiomyocytes, and finally prevent action potential prolongation and ventricular arrhythmia.

  3. ALK7 signaling contributes to diet-induced catecholamine resistance in adipose tissue; ALK7 inhibitors may have therapeutic value in human obesity.

  4. Signaling through the TGF beta (show TGFB1 ELISA Kits)-activin (show Actbeta ELISA Kits) receptors ALK4 (show ACVR1B ELISA Kits)/5/7 regulates testis formation and male germ cell development.

  5. Alk7 is involved in modulation of adipose tissue metabolism in response to beta3-adrenergic receptor (show ADRB3 ELISA Kits) activation.

  6. Data indicate that activin receptor ALK7-knockout females showed delayed onset of puberty and abnormal estrous cyclicity.

  7. Activin receptor-like kinase 7 suppresses lipolysis to accumulate fat in obesity through downregulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (show PPARG ELISA Kits) and C/EBPalpha (show CEBPA ELISA Kits).

  8. Knockdown or pharmacological inhibition of the Nodal/Activin receptor Alk4 (show ACVR1B ELISA Kits)/7 in cancer stem cells virtually abrogated their self-renewal capacity and in vivo tumorigenicity

  9. ALK7 is the signaling receptor for activin (show Actbeta ELISA Kits) AB and activin B (show Actbeta ELISA Kits) and is responsible for activin (show Actbeta ELISA Kits)-mediated secretion of insulin (show INS ELISA Kits) from pancreatic beta cell line, MIN6.

  10. ALK7 is not an essential mediator of Nodal signaling during mesendoderm formation and left-right patterning in the mouse but may instead mediate other activities of Nodal and related ligands in the development or function of particular tissues and organs

Activin Receptor Type IC (ACVR1C) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

ACVR1C is a type I receptor for the TGFB (see MIM 190180) family of signaling molecules. Upon ligand binding, type I receptors phosphorylate cytoplasmic SMAD transcription factors, which then translocate to the nucleus and interact directly with DNA or in complex with other transcription factors (Bondestam et al., 2001

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Activin Receptor Type IC (ACVR1C)

  • activin A receptor, type IC (ACVR1C) Elisa Kit
  • activin A receptor, type IC (Acvr1c) Elisa Kit
  • ACVRLK7 Elisa Kit
  • Alk-7 Elisa Kit
  • Alk7 Elisa Kit
  • C230097P10 Elisa Kit
  • habrec1 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for ACVR1C

ACTR-IC , ALK-7 , activin receptor type IC , activin receptor type-1C , activin receptor-like kinase 7 , TGF-beta type 1 receptor , activin A receptor, type IC

130399 Homo sapiens
269275 Mus musculus
245921 Rattus norvegicus
488361 Canis lupus familiaris
100156756 Sus scrofa
536380 Bos taurus
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