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On are 22 Myosin IA (MYO1A) Antibodies from 9 different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping Myosin IA Proteins (7) and many more products for this protein. A total of 31 Myosin IA products are currently listed.
BBM-I, BBMI, CG7438, DFNA48, Dmel\\CG7438, Dm IA, DmIA, DroMIA, IA, MGC79641, MGC83822, MIHC, Myh1, Myhl, Myo-IA, MYO1A, MyoIA, myoID, souther
list all antibodies Gene Name GeneID UniProt
MYO1A 4640 Q9UBC5
MYO1A 432516 O88329
MYO1A 299509  

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More Antibodies against Myosin IA Interaction Partners

Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Myosin IA (MYO1A) interaction partners

  1. Myo31DF-overexpressing cells suggest that cell-shape chirality was established in each cell and reflects intrinsic planar cell chirality.

  2. DE-Cadherin regulates unconventional Myosin ID (show MYO1D Antibodies) and Myosin IC (show MYO1C Antibodies) in Drosophila left-right asymmetry establishment.

  3. left-right(LR)directional rotation of hindgut epithelial tube; DECad is distributed to cell boundaries with LR asymmetry which is responsible for planar cell-shape chirality formation; myosin ID switches LR polarity found in PCC and in DE-Cad (show CAD Antibodies) distribution

  4. the actin (show ACTB Antibodies) cytoskeleton and myosin I proteins may be crucial for generating left-right asymmetry in invertebrates

  5. Myo31DF interacts and colocalizes with beta-catenin, suggesting that situs inversus genes can direct left-right development through the adherens junction

  6. the organ specificities of the Myo31DF and Myo61F activities depended on their head regions

Human Myosin IA (MYO1A) interaction partners

  1. This is the first time a haplotype on chromosome 12 containing sequence variants in the genes DCTN2 (show DCTN2 Antibodies), DNAH10 (show DNAH10 Antibodies), LRIG3, and MYO1A has been linked to an inherited neuropathy in humans.

  2. One missense variant, p.R544W, was found in the MYO1A gene, and in silico analysis suggested that this variant has deleterious effects on protein function.

  3. Most of the altogether 10 MYO1A mutations are annotated in dbSNP, and population frequencies (dbSNP, 1000 Genomes, Exome Sequencing Project) above 0.1% contradict pathogenicity under a dominant model

  4. findings suggest that MYO1A has tumor suppressor activity in the normal gastric epithelium but not in the normal endometrium and inactivation of MYO1A either genetically or epigenetically may confer gastric epithelial cells a growth ad

  5. Myo1a targeting to microvilli is driven by membrane binding potential that is distributed throughout TH1 (show TH1L Antibodies) rather than localized to a single motif.

  6. results identify MYO1A as a unique tumor-suppressor gene in colorectal cancer and demonstrate that the loss of structural brush border proteins involved in cell polarity are important for tumor development

  7. MYO1A (brush border myosin I) dynamics in the brush border of LLC-PK1 (show PKLR Antibodies)-CL4 cells

  8. mapping of a novel autosomal dominant non-syndromic deafness locus, DFNA48, to chromosome 12q13-q14 in an Italian family

  9. Multiple mutations of MYO1A, a cochlear-expressed gene, were studied in sensorineural hearing loss.

  10. This movement is based on an active and directed process that is facilitated by an acto-NMI complex, establishing for the first time a functional role for a motor complex consisting of actin and a myosin in the nucleus.

Mouse (Murine) Myosin IA (MYO1A) interaction partners

  1. Myo1a and Myo6 (show MYO6 Antibodies) play essential roles in response to intestinal mucosal injury

  2. The data indicates that Myo1a is an important regulator of CFTR (show CFTR Antibodies) traffic and anion transport in the brush border membrane of villus enterocytes.

  3. Data suggest that Myo1d may be the primary compensating class I myosin in the Myo1a KO model; they also suggest that dynamics govern the localization and function of different yet closely related myosins that target common actin structures.

  4. Actin filaments and myosin I alpha (show MYO1B Antibodies) cooperate with microtubules for the movement of lysosomes

  5. RT-PCR analysis of RNA extracted from the inner ear and cochlea of mice helped in the evaluation of MYO1A expression.

Myosin IA (MYO1A) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a member of the myosin superfamily. The protein represents an unconventional myosin\; it should not be confused with the conventional skeletal muscle myosin-1 (MYH1). Unconventional myosins contain the basic domains characteristic of conventional myosins and are further distinguished from class members by their tail domains. They function as actin-based molecular motors. Mutations in this gene have been associated with autosomal dominant deafness. Alternatively spliced variants have been found for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Myosin IA (MYO1A)

  • Myosin 31DF (Myo31DF) antibody
  • myosin IA (myo1a) antibody
  • myosin IA (MYO1A) antibody
  • myosin IA (Myo1a) antibody
  • BBM-I antibody
  • BBMI antibody
  • CG7438 antibody
  • DFNA48 antibody
  • Dmel\\CG7438 antibody
  • Dm IA antibody
  • DmIA antibody
  • DroMIA antibody
  • IA antibody
  • MGC79641 antibody
  • MGC83822 antibody
  • MIHC antibody
  • Myh1 antibody
  • Myhl antibody
  • Myo-IA antibody
  • MYO1A antibody
  • MyoIA antibody
  • myoID antibody
  • souther antibody

Protein level used designations for anti-Myosin IA (MYO1A) Antibodies

CG7438-PA , CG7438-PB , CG7438-PC , Myo31DF-PA , Myo31DF-PB , Myo31DF-PC , Myosin31DF , myosin 1D , myosin 1a , myosin 31DF , myosin I , myosin IA , myosin ID , myosin-IA , myosin1A , souther , unconventional myosin 31DF , myosin-Ia-like , brush border myosin I , myosin I heavy chain , myosin, heavy polypeptide-like (100kD) , unconventional myosin-Ia , BBMI , MIHC , brush border myosin 1 , myosin, heavy polypeptide-like (110kD) , myosin-Ia , BBM-I , brush border myosin-I , myosin heavy polypeptide 1 skeletal muscle adult , brush border 110 kDa protein , brush border myosin I heavy chain

34445 Drosophila melanogaster
431950 Xenopus laevis
452002 Pan troglodytes
474410 Canis lupus familiaris
493425 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
714033 Macaca mulatta
100337769 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100389198 Callithrix jacchus
100475948 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100582509 Nomascus leucogenys
4640 Homo sapiens
432516 Mus musculus
299509 Rattus norvegicus
281936 Bos taurus
396072 Gallus gallus
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