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AI323605, CANP3, CANPL3, Capa-3, Capa3, CAPN3, LGMD2, LGMD2A, Lp82, Lp84, Lp85, MGC80925, nCL-1, nCL1, p94, SKM-CALP, SKM-CALPOV, zgc:92687
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CAPN3 12335 Q64691
CAPN3 29155 P16259
CAPN3 825 P20807

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  1. Human Polyclonal Calpain 3 Primary Antibody for IHC - ABIN965743 : Richard, Broux, Allamand, Fougerousse, Chiannilkulchai, Bourg, Brenguier, Devaud, Pasturaud, Roudaut: Mutations in the proteolytic enzyme calpain 3 cause limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A. in Cell 1995 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Polyclonal Calpain 3 Primary Antibody for FACS, IHC (p) - ABIN951007 : Charlton, Henderson, Richards, Hudson, Straub, Bushby, Barresi: Immunohistochemical analysis of calpain 3: advantages and limitations in diagnosing LGMD2A. in Neuromuscular disorders : NMD 2009 (PubMed)
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More Antibodies against Calpain 3 Interaction Partners

Xenopus laevis Calpain 3 (CAPN3) interaction partners

  1. our results suggest that calcium influx through mechanosensitive TRPC1 channels on filopodia activates calpain to control growth cone turning during development.

Mouse (Murine) Calpain 3 (CAPN3) interaction partners

  1. Destabilization of PGC1a (show PPARGC1A Antibodies) is attributable to decreased p38 MAPK (show MAPK14 Antibodies) activation via diminished CaMKII (show CAMK2G Antibodies) signaling. Thus, we elucidate a pathway downstream of Ca(2 (show CA2 Antibodies)+)-mediated CaMKII (show CAMK2G Antibodies) activation that is dysfunctional in C3KO(Capn3 knock-out mice ) mice, leading to reduced transcription of genes involved in muscle adaptation

  2. CAPN3 deficiency leads to degradation of SERCA (show ATP2A3 Antibodies) proteins and Ca2 (show CA2 Antibodies)+ dysregulation in the skeletal muscle.

  3. calpain 3 is necessary for ubiquitination and that it acts upstream of the ubiquitination machinery

  4. Cleavage of C-terminal titin (show TTN Antibodies) by CAPN3 is associated with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 2A and tibial muscular dystrophy.

  5. these studies reveal a novel interaction between CAPN3 and CaM and identify CaM as the first positive regulator of CAPN3 activity.

  6. data suggest that skNAC controls myoblast migration and sarcomere architecture in a calpain-dependent manner

  7. our results suggest that a component of FSHD pathogenesis may arise by over-expression of FRG1 (show FRG1 Antibodies), reducing Rbfox1 (show A2BP1 Antibodies) levels and leading to aberrant expression of an altered Calpain 3 protein through dysregulated splicing

  8. The Ky gene was downregulated in CAPN3 knockout muscles suggesting that Ky protease may play a complementary role in regulating muscle cytoskeleton homeostasis in response to changes in muscle activity

  9. The decrease in CaMKII (show CAMK2G Antibodies) signaling in the absence of CAPN3 is associated with a reduction of muscle adaptation response.

  10. stretch-induced dynamic redistribution of p94 is dependent on its protease activity and essential to protect muscle from degeneration

Pig (Porcine) Calpain 3 (CAPN3) interaction partners

  1. The higher CAPN3 gene expression in less tender muscles confirmed the lack of a direct involvement of calpain 3 in meat tenderization.

Human Calpain 3 (CAPN3) interaction partners

  1. This study demonstrates that a cluster of patients with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2A in a small Mexican village arises from a novel CAPN3 founder mutation.

  2. Heterozygosity for c.643_663del21 in CAPN3 results in a myopathy resembling the recessive form.

  3. Here, for the first time, we report a new variant in the CAPN3 gene that can be considered as a robust genetics factor causing limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A disease.

