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anti-Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit VIc Antibodies (COX6C)
On are 52 Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit VIc (COX6C) Antibodies from 12 different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping COX6C Proteins (5) and many more products for this protein. A total of 58 COX6C products are currently listed.
BcDNA:GH04604, CG14028, CG18323, COVIc, COX-VIc, cox6c, cox6c.2, Cox6c2, cox6ca, cox6cb, COXVIc, cyc, Cype, Dmel\\CG14028, GB30388, l(2)03771, si:ch211-239j9.2, VIc
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COX6C 1345 P09669
COX6C 12864 Q9CPQ1
COX6C 54322 P11951

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Human Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit VIc (COX6C) interaction partners

  1. Within the first 3h of infection with influenza virus, significant down-regulation of hsa (show CD24 Antibodies)-miRNA-4276 is followed by a 2-fold increase in cytochrome c oxidase VIc mRNA was found to occur in human alveolar and bronchial epithelial cells.

  2. Data indicate that recombinant (r)IL-24 (show IL24 Antibodies) stimulated the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway genes Bax (show BAX Antibodies), Bid (show BID Antibodies), Casp8 (show CASP8 Antibodies), COX6C, COX7B (show COX7B Antibodies) after 36 h.

  3. Data found that subunits Cox6a (show COX6A1 Antibodies), Cox6b (show COX6B1 Antibodies) and Cox7a (show COX7A1 Antibodies) assembled into pre-existing complex IV, while Cox4-1 (show COX4I1 Antibodies) and Cox6c subunits assembled into subcomplexes that may represent rate-limiting intermediates.

COX6C Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Cytochrome c oxidase, the terminal enzyme of the mitochondrial respiratory chain, catalyzes the electron transfer from reduced cytochrome c to oxygen. It is a heteromeric complex consisting of 3 catalytic subunits encoded by mitochondrial genes and multiple structural subunits encoded by nuclear genes. The mitochondrially-encoded subunits function in electron transfer, and the nuclear-encoded subunits may be involved in the regulation and assembly of the complex. This nuclear gene encodes subunit VIc, which has 77% amino acid sequence identity with mouse subunit VIc. This gene is up-regulated in prostate cancer cells. A pseudogene has been found on chromosomes 16p12.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with COX6C

  • cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIc (cox6c) antibody
  • cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIc (COX6C) antibody
  • cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIc (cox6c.1) antibody
  • cytochrome C oxidase subunit VIc (IscW_ISCW016559) antibody
  • cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIc (Cox6c) antibody
  • cyclope (cype) antibody
  • COX6C protein (COX6C) antibody
  • cytochrome c oxidase, subunit VIc (Cox6c) antibody
  • BcDNA:GH04604 antibody
  • CG14028 antibody
  • CG18323 antibody
  • COVIc antibody
  • COX-VIc antibody
  • cox6c antibody
  • cox6c.2 antibody
  • Cox6c2 antibody
  • cox6ca antibody
  • cox6cb antibody
  • COXVIc antibody
  • cyc antibody
  • Cype antibody
  • Dmel\\CG14028 antibody
  • GB30388 antibody
  • l(2)03771 antibody
  • si:ch211-239j9.2 antibody
  • VIc antibody

Protein level used designations for COX6C

cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIc , cytochrome c oxidase subunit 6C , cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIc a , cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIc b , cytochrome C oxidase subunit VIc , OXPHOS complex IV polypeptide VIC , CG14028-PA , CG14028-PB , CG14028-PC , cype-PA , cype-PB , cype-PC , cytochrome c oxidase VIc , cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide VIc , subunit VIc , cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide VIc-like , Cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide VIc , cytochrome c oxidase subunit VIc preprotein , cytochrome c oxidase polypeptide VIc-2 , cytochrome c oxidase subunit 6C-2 , cytochrome oxidase subunit VIc

496600 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
420243 Gallus gallus
414706 Xenopus laevis
444031 Xenopus laevis
8025589 Ixodes scapularis
100359347 Nasonia vitripennis
100359410 Apis mellifera
46040 Drosophila melanogaster
494577 Danio rerio
100037989 Sus scrofa
1345 Homo sapiens
12864 Mus musculus
782486 Bos taurus
100172239 Pongo abelii
54322 Rattus norvegicus
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