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hPER, m-rigui, mPer1, PER, per1, RIGUI, Rigui-like, rper1, si:ch211-237l4.4

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  1. Human Polyclonal PER1 Primary Antibody for EIA, WB - ABIN954090 : Xia, Niu, Ma, Cao, Hao, Liu, Wang: Deregulated expression of the Per1 and Per2 in human gliomas. in The Canadian journal of neurological sciences. Le journal canadien des sciences neurologiques 2010 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Polyclonal PER1 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN1536671 : Hwang-Verslues, Chang, Jeng, Kuo, Chiang, Chang, Hsieh, Su, Lin, Abbondante, Yang, Hsu, Yu, Chang, Shew, Lee, Lee: Loss of corepressor PER2 under hypoxia up-regulates OCT1-mediated EMT gene expression and enhances tumor malignancy. in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2013 (PubMed)

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Zebrafish Period Homolog 1 (Drosophila) (PER1) interaction partners

Mouse (Murine) Period Homolog 1 (Drosophila) (PER1) interaction partners

  1. In hippocampal neurons of wild-type mice, pP90RSK translocates into the nucleus upon stimulation with forskolin (left), whereas in Period1-knockout (Per1(-/-) ) mice (right) the kinase is trapped at the nuclear periphery

  2. beta-amyloid protein (31-35) altered the expression of the Per1 and Per2 in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, hippocampus and heart. These findings provide experimental evidence for circadian rhythm disturbances in patients with Alzheimer's disease.

  3. In vivo knockdown of Rfk (show RFK Antibodies), Riboflavin (vitamin B2) kinase essential for FAD (show FANCD2 Antibodies) synthesis, altered the expression rhythms of CRY1 (show CRY1 Antibodies), CRY2 (show CRY2 Antibodies), and PER1

  4. these data support an important role for the circadian clock protein (show ARNTL Antibodies) PER1 in the modulation of blood pressure in a high salt/mineralocorticoid model of hypertension

  5. Per1 knockdown leads to JNK (show MAPK8 Antibodies) phosphorylation, CCL2 (show CCL2 Antibodies) production and allodynia.

  6. Deletion of Per1 alleviated the inhibitory effect of PPAR-gamma (show PPARG Antibodies) on CC chemokine receptor 2 (show CCRL2 Antibodies) expression, resulting in enhanced macrophage recruitment into the liver.

  7. Rate-limiting mitochondrial enzymes that process lipids and carbohydrates accumulate in a diurnal manner and are dependent on the clock proteins PER1/2. Diurnal regulation of mitochondrial respiration was blunted in PER1/2 knockout mice.

  8. that the presence of a depressive state around the early active phase of activity may be related to impairment of rhythmicity and expression levels of Per1 and Per2 (show PER2 Antibodies) genes under abnormal light-dark conditions

  9. measured gene expression of Fos, Per1 and Sgk1 (show SGK1 Antibodies) 45 min after exposure to brief cold swim stress in male and female mice; stress induced a stronger increase in Fos and Per1 expression in females than males

  10. Histone monoubiquitination by Clock-Bmal1 (show ARNTL Antibodies) complex marks Per1 and Per2 (show PER2 Antibodies) genes for circadian feedback.

Human Period Homolog 1 (Drosophila) (PER1) interaction partners

  1. Low Per1 gene expression is associated with colorectal liver metastases.

  2. The PER1 c.2884C > G polymorphism and PER3 54bp VNTR were associated with annual percent changes in bone mineral density of femoral neck after 1 year of hormone therapy. PER1 c.2884C > G polymorphism may be associated with risk of non-response to HT in postmenopausal Korean women.

  3. ARNTL (show ARNTL Antibodies) and PER1 were associated with PD.

  4. Collectively, these data show that KPNB1 (show KPNB1 Antibodies) is required for timely nuclear import of PER/CRY (show CRY2 Antibodies) in the negative feedback regulation of the circadian clock.

  5. when overexpressed, c-MYC (show MYC Antibodies) is able to repress Per1 transactivation by BMAL1 (show ARNTL Antibodies)/CLOCK via targeting selective E-box sequences. Importantly, upon serum stimulation, MYC (show MYC Antibodies) was detected in BMAL1 (show ARNTL Antibodies) protein complexes

  6. Period 1 and estrogen receptor-beta (show ESR2 Antibodies) are downregulated in Chinese colon cancers.

  7. Data demonstrate a role for Per1 in the transcriptional regulation of NHE3 (show SLC9A3 Antibodies) and SGLT1 (show SLC5A1 Antibodies) in the kidney.

  8. In adipose tissue, acute sleep deprivation vs sleep increased methylation in two promoter-interacting enhancer regions of PER1

  9. In patients with non-small cell lung cancer, loss of Per1 was correlated with poor differentiation, tumor status, high p-TNM stage and lymph node metastasis. Patients with lower expression of Per1, Per2 and Per3 had a shorter survival time.

  10. S714G mutation in hPER1 is associated with feeding rhythms and obesity in mice.

PER1 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene is a member of the Period family of genes and is expressed in a circadian pattern in the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the primary circadian pacemaker in the mammalian brain. Genes in this family encode components of the circadian rhythms of locomotor activity, metabolism, and behavior. Circadian expression in the suprachiasmatic nucleus continues in constant darkness, and a shift in the light/dark cycle evokes a proportional shift of gene expression in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. The specific function of this gene is not yet known. Alternative splicing has been observed in this gene\; however, these variants have not been fully described.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with PER1

  • period homolog 1a (Drosophila) (per1a) antibody
  • period homolog 1 (per1) antibody
  • period circadian clock 1 (Per1) antibody
  • period circadian clock 1 (PER1) antibody
  • period homolog 1 (Drosophila) (PER1) antibody
  • hPER antibody
  • m-rigui antibody
  • mPer1 antibody
  • PER antibody
  • per1 antibody
  • RIGUI antibody
  • Rigui-like antibody
  • rper1 antibody
  • si:ch211-237l4.4 antibody

Protein level used designations for PER1

period 1 , period homolog 1 , circadian clock protein PERIOD 1 , circadian pacemaker protein Rigui , period circadian protein homolog 1 , Period, drosophila, homolog of , circadian pacemaker protein RIGUI , hPER1

563926 Danio rerio
100192347 Oryzias latipes
18626 Mus musculus
5187 Homo sapiens
287422 Rattus norvegicus
516318 Bos taurus
489488 Canis lupus familiaris
100073046 Equus caballus
721948 Macaca mulatta
455098 Pan troglodytes
100151739 Sus scrofa
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