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Histamine Receptor H1 Proteins (HRH1)
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Bphs, H1, H1-R, H1R, HH1R, Hir, hisH1, Hisr, HRH1
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Rat HRH1 HRH1 24448 P31390
HRH1 3269 P35367
HRH1 15465 P70174

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Rhesus Monkey Histamine Receptor H1 (HRH1) interaction partners

  1. Histamine H1 receptor mRNA is detected in horizontal cell perikarya and primary dendrites of retina.

Zebrafish Histamine Receptor H1 (HRH1) interaction partners

  1. The histaminergic system regulates wakefulness and orexin/hypocretin neuron development via histamine receptor H1.

Human Histamine Receptor H1 (HRH1) interaction partners

  1. Study suggests that both MAPK (show MAPK1 Proteins) p44/p42 (show PSMC6 Proteins) and PKC (show PRRT2 Proteins) pathways appear to be involved in histamine-upregulated matrix metalloproteinase-9 (show MMP9 Proteins) release via histamine H1 receptors in astrocytes.

  2. that histamine H1 receptor activation mediates MAPK activation through PLCbeta, Src, PKCdelta and MEK pathway, but does not lead to nuclear relocalization of phospho-ERK (pERK), classically associated with pro-proliferative changes.

  3. Activation of the H1R by its full agonists resulted in a composite potentiating effect. Intriguingly, inactivation of the Gaq (show GNAQ Proteins)-PLC (show HSPG2 Proteins) pathway by H1R inverse agonists resulted also in a potentiation of GR activity.

  4. HRH1 (show DHX8 Proteins)-mediated sensitization of TRPV1 (show TRPV1 Proteins) is involved in IBS. Ebastine, an antagonist of HRH1 (show DHX8 Proteins), reduced visceral hypersensitivity, symptoms, and abdominal pain in patients with IBS.

  5. HRH1 (show DHX8 Proteins)-17 TT and HNMT (show HNMT Proteins)-1639 TT genotypes were associated with the allergic asthma phenotype among African-American children and that the ABP (show ABP1 Proteins) 4107 GG genotype was associated with nonallergic asthma among white children.

  6. HRH1 (show DHX8 Proteins) transcript was significantly down-modulated in multiple sclerose compared with health control.

  7. The relationship between the expression of HRH1 (show DHX8 Proteins) and prognosis was found to vary in different types of cancers, even in the same cancer from different databases.

  8. But carriers of one or three copies of HRH1 (show DHX8 Proteins) (5% of individuals), HRH2 (show DHX15 Proteins) (1.1%) and HRH4 (show HRH4 Proteins) genes (0.9%) were also identified.

  9. Overexpression of H1R further increases the oxidative output of Duox (show DUOX1 Proteins)-expressing HEK (show EPHA3 Proteins)-293 cells.

  10. Histamine demonstrably inhibited ACh (show FGFR3 Proteins)-induced sweating in both mice and humans via H1R-mediated signaling.

Cow (Bovine) Histamine Receptor H1 (HRH1) interaction partners

  1. caveolar and cholesterol integrity are indispensable for the proper functionality of the H(1) and 5-HT(2A) receptors through their Rho/ROCK signaling.

Mouse (Murine) Histamine Receptor H1 (HRH1) interaction partners

  1. Sympathetic tone changed in H1R-, but not H2R (show HRH2 Proteins)- or H3R (show HRH3 Proteins)-null mice.

  2. The results of this study suggest that H1R deficiency in mice is associated with pronounced deficits in hippocampus-dependent spatial learning and memory.

  3. histamine receptor H1 and histamine receptor H2 (show HRH2 Proteins) reciprocally regulate inflammation in the ligation-induced arteriosclerosis

  4. Histamine demonstrably inhibited ACh (show FGFR3 Proteins)-induced sweating in both mice and humans via H1R-mediated signaling.

  5. This study provides a potential mechanism of H1R-mediated signaling and NF-kB pathway crosstalk in allergic inflammationptor

  6. Neuronal damage is significantly increased in H1R knock-out mice following status epilepticus.

  7. Histamine H1 Receptor expression by CD11B (show ITGAM Proteins)(+) cells is not required for susceptibility to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.

  8. histamine signaling through the H1R on dendritic cells is an important early event conditioning the quality of the skin effector immune response.

  9. endothelial H(1)R expression reduces BBB permeability, suggesting that endothelial H(1)R signaling may be important in the maintenance of cerebrovascular integrity

  10. Regulation of sleep/wake states is completely achieved by OX(2)R (show HCRTR2 Proteins)-expressing neurones without involving H(1)R-mediated pathways. Maintenance of basal physiological sleep/wake states is fully achieved without both H(1) and OX(1 (show NQO1 Proteins)) receptors.

HRH1 Protein Profile

Protein Summary

Histamine is a ubiquitous messenger molecule released from mast cells, enterochromaffin-like cells, and neurons. Its various actions are mediated by histamine receptors H1, H2, H3 and H4. This gene was thought to be intronless until recently. The protein encoded by this gene is an integral membrane protein and belongs to the G protein-coupled receptor superfamily. It mediates the contraction of smooth muscles, the increase in capillary permeability due to contraction of terminal venules, the release of catecholamine from adrenal medulla, and neurotransmission in the central nervous system. Multiple alternatively spliced variants, encoding the same protein, have been identified.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with HRH1

  • histamine receptor H1 (HRH1)
  • histamine receptor H1 (hrh1)
  • histamine receptor H 1 (Hrh1)
  • histamine receptor H1 (Hrh1)
  • Bphs protein
  • H1 protein
  • H1-R protein
  • H1R protein
  • HH1R protein
  • Hir protein
  • hisH1 protein
  • Hisr protein
  • HRH1 protein

Protein level used designations for Histamine Receptor H1 Proteins (HRH1)

histamine H1 receptor , histamine receptor H1 , 7 transmembrane receptor , H1R , HH1R , histamine H(1) receptor , histamine receptor, subclass H1 , histamine receptor subtype H1 , Bordetella pertussis induced histamine sensitization , histamine receptor H 1

100034110 Equus caballus
696359 Macaca mulatta
735302 Danio rerio
24448 Rattus norvegicus
3269 Homo sapiens
403813 Canis lupus familiaris
281231 Bos taurus
15465 Mus musculus
100730517 Cavia porcellus
100135539 Cavia porcellus
470746 Pan troglodytes
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