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Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) ELISA Kits

SIRT2 encodes a member of the sirtuin family of proteins, homologs to the yeast Sir2 protein. Additionally we are shipping Sirtuin 2 Antibodies (130) and Sirtuin 2 Proteins (23) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
SIRT2 22933 Q8IXJ6
SIRT2 64383 Q8VDQ8
SIRT2 361532 Q5RJQ4
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Human 0.78 pg/mL 3.12-200 pg/mL Typical standard curve 96 Tests Log in to see 9 to 11 Days
Rat 0.66 ng/mL 1.56-100 ng/mL 96 Tests Log in to see 9 to 11 Days
100 Tests Log in to see 2 to 3 Days
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Mouse 0.188 ng/mL 0.312-20 ng/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 9 to 16 Days

More ELISA Kits for Sirtuin 2 Interaction Partners

Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) interaction partners

  1. Sirt2 has an role in the regulation of mitochondrial energy metabolism.

Arabidopsis thaliana Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) interaction partners

  1. SRT2 is important in fine-tuning mitochondrial energy metabolism.

  2. AtSRT2 is a deacetylase that negatively regulates the plant basal defense and PR1 (show TMEM37 ELISA Kits) expression.

Human Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) interaction partners

  1. Study demonstrate that PRL is necessary for the survival of (retinal pigment epithelium) RPE under normal and advancing age conditions and, identified SIRT2 and TRPM2 as molecular targets for the antioxidant and antiapoptotic actions of PRL in the RPE.

  2. 4-oxo-2-nonenal reacts with histone lysine residues to form a new histone modification, gamma-oxononanoylation (Kgon). human Sirt2 catalyzes the removal of histone Kgon.

  3. Data suggest that SIRT2 may induce Skp2 deacetylation and subsequent degradation to abolish the effects of Skp2 on p27 (show PAK2 ELISA Kits) to affect NSCLC cell growth.

  4. Data indicate that compared to non-neoplastic endometria (NNE (show ENO1 ELISA Kits)), endometrial cancer (EC) showed SIRT7 (show SIRT7 ELISA Kits) mRNA overexpression, whereas SIRT1 (show SIRT1 ELISA Kits), SIRT2, SIRT4 (show SIRT4 ELISA Kits) and SIRT5 (show SIRT5 ELISA Kits) were underexpressed, and no significant differences were observed for SIRT3 (show SIRT3 ELISA Kits) and SIRT6 (show SIRT6 ELISA Kits).

  5. ATRIP deacetylation by SIRT2 promotes ATR-ATRIP binding to replication protein A-single-stranded DNA to drive ATR activation and thus facilitate recovery from replication stress.

  6. The implication of the overall nonspecificity of SIRT1 (show SIRT1 ELISA Kits) and SIRT2 on the nucleosome suggests that these sirtuin (show SIRT1 ELISA Kits) enzymes have an adaptive nature, harnessing an ability to respond to various cellular situations, rather than an enzyme specifically designed for a particular task or function.

  7. microseed matrix seeding (MMS) was used to obtain crystals of human Sirt3 in its apo form and of human Sirt2 in complex with ADP ribose (ADPR).

  8. Use of a pan-sirtuin (show SIRT1 ELISA Kits) inhibitor and shRNA-mediated protein knockdown led us to uncover a role for the NAD(+)-dependent family of sirtuins, and in particular for SIRT2 and SIRT5 (show SIRT5 ELISA Kits), in the regulation of the necroptotic cell death program

  9. Two polymorphisms,SIRT2-rs45592833 G/T and DRD2 (show DRD2 ELISA Kits)-rs6276 A/G, provided a significant association with human longevity.

  10. Emerging Role of Sirtuin 2 in the Regulation of Mammalian Metabolism

Cow (Bovine) Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) interaction partners

  1. The results indicate that the variations in the class I sirtuin (show SIRT1 ELISA Kits) genes and their corresponding genotypes may be considered as molecular markers for economic traits in cattle breeding.

  2. An association analysis showed that the two loci of SIRT2 were significantly correlated with some body size traits and the H2H2 (-CT-CT (show CALCA ELISA Kits)-) diplotypes performed better than other combinations.

  3. Data suggest that the silent information regulator 2 (SIRT2) gene may be a candidate gene for marker-assisted selection in the development of breeding programs for Qinchuan cattle.

