Usher Syndrome 1C (Autosomal Recessive, Severe) (USH1C) antibody

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Synonyms AIE-75, DFNB18, DFNB18A, NY-CO-37, NY-CO-38, PDZ-45, PDZ-73, PDZ-73/NY-CO-38, PDZ73, PDZD7C, ush1cpst, 2010016F01Rik, harmonin
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Specificity This antibody is expected to recognize both reported isoforms (NP_005700.2 and NP_710142.1). Human, Mouse, Rat 652 aa
Purification Purified from goat serum by ammonium sulphate precipitation followed by antigen affinity chromatography using the immunizing peptide.
Alternative Name USH1C / Harmonin
Background All names and symbols: USH1C, AIE-75, DFNB18, PDZ-45, PDZ-73, HARMONIN, NY-CO-37, NY-CO-38, PDZ-73/NY-CO-38, Usher syndrome 1C (autosomal recessive, severe), harmonin, PDZ-73 protein, ush1cpst, deafness, autosomal recessive 18. Official Symbol: USH1C. RefSeq number(s): NP_005700.2, NP_710142.1
Gene ID 10083, 72088, 308596
Application Notes Peptide ELISA: antibody detection limit dilution 1:128,000. Western Blot: Approx 75kDa band observed in lysates of cell line HEK293 (calculated MW of 62.2kDa according to NP_005700.2). Recommended concentration: 0.1-0.3µg/ml. Immunohistochemistry: In paraffin embedded Human Kidney, shows diffuse cytopasmic staining in epithelial cells of renal tubules. Recommended concentration, 10µg/ml. (IHC data have been obtained with EB06287 from previous batch).
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Buffer 0.5 mg/ml in Tris saline, 0.02% sodium azide, pH7.3 with 0.5% bovine serum albumin.
Preservative Sodium azide
Storage -20 °C
Supplier Images
anti-Usher Syndrome 1C (Autosomal Recessive, Severe) (USH1C) antibody ABIN185190 (0.1 ug/ml) staining of HEK293 lysate (35 ug protein in RIPA buffer). Primary incubation was 1 hour. Detected by chemiluminescence.
anti-Usher Syndrome 1C (Autosomal Recessive, Severe) (USH1C) antibody (2) ABIN185190 (10 ug/ml) staining of paraffin embedded Human Kidney. Microwaved antigen retrieval with citrate buffer pH 6, HRP-staining. (Data have been obtained with ABIN185190 from a previous batch).
General Verpy, Leibovici, Zwaenepoel et al.: "A defect in harmonin, a PDZ domain-containing protein expressed in the inner ear sensory hair cells, underlies Usher syndrome type 1C." in: Nature genetics, Vol. 26, Issue 1, pp. 51-5, 2000 (PubMed).

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