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anti-Melatonin Receptor 1A (MTNR1A) Antibodies

MTNR1A encodes one of two high affinity forms of a receptor for melatonin, the primary hormone secreted by the pineal gland. Additionally we are shipping Melatonin Receptor 1A Proteins (12) and Melatonin Receptor 1A Kits (7) and many more products for this protein.

list all antibodies Gene Name GeneID UniProt
MTNR1A 4543 P48039
MTNR1A 17773 Q61184
MTNR1A 114211  
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Catalog No. Reactivity Host Conjugate Application Images Quantity Supplier Delivery Price Details
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated EIA, FACS, WB Flow cytometric analysis of CEM cells (right histogram) compared to a ... Western blot analysis of MTNR1A (arrow) in CEM cell line lysates (35ug... 0.4 mL Log in to see 6 to 8 Days
Cow Rabbit Un-conjugated IF (cc), IF (p), IHC (p), WB Formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded rat brain labeled with Rabbit Ant... 100 μL Log in to see 3 to 7 Days
Human Goat Un-conjugated WB 0.1 mg Log in to see 6 to 8 Days
Human Goat Un-conjugated ELISA, WB EB09288 (0.3µg/ml) staining of KELLY lysate (35µg protein in RIPA buff... 100 μg Log in to see 4 to 5 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated WB WB Suggested Anti-MTNR1A AntibodyTitration: 1.0 µg/mL  Positive Contro... 100 μL Log in to see 2 to 3 Days
Human Mouse Un-conjugated ELISA, WB Western Blot detection against Immunogen (32.16 KDa) . 50 μL Log in to see 9 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated FACS, WB Western blot analysis of MTNR1A Antibody (Center) (ABIN653231) in CEM ... MTNR1A Antibody (Center) (ABIN653231) flow cytometric analysis of CEM ... 400 μL Log in to see 10 to 11 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated IF, ELISA 100 μL Log in to see 8 to 10 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated WB Western blot analysis of Melatonin Receptor 1a expression in A549 (A),... 200 μL Log in to see 9 Days
Chicken Rabbit Un-conjugated ICC, IF, IHC (p), WB Immunofluorescence analysis of rat  brain hippocampus layer tissue usi... Immunohistochemical staining of mouse  brain tissue using Melatonin re... 100 μg Log in to see 9 to 14 Days

MTNR1A Antibodies by Reactivity, Application, Clonality and Conjugate

Attributes Applications Host Clonality Conjugate
Human , , , ,
, ,
, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Mouse (Murine) , , ,

, , , , , , , , , , ,
Rat (Rattus) , , ,

, , , , , , , , , , ,

Top referenced anti-Melatonin Receptor 1A Antibodies

  1. Human Polyclonal Melatonin Receptor 1A Primary Antibody for ELISA, WB - ABIN561870 : Shimozuma, Tokuyama, Tatehara, Umeki, Ide, Mishima, Saito, Satomura: Expression and cellular localizaion of melatonin-synthesizing enzymes in rat and human salivary glands. in Histochemistry and cell biology 2011 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Polyclonal Melatonin Receptor 1A Primary Antibody for EIA, FACS - ABIN953538 : Lai, Yuan, Cheng, Dong, Mao, Hill: Alteration of the MT1 melatonin receptor gene and its expression in primary human breast tumors and breast cancer cell lines. in Breast cancer research and treatment 2009 (PubMed)

  3. Human Polyclonal Melatonin Receptor 1A Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN375156 : Rawashdeh, de Borsetti, Roman, Cahill: Melatonin suppresses nighttime memory formation in zebrafish. in Science (New York, N.Y.) 2007 (PubMed)

  4. Cow (Bovine) Polyclonal Melatonin Receptor 1A Primary Antibody for IF (cc), IF (p) - ABIN723815 : Wang, Liu, Wu, Ma, Ahmad, Liu, Han, Jiang, Zhang, Yang: Melatonin suppresses apoptosis and stimulates progesterone production by bovine granulosa cells via its receptors (MT1 and MT2). in Theriogenology 2012 (PubMed)

More Antibodies against Melatonin Receptor 1A Interaction Partners

Human Melatonin Receptor 1A (MTNR1A) interaction partners

  1. rs2119882 polymorphism was associated with polycystic ovary syndrome in Han Chinese. A significant difference in transmission of allele C of rs2119882 was found between obese and non-obese women with PCOS.

  2. results support gene-environment interactions of MTNR1A polymorphisms with smoking and betel quid-chewing habits possibly altering oral-cancer susceptibility and metastasis

  3. Sections from paraffin-embedded normal tissue from 42 individuals, representing the different parts of the GI tract (n=39) and pancreas (n=3) were studied with immunohistochemistry using antibodies for melatonin, MT1 (show MT1A Antibodies) and MT2 (show MT2 Antibodies) receptors and serotonin.

  4. There were no significant differences between the expression of MT1 (show MT1A Antibodies) and histological type, staging, grading, presence of residual disease, or overall survival time.

  5. genetic polymorphisms rs2119882 in melatonin receptor 1A (MTNR1A) and rs10830963 in melatonin receptor 1B (MTNR1B (show MTNR1B Antibodies)) are associated with an increased risk of developing gestational diabetes mellitus and insulin (show INS Antibodies) resistance in Han Chinese women

  6. this study provides a detailed delineation of the melatonin-mediated activation of ERK1/2 (show MAPK1/3 Antibodies) in HEK293 cells that are transfected with melatonin receptor MT1 (show MT1A Antibodies).

