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2010309L07Rik, 4732490P18Rik, CAP, fb73h12, gp160, IRAP, LNPEP, P-LAP, PLAP, Vp165, wu:fb73h12, zgc:66103
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LNPEP 240028 Q8C129
LNPEP 171105 P97629

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Mouse (Murine) Leucyl/cystinyl Aminopeptidase (LNPEP) interaction partners

  1. this paper shows that endosomal retention of TLR9 (show TLR9 ELISA Kits) via the interaction of IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) with the actin cytoskeleton is a mechanism that prevents hyper-activation of TLR9 (show TLR9 ELISA Kits) in dendritic cells

  2. IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) is more highly expressed in pro-inflammatory M1-activated macrophages.

  3. IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) deficiency may lead to suppression of PAI-1 (show SERPINE1 ELISA Kits) expression in adipocytes and upregulation of UCP-1 (show UCP1 ELISA Kits)-mediated thermogenesis in brown adipose tissue and increased energy expenditure to prevent the development of obesity.

  4. The current study demonstrates that deletion of the IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) gene protects the brain from ischemic damage

  5. IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits)-deficient mice are less sensitive to the development of acute pentylenetetrazol-induced seizures, demonstrating that IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) may be involved in generalized seizure generation.

  6. requirement of IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) in cross-presentation extends to steady-state conventional dendritic cells (cDCs);data suggest increased recruitment of an IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits)(+)/Rab14 (show RAB14 ELISA Kits)(+) compartment to Ag-containing vesicles contributes to cross-presentation efficacy of CD8 (show CD8A ELISA Kits)(+)cDCs

  7. These findings suggest that the IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) binding protein, vimentin (show VIM ELISA Kits), plays an important role in retention of GLUT4 (show SLC2A4 ELISA Kits) storage vesicles.

  8. IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) functions in GLUT4 (show SLC2A4 ELISA Kits) sorting from endosomes to GLUT4 (show SLC2A4 ELISA Kits)-specialized compartments.

  9. study shows the high-affinity binding site for angiotensin IV is absent in IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) knockout mice brain sections in parallel with loss of IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) immunostaining, providing irrefutable proof that IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) is the specific high-affinity binding site for AT(4) ligands

  10. Data suggest that the physiological significance of circulating insulin-regulated aminopeptidase during human pregnancy cannot be addressed by investigations on mice.

Human Leucyl/cystinyl Aminopeptidase (LNPEP) interaction partners

  1. Vasopressinase might be a potential early biomarker for acute kidney injury after cardiopulmonary bypass.

  2. Structural and biological characterization of three low molecular weight aryl sulfonamides: binding modes to human IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) were explored by docking calculations combined with molecular dynamics simulations and binding affinity estimations using the linear interaction energy method. Two of these drug-like IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) inhibitors can alter dendritic spine morphology and increase spine density in primary cultures of hippocampal neurons

  3. The PCR-RFLP is a simple and reliable method that allows a quick genotyping for the rs4869317 SNP of LNPEP gene.

  4. This study describes a crystal structure of insulin-regulated aminopeptidase in complex with a recently developed bioactive and selective inhibitor at 2.53 A resolution.

  5. The substrate Angiotensin II, the enzymes aminopeptidases-A, B, M as well as IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) were detected in the jejunal mucosa.

  6. Determined is the crystal structure of human IRAP (show IL1RN ELISA Kits) revealing a closed, four domain arrangement with a large, mostly buried cavity abutting the active site.

  7. We identified the missense variant rs2303138 (p.Ala763Thr) within the LNPEP gene associated with psoriasis.

  8. Activities of aminopeptidases N and B and insulin-regulated aminopeptidase could be useful non-invasive biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease from the earliest stages.

  9. An association between maternal common polymorphisms in LNPEP and susceptibility to preterm birth was observed.

  10. The genetic variation in LNPEP (vasopressinase) is associated with 28-day mortality in septic shock and is associated with biologic effects on vasopressin (show AVP ELISA Kits) clearance and serum sodium regulation

Cow (Bovine) Leucyl/cystinyl Aminopeptidase (LNPEP) interaction partners

LNPEP Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a zinc-dependent aminopeptidase that cleaves vasopressin, oxytocin, lys-bradykinin, met-enkephalin, dynorphin A and other peptide hormones. The protein can be secreted in maternal serum, reside in intracellular vesicles with the insulin-responsive glucose transporter GLUT4, or form a type II integral membrane glycoprotein. The protein catalyzes the final step in the conversion of angiotensinogen to angiotensin IV (AT4) and is also a receptor for AT4. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with LNPEP

  • leucyl/cystinyl aminopeptidase (LNPEP) Elisa Kit
  • leucyl/cystinyl aminopeptidase (lnpep) Elisa Kit
  • leucyl/cystinyl aminopeptidase (Lnpep) Elisa Kit
  • 2010309L07Rik Elisa Kit
  • 4732490P18Rik Elisa Kit
  • CAP Elisa Kit
  • fb73h12 Elisa Kit
  • gp160 Elisa Kit
  • IRAP Elisa Kit
  • LNPEP Elisa Kit
  • P-LAP Elisa Kit
  • PLAP Elisa Kit
  • Vp165 Elisa Kit
  • wu:fb73h12 Elisa Kit
  • zgc:66103 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for LNPEP

leucyl/cystinyl aminopeptidase , leucyl-cystinyl aminopeptidase-like , leucyl-cystinyl aminopeptidase , OTase , cystinyl aminopeptidase , oxytocinase , GP160 , aminopeptidase Vp165 , angiotensin IV receptor , insulin-regulated membrane aminopeptidase IRAP , insulin-responsive aminopeptidase , placental leucine aminopeptidase , vesicle protein of 165 kDa , AT (4) receptor , insulin-regulated aminopeptidase , insulin-regulated membrane aminopeptidase , otase , vasopressinase , AT4 receptor

461960 Pan troglodytes
495293 Xenopus laevis
703949 Macaca mulatta
100015080 Monodelphis domestica
100073222 Equus caballus
100081694 Ornithorhynchus anatinus
100216271 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100391174 Callithrix jacchus
100473699 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
322814 Danio rerio
100565555 Anolis carolinensis
100603383 Nomascus leucogenys
240028 Mus musculus
171105 Rattus norvegicus
4012 Homo sapiens
521633 Bos taurus
488896 Canis lupus familiaris
427279 Gallus gallus
100718730 Cavia porcellus
100125826 Sus scrofa
100353022 Oryctolagus cuniculus
641307 Ovis aries
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