  4. Genetic analysis of CAPN3 gene by whole exome sequencing revealed five causative variants which had not been reported in the Iranian population before including a novel 6 bp deletion (c.795_800delCATTGA) and four previously reported mutations (c.1939G > T, c.2243G > A, c.2257delGinsAA, and c.2380 + 2T > G)

  5. The allele frequency of CAPN3 gene mutation in limb-girdle muscular dystrophy patients was different in patients from Latvia and Lithuania.

  6. Studies indicate that gene mutations causing muscle-specific calcium-activated neutral protease 3 protein (CAPN3) defects are responsible for limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A (LGMD2A).

  7. CAPN3 deficiency leads to degradation of SERCA (show ATP2A3 Antibodies) proteins and Ca2 (show CA2 Antibodies)+ dysregulation in the skeletal muscle.

  8. We analyzed 76 families affected with LGMD and identified 62 probands with mutations in the CANP3 gene. C.550delA was the most common mutation identified, being found in 78% of the LGMD2A families

  9. We identified four novel CAPN3 mutations and demonstrated clinical and pathological heterogeneity in Korean patients with calpainopathy.

  10. Cleavage of C-terminal titin (show TTN Antibodies) by CAPN3 is associated with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy 2A and tibial muscular dystrophy.

Cow (Bovine) Calpain 3 (CAPN3) interaction partners

  1. 2 CAPN3 transcripts in the skeletal muscle individuals of local black cattle from Jilin, China, were identified.

  2. Calpain-system gene markers have beneficial effects on eating quality, consistent with previous findings for objective meat quality.

  3. activated Capn3 may be involved in molecular pathways leading to the overexpression of E2F3, which in turn could be responsible for urothelial tumor cell proliferation

  4. A QTL for meat tenderness is located in the Calpain 3 region of bovine chromosome 10.

Calpain 3 (CAPN3) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Calpain, a heterodimer consisting of a large and a small subunit, is a major intracellular protease, although its function has not been well established. This gene encodes a muscle-specific member of the calpain large subunit family that specifically binds to titin. Mutations in this gene are associated with limb-girdle muscular dystrophies type 2A. Alternate promoters and alternative splicing result in multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms and some variants are ubiquitously expressed.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Calpain 3 (CAPN3)

  • calpain 3, (p94) (capn3) antibody
  • calpain 3a, (p94) (capn3a) antibody
  • calpain 3 (CAPN3) antibody
  • calpain 3, (p94) (CAPN3) antibody
  • calpain 3 (Capn3) antibody
  • AI323605 antibody
  • CANP3 antibody
  • CANPL3 antibody
  • Capa-3 antibody
  • Capa3 antibody
  • CAPN3 antibody
  • LGMD2 antibody
  • LGMD2A antibody
  • Lp82 antibody
  • Lp84 antibody
  • Lp85 antibody
  • MGC80925 antibody
  • nCL-1 antibody
  • nCL1 antibody
  • p94 antibody
  • SKM-CALP antibody
  • SKM-CALPOV antibody
  • zgc:92687 antibody

Protein level used designations for anti-Calpain 3 (CAPN3) Antibodies

calpain 3 , calpain 3, (p94) , calpain-3 , lens-specific calpain Lp82 , CANP 3 , calcium-activated neutral proteinase 3 , calpain L3 , calpain p94 , muscle-specific calcium-activated neutral protease 3 , skeletal muscle specific calpain p94 , nCL-1 , new calpain 1 , skeletal muscle specific calpain , calpain p94, large [catalytic] subunit , calpain, large polypeptide L3 , muscle-specific calcium-activated neutral protease 3 large subunit , skeletal muscle-specific calpain , p94

446888 Xenopus laevis
447832 Danio rerio
707913 Macaca mulatta
100008726 Oryctolagus cuniculus
12335 Mus musculus
29155 Rattus norvegicus
397349 Sus scrofa
825 Homo sapiens
281663 Bos taurus
423233 Gallus gallus
443038 Ovis aries
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