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Nuclear Respiratory Factor 1 Proteins (NRF1)
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AA408798, alpha-pal, AW212678, C87038, D6Ertd415e, IBR/F, LCR-F1, Lcrf1, LOC100220087, Nfe2l1_retired, nrf-1, NRF1, SC:BZ3C13.1, SC:bZ3C13.2, TCF-11, TCF11, ube2h
list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
NRF1 18023 Q61985
NRF1 4899 Q16656
NRF1 312195  

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Mouse (Murine) Nuclear Respiratory Factor 1 (NRF1) interaction partners

  1. Our findings demonstrate that DEE and a fraction derived from this extract exerts anti-inflammatory effects through Nrf2dependent HO-1 (show HMOX1 Proteins) expression

  2. NRF1 (nuclear respiratory factor 1) is a methylation-sensitive transcription factor; in the absence of DNA methylation (show HELLS Proteins), NRF1 binds to new sites and induces aberrant transcription

  3. Nrf1 plays critical roles in regulating glucose metabolism, mitochondrial function, and insulin (show INS Proteins) secretion, suggesting that Nrf1 may be a novel target to improve the function of insulin (show INS Proteins)-secreting beta-cells.

  4. Nrf1 is negatively regulated by its O-GlcNAcylation status that depends on the glucose concentrations

  5. lysine-specific demethylase (show MBD2 Proteins) 1 promotes oxidative phosphorylation in white adipose tissue, in cooperation with Nrf1.

  6. Results show that Nrf1 may not be directly responsible for (show GCLC Proteins) the loss (show GCLM Proteins) of Nrf2-dependent inducibility of a (show HBe1 Proteins)ntioxidant and cytoprotective genes observed in aged animals.

  7. Denervation induced proteasomal activation via NFE2L1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins) nuclear translocation in control mice

  8. Nrf1 controls both the fatty acid and the cystine/cysteine content of hepatocytes by participating in an elaborate regulatory network.

  9. During fetal myogenesis, Pitx2 (show PITX2 Proteins)/3 control this redox state through the regulation of Nrf1 and of antioxidant pathways.

  10. This stduy identify the bZIP transcription factor Nfe2l1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins) and demonstrate that it promotes glial fate under direct Sox9 (show SOX9 Proteins) regulatory control.

Human Nuclear Respiratory Factor 1 (NRF1) interaction partners

  1. NRF1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins) overexpression attenuated BPDEinduced Sphase arrest via the ATM (show ATM Proteins)/Chk2 (show CHEK2 Proteins) signaling pathway.

  2. Importantly, Nrf1 activity is positively and/or negatively regulated by distinct doses of proteasome and calpain inhibitors

  3. Low NRF1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins) expression was associated lymphatic metastasis and radio-resistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

  4. EglN2 (show EGLN2 Proteins) associates with the NRF1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins)-PGC1alpha complex and controls mitochondrial function in breast cancer

  5. Lack of aprataxin (show APTX Proteins) impairs mitochondrial functions via downregulation of the APE1 (show APEX1 Proteins)/NRF1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins)/NRF2 (show GABPA Proteins) pathway.

  6. We show that composite nucleosomes containing mH2A and NRF-1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins) are stably positioned on gene regulatory regions and can buffer transcriptional noise associated with antiviral responses

  7. This review outlines Nrf1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins) structure, function, regulation and its links to insulin (show INS Proteins) resistance, diabetes and inflammation.

  8. Results present evidence in the support of E2-induced ROS (show ROS1 Proteins)-mediated AKT (show AKT1 Proteins) signalling leading to the activation of NRF-1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins)-regulated cell cycle genes.

  9. The treatment with E2, Res, or VC significantly increased mRNA and protein expression levels of Nrf1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins).

  10. Nrf1 (show NFE2L1 Proteins) knockout resulted in the increased expression of GCLC (show GCLC Proteins) and GCLM (show GCLM Proteins) in human bronchial epithelial (HBE1 (show HBe1 Proteins)) cells.

Cow (Bovine) Nuclear Respiratory Factor 1 (NRF1) interaction partners

  1. Transcription Factor A (show GTF3A Proteins) expression associated with mitochondrial biogenesis activation & high levels of NRF1 mRNA from oocyte stage onwards argue for essential function of these factors during 1st steps of bovine embryogenesis

Nuclear Respiratory Factor 1 (NRF1) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes a protein that homodimerizes and functions as a transcription factor which activates the expression of some key metabolic genes regulating cellular growth and nuclear genes required for respiration, heme biosynthesis, and mitochondrial DNA transcription and replication. The protein has also been associated with the regulation of neurite outgrowth. Alternate transcriptional splice variants, which encode the same protein, have been characterized. Additional variants encoding different protein isoforms have been described but they have not been fully characterized. Confusion has occurred in bibliographic databases due to the shared symbol of NRF1 for this gene and for 'nuclear factor (erythroid-derived 2)-like 1' which has an official symbol of NFE2L1.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Nuclear Respiratory Factor 1 (NRF1)

  • nuclear respiratory factor 1 (NRF1)
  • nuclear respiratory factor 1 (LOC100220087)
  • nuclear respiratory factor 1 (nrf1)
  • nuclear factor, erythroid derived 2,-like 1 (Nfe2l1)
  • nuclear respiratory factor 1 (Nrf1)
  • AA408798 protein
  • alpha-pal protein
  • AW212678 protein
  • C87038 protein
  • D6Ertd415e protein
  • IBR/F protein
  • LCR-F1 protein
  • Lcrf1 protein
  • LOC100220087 protein
  • Nfe2l1_retired protein
  • nrf-1 protein
  • NRF1 protein
  • SC:BZ3C13.1 protein
  • SC:bZ3C13.2 protein
  • TCF-11 protein
  • TCF11 protein
  • ube2h protein

Protein level used designations for NRF1

nuclear respiratory factor 1 , nuclear respiratory factor-1 , NF-E2-related factor 1 , NFE2-related factor 1 , nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 1 , NRF-1 , alpha palindromic-binding protein , not really finished protein , nrf , nrf-1 , nrl , transcription factor , alpha-pal

443490 Ovis aries
100220087 Taeniopygia guttata
100477530 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100488083 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100542974 Meleagris gallopavo
100553210 Anolis carolinensis
100600133 Nomascus leucogenys
18023 Mus musculus
4899 Homo sapiens
64604 Danio rerio
416677 Gallus gallus
472513 Pan troglodytes
312195 Rattus norvegicus
18181 Mus musculus
446711 Xenopus laevis
482260 Canis lupus familiaris
509232 Bos taurus
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