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Feline Sarcoma Oncogene Proteins (FES)
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AI586313, BB137047, c-fes, c-fps, FES, FPS, RGD1564385
list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
FES 2242 P07332
FES 14159 P16879
Rat FES FES 361597  

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  1. Human FES Protein expressed in Baculovirus infected Insect Cells - ABIN2005119 : Yates, Lynch, Wong, Slamon, Gasson: Human c-FES is a nuclear tyrosine kinase. in Oncogene 1995 (PubMed)

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Human Feline Sarcoma Oncogene (FES) interaction partners

  1. analysis of the JAK-Fes-phospholipase D signaling pathway that is enhanced in highly proliferative breast cancer cells

  2. c-fes gene expression was found in myeloid leukemias, whereas low or no expression in lymphocytic leukemias.

  3. FES kinase is a mediator of wild-type KIT signalling implicated in cell migration.

  4. Closing in on the biological functions of Fps/Fes and Fer. A review.

  5. Fes naturally adopts an inactive conformation in vivo, and maintenance of the inactive structure requires the coiled-coil and SH2 domains.

  6. Fps/Fes and Fer are expressed in human and mouse platelets, and are activated following stimulation with collagen and collagen-related peptide (CRP (show CRP Proteins)), suggesting a role in GPVI (show GP6 Proteins) receptor signaling

  7. Fes transduces inductive signals for terminal macrophage and granulocyte differentiation, and this biological activity is mediated through the activation of lineage-specific transcription factors.

  8. FPS (show FDPS Proteins) mediates enhanced sensitization to VEGF (show VEGFA Proteins) and PDGF (show PDGFA Proteins) signaling in ECs; this hypersensitization contributes to excessive angiogenic signaling and underlies the observed hypervascular phenotype of human myristoylated FPS (show FDPS Proteins) expressed in transgenic mice.

  9. c-Fes is a regulator of the tubulin (show TUBB Proteins) cytoskeleton and may contribute to Fes-induced morphological changes in myeloid hematopoietic and neuronal cells

  10. NMR assignment of the SH2 domain

Mouse (Murine) Feline Sarcoma Oncogene (FES) interaction partners

  1. Fes inhibition might provide therapeutic benefits in breast cancer, in part by attenuating tumor-associated angiogenesis and the metastasis-promoting functions of tumor-associated macrophages.

  2. Fes protein is activated downstream of activated Kit receptor, and this is facilitated by the Fes SH2 domain binding to Kit, and by trans-phosphorylation by Fyn (show FYN Proteins) kinase.

  3. Truncation of c-fes via gene targeting results in embryonic lethality and hyperproliferation of hematopoietic cells.

  4. Fes was expressed in mouse brain. Experiments with transfected mouse cDNA show that Fes links Sema3A (show SEMA3A Proteins) signals to CRMP-CRAM (show DPYSL5 Proteins).

  5. Fes may be a key component of the granulocyte differentiation machinery, may regulate granulocyte-specific gene expression

  6. Fps/Fes and Fer are expressed in human and mouse platelets, and are activated following stimulation with collagen and collagen-related peptide (CRP (show CRP Proteins)), suggesting a role in GPVI (show GP6 Proteins) receptor signaling

  7. Hematopoiesis is deregulated in the absence of Fps and Fer kinases. Qualitative differences in myeloid colonies from compound mutant mice suggested a role for Fps and Fer kinases in regulating cell-cell adhesion or a skewing in cellularity of colonies.

  8. Fps/Fes may act synergistically with Flk1 (show KDR Proteins) to modulate hemangioblast differentiation into the endothelium.

  9. plays a critical role in microtubule dynamics including microtubule nucleation and bundling through its FCH (show FECH Proteins) domain

  10. The increased numbers and survival of erythroid progenitors from fps(MF) mice, and their differential responsiveness to SCF (show KITLG Proteins) and EPO (show EPO Proteins), implicates Fps/Fes in the commitment of multilineage progenitors to the erythroid lineage.

FES Protein Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes the human cellular counterpart of a feline sarcoma retrovirus protein with transforming capabilities. The gene product has tyrosine-specific protein kinase activity and that activity is required for maintenance of cellular transformation. Its chromosomal location has linked it to a specific translocation event identified in patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia but it is also involved in normal hematopoiesis as well as growth factor and cytokine receptor signaling. Alternative splicing results in multiple variants encoding different isoforms.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with FES

  • feline sarcoma oncogene (FES)
  • feline sarcoma oncogene (fes)
  • feline sarcoma oncogene (Fes)
  • AI586313 protein
  • BB137047 protein
  • c-fes protein
  • c-fps protein
  • FES protein
  • FPS protein
  • RGD1564385 protein

Protein level used designations for Feline Sarcoma Oncogene Proteins (FES)

V-FES feline sarcoma viral/V-FPS fujinami avian sarcoma viral oncogene homolog , feline sarcoma oncogene , tyrosine-protein kinase Fes/Fps-like , c-fps proto oncogene , tyrosine-protein kinase Fes/Fps , Oncogene FES, feline sarcoma virus , feline sarcoma (Snyder-Theilen) viral (v-fes)/Fujinami avian sarcoma (PRCII) viral (v-fps) oncogene homolog , feline sarcoma/Fujinami avian sarcoma oncogene homolog , p93c-fes , proto-oncogene c-Fes , proto-oncogene c-Fps , proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase Fes/Fps , c-fes proto-oncogene protein , feline sarcoma viral (v-fes) oncogene , v-fps oncogene homolog , tyrosine kinase Fps/Fes

453654 Pan troglodytes
715764 Macaca mulatta
566739 Danio rerio
100395329 Callithrix jacchus
100447871 Pongo abelii
100597217 Nomascus leucogenys
429374 Gallus gallus
2242 Homo sapiens
507304 Bos taurus
14159 Mus musculus
361597 Rattus norvegicus
609483 Canis lupus familiaris
101100568 Felis catus
100329136 Felis catus
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