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Transmembrane Protease, serine 2 (TMPRSS2) ELISA Kits

TMPRSS2 encodes a protein that belongs to the serine protease family. Additionally we are shipping TMPRSS2 Antibodies (64) and TMPRSS2 Proteins (11) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
TMPRSS2 7113 O15393
Anti-Rat TMPRSS2 TMPRSS2 156435  
TMPRSS2 50528 Q9JIQ8
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Catalog No. Reactivity Sensitivity Range Images Quantity Supplier Delivery Price Details
Human 0.059 ng/mL 0.156-10 ng/mL 96 Tests Log in to see 9 to 11 Days
Mouse 0.113 ng/mL 0.312-20 ng/mL 96 Tests Log in to see 9 to 11 Days
Pig 0.094 ng/mL 0.156-10 ng/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
Guinea Pig 0.188 ng/mL 0.313-20 ng/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
Chicken 0.094 ng/mL 0.156-10 ng/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
Rabbit 37.5 pg/mL 62.5-4000 pg/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days
Monkey 0.094 ng/mL 0.156-10 ng/mL   96 Tests Log in to see 8 to 9 Days

Top referenced TMPRSS2 ELISA Kits

  1. Human TMPRSS2 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN415301 : Lam, Dang, Flynn, Hardt, Schmidt: TMPRSS2, a novel membrane-anchored mediator in cancer pain. in Pain 2015 (PubMed)

More ELISA Kits for TMPRSS2 Interaction Partners

Human Transmembrane Protease, serine 2 (TMPRSS2) interaction partners

  1. A combination of high preoperative serum PSA (show PLAG1 ELISA Kits) and high expression of TMPRSS2-ERG (show ERG ELISA Kits) could be promising in distinguishing those tumors that are aggressive and life-threatening.

  2. Studies showed that urinary TMPRSS2:ERG (show ERG ELISA Kits) transcripts seem to be indicative of Prostate cancer aggressiveness upon biopsy. [review]

  3. Aspirin was associated with a significant reduction in the relative risk of TMPRSS2:ERG (show ERG ELISA Kits) (T2E )fusion positive, but not T2E negative

  4. the type II transmembrane serine protease TMPRSS2 was able to activate hemagglutinin (show HA ELISA Kits) for cell entry indicating that bat (show BAAT ELISA Kits) influenza A virus can utilize human proteases for hemagglutinin (show HA ELISA Kits) activation.

  5. The relatively low rate of ERG (show ERG ELISA Kits)-positive prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia counts in favor of the limited role of chimeric transcript TMPRSS2/ERG (show ERG ELISA Kits) in the differential diagnosis of prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia

  6. TMPRSS2 isoform 1 is expressed in viral target cells.

  7. The TMPRSS2-ERG (show ERG ELISA Kits) Gene Fusion Blocks XRCC4 (show XRCC4 ELISA Kits)-Mediated Nonhomologous End-Joining Repair and Radiosensitizes Prostate Cancer Cells to PARP (show COL11A2 ELISA Kits) Inhibition

  8. The potential for TMPRSS2:ERG gene fusion, detected by IHC, to modify the role of PTEN loss in lethal progression of prostate cancer.

  9. Results indicate that PTEN loss occurs in cooperation with TMPRSS2-ERG fusion in prostate cancer and the majority of the samples harbor TMPRSS2-ERG fusion as well as PTEN gene deletion.

  10. Elucidation of ERG (show ERG ELISA Kits) regulation of ABEs in castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) may help to stratify TMPRSS2-ERG fusion-positive prostate cancer patients in the clinic for anti-androgen receptor (show AR ELISA Kits)-driven therapies.

Mouse (Murine) Transmembrane Protease, serine 2 (TMPRSS2) interaction partners

  1. Genetic inhibition of TMPRSS2-ERG (show ERG ELISA Kits) junction oncogene (show RAB1A ELISA Kits) in prostate cancer by means of siRNA has strong antineoplastic effect in a mouse model and in vitro.

  2. The androgen-regulated protease TMPRSS2 activates a proteolytic cascade involving components of the tumor microenvironment and promotes prostate cancer metastasis

  3. TMPRSS2 as a host cell factor essential for viral spread and pathogenesis of mono-basic H1N1 and H3N2 influenza A viruses.

  4. These results demonstrate that TMPRSS2 expression is essential for influenza A virus replication in vivo.

  5. These data demonstrate that TMPRSS2 is a host factor that is essential for pneumotropism and pathogenicity of H7N9 and H1N1 influenza virus in mice.

  6. Loss of TMPRSS2 serine protease (show F2 ELISA Kits) activity does not influence fertility, reduce survival, result in prostate hyperplasia or carcinoma, or alter prostatic luminal epithelial cell regrowth following castration and androgen replacement.

TMPRSS2 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a protein that belongs to the serine protease family. The encoded protein contains a type II transmembrane domain, a receptor class A domain, a scavenger receptor cysteine-rich domain and a protease domain. Serine proteases are known to be involved in many physiological and pathological processes. This gene was demonstrated to be up-regulated by androgenic hormones in prostate cancer cells and down-regulated in androgen-independent prostate cancer tissue. The protease domain of this protein is thought to be cleaved and secreted into cell media after autocleavage. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.

Gene names and symbols associated with TMPRSS2

  • transmembrane protease serine 2-like (LOC100739411) antibody
  • transmembrane protease, serine 2 (TMPRSS2) antibody
  • transmembrane protease, serine 2 (Tmprss2) antibody
  • transmembrane protease, serine 2-like (LOC100337870) antibody
  • D16Ertd61e antibody
  • PP9284 antibody
  • PRSS10 antibody

Protein level used designations for TMPRSS2

epitheliasin , serine protease 10 , transmembrane protease serine 2 , plasmic transmembrane protein X

100739411 Sus scrofa
7113 Homo sapiens
156435 Rattus norvegicus
50528 Mus musculus
418528 Gallus gallus
100732077 Cavia porcellus
100337870 Oryctolagus cuniculus
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