Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing 7A Proteins (ZBTB7A)

acts as a transcriptional repressor\; may play a role in osteoclastogenesis [RGD, Feb 2006].. Additionally we are shipping ZBTB7A Antibodies (112) and ZBTB7A Kits (11) and many more products for this protein.

list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
ZBTB7A 51341 O95365
Mouse ZBTB7A ZBTB7A 16969 O88939
ZBTB7A 117107 Q9QZ48
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Catalog No. Origin Source Conjugate Images Quantity Supplier Delivery Price Details
Insect Cells Human His tag „Crystallography Grade“ protein due to multi-step, protein-specific purification process 1 mg Log in to see 60 Days
HOST_Wheat germ Human GST tag 10 μg Log in to see 11 to 12 Days
HOST_HEK-293 Cells Human Myc-DYKDDDDK Tag Validation with Western Blot 20 μg Log in to see 10 to 12 Days
Yeast Rat His tag   1 mg Log in to see 60 to 71 Days

ZBTB7A Proteins by Origin and Source

Origin Expressed in Conjugate
Human , ,
, ,
Rat (Rattus)

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Human Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing 7A (ZBTB7A) interaction partners

  1. Mutation in ZBTB7A is associated with core-binding factor (show CBFB Proteins) acute myeloid leukemia (show BCL11A Proteins).

  2. Zbtb7a knockdown by siRNA suppressed cell proliferation and i (show MLXIP Proteins)nduced G1 cell cycle arrest and apoptosis (show MLXIP Proteins) in lung cancer cells. Furthermore, miR-125a expression showed a negative correlation with Zbtb7a expression in non-small cell lung cancer tissues.

  3. Data suggest that microRNA miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-520e directly targets to the 3'-untranslated region (3'-UTR) of zinc finger and BTB domain containing 7A protein (Zbtb7a).

  4. CCAT2 promotes tumorigenesis by over-expression of Pokemon.

  5. High FBI-1 expression is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma.

  6. there is an auto-regulatory circuit consisting of miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-125 and Pokemon, which promotes the progression of HCC (show FAM126A Proteins) and may be a promising therapeutic target in clinical HCC (show FAM126A Proteins) treatment

  7. Pokemon was found to enhance the migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma by increasing MEF2D (show MEF2D Proteins) expression

  8. Pokemon was significantly downregulated in OSCC.

  9. ZBTB7A directly binds to the promoter and transcriptionally represses the expression of MCAM (show MCAM Proteins), establishing ZBTB7A as a bona fide transcriptional repressor of MCAM (show MCAM Proteins)

  10. MEF2D (show MEF2D Proteins) was also found to increase the transcription of Pokemon by binding myocyte enhancer factor 2 (MEF2 (show MEF2A Proteins)) sites within its promoter region, that can promote Hepatocellular carcinoma invasion

Mouse (Murine) Zinc Finger and BTB Domain Containing 7A (ZBTB7A) interaction partners

  1. This study identified Zbtb7a as a novel direct target for miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-125a by gene expression profiling in miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-125a knockout mice combined with bioinformatics target prediction, and elucidated the role of Zbtb7a in oncogenesis.

  2. This study demonstrated an unexpected transcription-independent function for LRF in the classical non-homologous end joining pathway of double-strand break repair.

  3. LRF short hairpin RNA suppressed the expression of LRF protein in a glioma cell line compared to the negative control vector-transfected glioma cells. LRF knockdown also reduced cell viability and enhanced cisplatin-induced apoptosis in glioma cells.

  4. Data indicate that transcription factors Thpok (show ZBTB7B Proteins) and LRF redundantly maintain CD4 (show CD4 Proteins)+ lineage integrity.

  5. Findings demonstrate that Pokemon suppresses Sprouty1 expression through a miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-21-mediated mechanism, affecting the growth and proliferation of liver cancer cells.

  6. Data show that Notch1 (show NOTCH1 Proteins)/Dll4 (show DLL4 Proteins)-mediated T-cell instructive signals to long-term HSCs (LT-HSCs) are suppressed by Lrf expression in the bone marrow microenvironment.

  7. These results support a critical role for LRF in transcriptional control of differentiation in oligodendrocyte lineage cells during developmental myelination in the CNS.

  8. T cells lacking Thpok (show ZBTB7B Proteins), which only displayed LRF-dependent functions, contributed to multiple effector responses, both in vitro and in vivo, with the notable exception of Th2 cell responses that control extracellular parasites

  9. study shows that LRF plays stage-specific distinct roles in osteoclast differentiation, exemplifying the delicate transcriptional regulation at work in lineage commitment

  10. Data demonstrate that the transcription factor leukemia/lymphoma-related factor (LRF) forms an obligate dimer in B cells and regulates mature B cell lineage fate and humoral immune responses via distinctive mechanisms.

ZBTB7A Protein Profile

Protein Summary

acts as a transcriptional repressor\; may play a role in osteoclastogenesis

Gene names and symbols associated with ZBTB7A

  • zinc finger and BTB domain containing 7A (ZBTB7A)
  • similar to zinc finger and BTB domain containing 36 (ZBTB7A)
  • zinc finger and BTB domain containing 7a (Zbtb7a)
  • 9030619K07Rik protein
  • 9130006G12Rik protein
  • AI452336 protein
  • FBI-1 protein
  • FBI1 protein
  • Lrf protein
  • OCZF protein
  • Pokemon protein
  • Zbtb7 protein
  • ZBTB7A protein
  • ZNF857A protein

Protein level used designations for ZBTB7A

zinc finger and BTB domain containing 7A , similar to zinc finger and BTB domain containing 36 , HIV-1 1st-binding protein 1 , HIV-1 inducer of short transcripts binding protein , POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic factor , POZ and Krueppel erythroid myeloid ontogenic factor , TIP21 , TTF-I-interacting peptide 21 , factor binding IST protein 1 , factor that binds to inducer of short transcripts protein 1 , leukemia/lymphoma-related factor , lymphoma related factor , zinc finger and BTB domain containing 7A, HIV-1 inducer of short transcripts binding protein , zinc finger and BTB domain-containing protein 7A , zinc finger protein 857A , leukemia/lymphoma related factor , osteoclast-derived zinc finger protein , cLRF , leukemia/lymphoma related factor cLRF

468671 Pan troglodytes
705033 Macaca mulatta
51341 Homo sapiens
16969 Mus musculus
485048 Canis lupus familiaris
788491 Bos taurus
117107 Rattus norvegicus
395411 Gallus gallus
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