  7. Genetic inactivation of both transgenic MT1 (show MT1A Antibodies) and MT2 (show MT2 Antibodies) receptors produces an increase of wakefulness, likely as a result of reduced NREMS due to the lack of MT2 (show MT2 Antibodies) transgene receptors, and reduced REMS induced by the lack of MT1 (show MT1A Antibodies) transgene receptors.

  8. MT1 (show MT1A Antibodies) negative TNBC in all cases regardless of race showed a significantly higher hazard ratio for disease progression, shorter progression free survival, and disease-related death, and shorter OS.

  9. MT1 (show MT1A Antibodies) and MT2 (show MT2 Antibodies) expression is significantly reduced in preeclamptic compared with normotensive pregnancy placentas.

  10. intracytoplasmic positivity for the MTNR1A receptor in the excretory ducts of human major and minor salivary glands and Warthin's tumor was found

Cow (Bovine) Melatonin Receptor 1A (MTNR1A) interaction partners

  1. The expression of the melatonin receptors MT1 (show MT1 Antibodies) and MT2 (show MT2 Antibodies) and the regulatory role of melatonin in the development of bovine Sertoli cells are reported.[MT1 (show MT1 Antibodies); MT2 (show MT2 Antibodies)]

  2. The study revealed that ASMT (show ASMT Antibodies) and MTNR1A genes were expressed in cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs).

  3. This article presents the first evidence showing expression of mt1A (show MT1A Antibodies) melatonin receptor in bovine cerebral arteries.

Mouse (Murine) Melatonin Receptor 1A (MTNR1A) interaction partners

  1. The removal of MT1R or MT2R in mice abolished the daily rhythm in blood glucose levels, but produced small effects on the rhythmic expression patterns of clock genes within skeletal muscle, liver, and adipose tissue.

  2. MT1 (show MT1 Antibodies) melatonin receptors are involved in neural pathways modulating diurnal rhythms of spontaneous behavior in the homecage as well as pathways regulating depressive and anxiolytic-like behaviors.

  3. These data demonstrate that melatonin MT1 (show MT1 Antibodies) receptor knockout mice recapitulate several behavioral and neurobiological circadian changes.

  4. The effect of miR (show MLXIP Antibodies)-29b on endothelial permeability and apoptosis is mediated through the down-regulation of melatonin receptor 1.

  5. there is an an increased proinflammatory status of mice deficient in both membrane-bound melatonin receptors reflected by altered activation of MAPK (show MAPK1 Antibodies) cascades and transcriptional activation of proinflammatory mediators

  6. This study demonistrated that METH (show MTRR Antibodies)-induced CPP is dependent on time of day and the presence of the MT1 (show MT1 Antibodies) receptor, suggesting a role for melatonin in METH (show MTRR Antibodies)-induced reward.

  7. Heteromeric MT1/MT2 (show MT1 Antibodies) melatonin receptors modulate photoreceptor function.

  8. These data suggest that melatonin, by acting on MT1 receptors, affects NeuroD expression in the gastrointestinal tract and thus might contribute to circadian regulation in metabolic functions.

  9. MT1R signaling and BMP-4 (show BMP4 Antibodies) actions are mutually augmented, leading to fine-tuning of ACTH (show POMC Antibodies) production by corticotrope cells.

  10. Deletion of the MT1 (show MT1 Antibodies) and MT2 (show MTNR1B Antibodies) melatonin receptors decreases the development and expression of methamphetamine-induced locomotor sensitization during the light period.

Pig (Porcine) Melatonin Receptor 1A (MTNR1A) interaction partners

  1. Single nucleotide polymorphism of MTNR1A has no significant effect on litter size traits.

  2. MTNR1A gene has both additive and dominant effects on total number of born piglets and number of piglets born alive.

Melatonin Receptor 1A (MTNR1A) Antigen Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes one of two high affinity forms of a receptor for melatonin, the primary hormone secreted by the pineal gland. This receptor is a G-protein coupled, 7-transmembrane receptor that is responsible for melatonin effects on mammalian circadian rhythm and reproductive alterations affected by day length. The receptor is an integral membrane protein that is readily detectable and localized to two specific regions of the brain. The hypothalamic suprachiasmatic nucleus appears to be involved in circadian rhythm while the hypophysial pars tuberalis may be responsible for the reproductive effects of melatonin.

Gene names and symbols associated with MTNR1A

  • melatonin receptor 1A (MTNR1A) antibody
  • melatonin receptor type 1A like (mtnr1al) antibody
  • melatonin receptor 1A (Mtnr1a) antibody
  • Mel-1A-R antibody
  • MEL1A antibody
  • mel1a2 antibody
  • MelR antibody
  • MR antibody
  • MT1 antibody
  • mtnr1a antibody

Protein level used designations for MTNR1A

melatonin receptor 1A , melatonin receptor type 1A , mel-1A-R , mel-1A-R-like , mel1a receptor-like , melatonin receptor Mel1a Z1.4 , melatonin receptor type 1A z1.4 , melatonin receptor type 1A-like , mel1a receptor , Mel1a receptor , mel1a melatonin receptor , CKA , Mel-1a melatonin receptor , Mel1a melatonin receptor , Melatonin receptor type 1A , G-protein coupled receptor

471417 Pan troglodytes
702686 Macaca mulatta
751586 Taeniopygia guttata
30660 Danio rerio
100594737 Nomascus leucogenys
4543 Homo sapiens
482904 Canis lupus familiaris
539948 Bos taurus
17773 Mus musculus
114211 Rattus norvegicus
396319 Gallus gallus
100286878 Sus scrofa
100720785 Cavia porcellus
443022 Ovis aries
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