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HRG3, NRG3, pro-NRG3, RGD1559678, ska
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NRG3 10718 P56975
NRG3 18183 O35181
Rat NRG3 NRG3 498596  

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Human Neuregulin 3 (NRG3) interaction partners

  1. These observations encourage investigation of the neurobiology of NRG3 isoforms and highlight inhibition of NRG3 signaling as a potential target for psychiatric treatment development.

  2. common variants of GABRG2 (show GABRG2 ELISA Kits), RELN (show RELN ELISA Kits) and NRG3 and the GABRG2 (show GABRG2 ELISA Kits)-RELN (show RELN ELISA Kits)-PTCH1 (show PTCH1 ELISA Kits) interaction networks might confer altered susceptibility to Hirschsprung disease.

  3. these data suggest that Nrg3/ErbB4 (show ERBB4 ELISA Kits) signaling may be an important factor in nicotine dependence.

  4. This study demonstrated that genetic variants in the NRG3 gene play a role in alzheimer disease and revealed that SNPs in the NRG3 genes were more strongly associated with onset age of Alzherimer disease.

  5. An association between rs10748842 genotype in neuregulin 3 does not fit a simple inefficiency model of risk association in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex physiology.

  6. NRG3 may be a susceptibility gene for Hirschsprung's disease in a Chinese population.

  7. Neuregulin 3 rs6584400 genetic carriers are associated with psychotic symptoms and attention performance in schizophrenia.

  8. no association of SNPs or haplotypes with risk of schizophrenia in Han Chinese population

  9. Our results suggest a role for NRG3 in HSCR (show EDNRB ELISA Kits) etiology and provide insights into the relative contribution of structural variants in both syndromic and non-syndromic HSCR (show EDNRB ELISA Kits).

  10. NRG3 polymorphisms and haplotypes were similar between schizophrenia patients and healthy controls of Korean ethnicity

Mouse (Murine) Neuregulin 3 (NRG3) interaction partners

  1. This study demonistrated that Neuregulin-3 in the mouse medial prefrontal cortex regulates impulsive action.

  2. NRG1beta and NRG3 can promote the proliferation of mouse spermatogonia.

  3. used positional cloning to narrow the interval containing scaramanga (ska) to a 75.6-kb interval containing the distal part of the Neuregulin3 (Nrg3) gene

Neuregulin 3 (NRG3) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene is a member of the neuregulin gene family. This gene family encodes ligands for the transmembrane tyrosine kinase receptors ERBB3 and ERBB4 - members of the epidermal growth factor receptor family. Ligand binding activates intracellular signaling cascades and the induction of cellular responses including proliferation, migration, differentiation, and survival or apoptosis. This gene encodes neuregulin 3 (NRG3). NRG3 has been shown to activate the tyrosine phosphorylation of its cognate receptor, ERBB4, and is thought to influence neuroblast proliferation, migration and differentiation by signalling through ERBB4. NRG3 also promotes mammary differentiation during embryogenesis. Linkage studies have implicated this gene as a susceptibility locus for schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms. Additional transcript variants have been described but their biological validity has not been verified.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Neuregulin 3 (NRG3)

  • neuregulin 3 (NRG3) Elisa Kit
  • neuregulin 3 (nrg3) Elisa Kit
  • neuregulin 3 (Nrg3) Elisa Kit
  • HRG3 Elisa Kit
  • NRG3 Elisa Kit
  • pro-NRG3 Elisa Kit
  • RGD1559678 Elisa Kit
  • ska Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for Neuregulin 3 (NRG3) ELISA Kits

neuregulin 3 , pro-neuregulin-3, membrane-bound isoform-like , neuregulin 3 variant 1 , neuregulin 3 variant 10 , neuregulin 3 variant 11 , neuregulin 3 variant 12 , neuregulin 3 variant 13 , neuregulin 3 variant 14 , neuregulin 3 variant 3 , neuregulin 3 variant 4 , neuregulin 3 variant 5 , neuregulin 3 variant 6 , neuregulin 3 variant 7 , neuregulin 3 variant 8 , neuregulin 3 variant 9 , neuregulin-3-like polypeptide , pro-neuregulin-3, membrane-bound isoform , pro-NRG3 , scaramanga

100065480 Equus caballus
466296 Pan troglodytes
699268 Macaca mulatta
100125039 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100387417 Callithrix jacchus
100478170 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100562236 Anolis carolinensis
100600870 Nomascus leucogenys
10718 Homo sapiens
18183 Mus musculus
498596 Rattus norvegicus
479263 Canis lupus familiaris
428937 Gallus gallus
100158106 Sus scrofa
539977 Bos taurus
100337933 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100726543 Cavia porcellus
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