Mouse (Murine) Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) interaction partners

  1. Results suggest a role for Hdac5 (show HDAC5 ELISA Kits) and Sirt2 in neuronal adaptations induced by chronic stress and antidepressant treatment and highlight the therapeutic potential of these targets in the treatment of depression

  2. Sirt2 deletion results in radiation-induced alteration of the mouse brain proteome.

  3. Sirt2 expression has a transitory effect in M. tuberculosis infection

  4. we postulate that Sirt2 mediates myelin-dependent neuronal dysfunction during the early phase after ischemic stroke

  5. The study reports the formation of a multiprotein complex at the G2-to-M transition in vitro and in vivo. Group IVA cytosolic phospholipase A2 (cPLA2-alpha (show PLA2G4A ELISA Kits)) acts as a bridge in this complex to promote binding of SIRT2 to cyclin A (show CCNA2 ELISA Kits)-Cdk2 (show CDK2 ELISA Kits).

  6. Lipopolysaccharide-induced increases in microglia NOS (show NOS ELISA Kits) and cytokine mRNA were attenuated in the cells with SIRT2 silencing-produced decreases in the SIRT2 level. This suggests that SIRT2 is required for lipopolysaccharide-induced microglial activation

  7. Disruption of the SIRT2-beta-catenin (show CTNNB1 ELISA Kits) interaction represents an endogenous therapeutic target to prevent transformation and preserve the integrity of aging cells against exogenous stressors such as reactive oxygen species.

  8. Tissue-specific deregulation of selected HDACs characterizes ALS progression in mouse models: pharmacological characterization of SIRT1 (show SIRT1 ELISA Kits) and SIRT2 pathways.

  9. long-term vitamin E-deficiency significantly decreased the expression of silent mating type information regulation (SIRT)-2 mRNA compared to short-term deficiency.

  10. data indicated that Sirt2 could enhance myoblast proliferation, shorten the G1 phase in murine C2C12 myoblasts by inducing cell cycle regulatory proteins cyclin D1 (show CCND1 ELISA Kits) and cdk2 (show CDK2 ELISA Kits) kinase, and suppressing p21

Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a member of the sirtuin family of proteins, homologs to the yeast Sir2 protein. Members of the sirtuin family are characterized by a sirtuin core domain and grouped into four classes. The functions of human sirtuins have not yet been determined\; however, yeast sirtuin proteins are known to regulate epigenetic gene silencing and suppress recombination of rDNA. Studies suggest that the human sirtuins may function as intracellular regulatory proteins with mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase activity. The protein encoded by this gene is included in class I of the sirtuin family. Several transcript variants are resulted from alternative splicing of this gene.

Gene names and symbols associated with Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) ELISA Kits

  • CG5085 gene product from transcript CG5085-RA (Sirt2) antibody
  • sirtuin (silent mating type information regulation 2 homolog) 2 (S. cerevisiae) (SIRT2) antibody
  • sirtuin 2 (sir2) antibody
  • sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) antibody
  • NAD-dependent deacetylase sirtuin 2 homolog (Sirt2) antibody
  • sirtuin 2 (SRT2) antibody
  • sirtuin 2 (silent mating type information regulation 2, homolog) 2 (S. cerevisiae) (sirt2) antibody
  • sirtuin 2 (Sirt2) antibody
  • 5730427M03Rik antibody
  • AtSRT2 antibody
  • BmSirt2 antibody
  • CG5085 antibody
  • D.mel2 antibody
  • Dmel\\CG5085 antibody
  • dSIRT2 antibody
  • SIR2 antibody
  • Sir2l antibody
  • SIR2L2 antibody
  • Sirt2 antibody
  • sirtuin 2 antibody
  • T2K12.8 antibody
  • wu:fb57d05 antibody
  • zgc:55966 antibody
  • zgc:77003 antibody

Protein level used designations for Sirtuin 2 (SIRT2) ELISA Kits

CG5085-PA , Sirt2-PA , sirtuin (silent mating type information regulation 2 homolog) 2 (S. cerevisiae) , sirtuin 2 , NAD-dependent deacetylase SIRT2 , NAD-dependent deacetylase sirtuin-2 , histone NADC , silent information regulator 2 , nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide-dependent histone deacetylase , NAD-dependent deacetylase sirtuin 2 homolog , NAD-dependent protein deacetylase sirtuin-2 , SIR2-like protein 2 , regulatory protein SIR2 homolog 2 , sir2-related protein type 2 , sirtuin type 2 , sirtuin-like protein 2 , mSIR2L2 , silent mating type information regulation 2, (S.cerevisiae, homolog)-like; sirtuin 2 , 5E5 antigen

42414 Drosophila melanogaster
456013 Pan troglodytes
495688 Xenopus laevis
548628 Gallus gallus
612558 Canis lupus familiaris
692483 Bombyx mori
830782 Arabidopsis thaliana
100380582 Salmo salar
22933 Homo sapiens
100125964 Sus scrofa
504463 Bos taurus
64383 Mus musculus
361532 Rattus norvegicus
100172430 Pongo abelii
322309 Danio rerio
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