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Drebrin-Like Proteins (DBNL)
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abp1, DBNL, dbnl-B, DKFZp459C0939, HIP-55, HIP55, mAbp1, Sh3p7, wu:fb34f02, zgc:91835, zgc:112450
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DBNL 28988 Q9UJU6
DBNL 13169 Q62418
DBNL 83527 Q9JHL4

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Human Drebrin-Like (DBNL) interaction partners

  1. findings show that mAbp1 and FHL2 (show FHL2 Proteins) are novel binding partners that differentially regulate Rho GTPase (show RACGAP1 Proteins) signaling and MTLn3 breast cancer cell invasion

  2. Data suggest that by binding to both clathrin and F-actin, mammalian actin-binding protein 1 (mAbp1; HIP-55 or SH3P7) is specifically recruited at a late stage of clathrin-coated pits (CCPs) formation, which subsequently recruits dynamin (show DNM1 Proteins) to CCPs.

  3. The results presented here indicate that targeting IL-1alpha with subcutaneous MABp1 adminisration has a strong potential therapeutic value in treating psoriasis and may provide a novel future treatment of this often devastating disease.

  4. Data indicate that fourteen phosphorylation sites along the primary structure of hematopoietic progenitor kinase 1 (HPK1 (show MAP4K1 Proteins))-interacting protein of 55 kDa (HIP-55) rotein were identified.

  5. HIP-55 expression promoted proliferation, colony formation, migration, and invasion of lung cancer cells and was upregulated in lung cancer cell lines and tumor tissues of lung cancer patients

  6. Data suggest that HIP-55 could play an important role in the growth and cellular proliferation and HIP-55 dysfunction could be involved in tumorigenesis.

  7. mAbp1 is of fundamental importance for spreading and migration under shear stress conditions, which are critical prerequisites for efficient PMN (show TBCE Proteins) extravasation during inflammation.

  8. substrate for caspase (show CASP3 Proteins) cleavage during apoptosis

  9. SH3P7 is essential for endocytosis but not lamellipodia formation.

  10. HIP-55 plays a functional role in TCR signaling

Mouse (Murine) Drebrin-Like (DBNL) interaction partners

  1. mAbp1 is of fundamental importance for spreading and migration under shear stress conditions, which are critical prerequisites for efficient PMN (show TBCE Proteins) extravasation during inflammation.

  2. These findings identify a novel role for mAbp1 in growth factor-induced dorsal ruffle formation through its interaction with WIP (show WIPF1 Proteins).[Abp1]

  3. HIP-55 is a key novel component of the immunological synapse that modulates T cell activation by connecting actin cytoskeleton and TCRs to gene activation and endocytic processes

  4. mAbp1 is likely to constitute a downstream effector of FYN binding protein involved in F-actin dynamics

  5. HIP-55 has roles in T-cell proliferation, cytokine production, and immune responses

  6. deficiency of SH3P7/mAbp1 in mouse mutants is associated with tissue abnormalities and impaired vesicle transport and their constricted physical capabilities and disturbed neuromotoric behaviour.

  7. Abp1 facilitates BCR-mediated Ag processing by simultaneously interacting with dynamin and the actin cytoskeleton.

  8. the genetic absence of mAbp1 almost completely abrogated firm neutrophil adhesion under physiologic shear stress conditions in vitro as well as leukocyte adhesion and extravasation in inflamed cremaster muscle venules

DBNL Protein Profile

Protein Summary

actin-binding protein involved in actin cytoskeleton organization in dendrites

Alternative names and synonyms associated with DBNL

  • drebrin-like (DBNL)
  • drebrin-like a (dbnla)
  • drebrin-like b (dbnlb)
  • drebrin-like (LOC100148204)
  • drebrin-like (LOC100357485)
  • drebrin-like (LOC100412551)
  • drebrin-like (LOC100474751)
  • drebrin-like (LOC100621245)
  • drebrin-like (LOC100626719)
  • drebrin-like (Dbnl)
  • drebrin-like (dbnl)
  • abp1 protein
  • DBNL protein
  • dbnl-B protein
  • DKFZp459C0939 protein
  • HIP-55 protein
  • HIP55 protein
  • mAbp1 protein
  • Sh3p7 protein
  • wu:fb34f02 protein
  • zgc:91835 protein
  • zgc:112450 protein

Protein level used designations for Drebrin-Like Proteins (DBNL)

drebrin-like , drebrin-like protein , drebrin-like protein-like , HPK1-interacting protein of 55 kDa , SH3 domain-containing protein 7 , cervical SH3P7 , cervical mucin-associated protein , drebrin-F , src homology 3 domain-containing protein HIP-55 , actin-binding protein 1 , drebrin-like protein B

425994 Gallus gallus
431748 Danio rerio
463925 Pan troglodytes
553729 Danio rerio
100148204 Danio rerio
100172909 Pongo abelii
100357485 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100412551 Callithrix jacchus
100474751 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100586630 Nomascus leucogenys
100621245 Sus scrofa
100626719 Sus scrofa
28988 Homo sapiens
13169 Mus musculus
607412 Canis lupus familiaris
83527 Rattus norvegicus
514706 Bos taurus
444592 Xenopus laevis
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