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Sensory Perception of Sound

Browse our antibodies, ELISA kits and proteins related to the sensory perception of sound.

A - Cl

ACCN1 (Amiloride-Sensitive Cation Channel 1, Neuronal):

ATP6V1B1 (ATPase, H+ Transporting, Lysosomal 56/58kDa, V1 Subunit B1):

ATP6V0A4 (ATPase, H+ Transporting, Lysosomal V0 Subunit A4):

BSND (Bartter Syndrome, Infantile, with Sensorineural Deafness (Barttin)):

CACNA1D (Calcium Channel, Voltage-Dependent, L Type, alpha 1D Subunit):

CEACAM16 (Carcinoembryonic Antigen-Related Cell Adhesion Molecule 16):

CHRNA10 (Cholinergic Receptor, Nicotinic, alpha 10):

CHRNA9 (Cholinergic Receptor, Nicotinic, alpha 9 (Neuronal)):

CHRNB2 (Cholinergic Receptor, Nicotinic, beta 2 (Neuronal)):

CHM (Choroideremia (Rab Escort Protein 1)):

CHD7 (Chromodomain Helicase DNA Binding Protein 7):

Co - F

CDKN2D (Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor 2D (p19, Inhibits CDK4)):

EML2 (Echinoderm Microtubule Associated Protein Like 2):

G - J

Gpr98 (G Protein-Coupled Receptor 98):

GABRB3 (gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA) A Receptor, beta 3):

GABRA5 (gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA) A Receptor, alpha 5):

GABRB2 (gamma-aminobutyric Acid (GABA) A Receptor, beta 2):

GJE1 (Gap Junction Protein, epsilon 1):

GRXCR1 (Glutaredoxin, Cysteine Rich 1):

IFT88 (Intraflagellar Transport 88 Homolog):

K - O

MRPS12 (Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein S12):

MPV17L (MPV17 Mitochondrial Membrane Protein-Like):

MYCBPAP (MYCBP Associated Protein):

NDUFB9 (NADH Dehydrogenase (Ubiquinone) 1 beta Subcomplex, 9, 22kDa):

OTOG - Otogelin:

P - Si

PGAP1 (Post-GPI Attachment To Proteins 1):

KCNMA1 (Potassium Large Conductance Calcium-Activated Channel, Subfamily M, alpha Member 1):

KCNE1 (Potassium Voltage-Gated Channel, Isk-Related Family, Member 1):

KCNQ1 (Potassium Voltage-Gated Channel, KQT-Like Subfamily, Member 1):

KCNQ4 (Potassium Voltage-Gated Channel, KQT-Like Subfamily, Member 4):

POU4F2 (POU Domain, Class 4, Transcription Factor 2):

POU4F3 (POU Domain, Class 4, Transcription Factor 3):

SLC52A3 - Solute Carrier Family 52 (Riboflavin Transporter), Member 3:

SCO1 (SCO1 Cytochrome C Oxidase Assembly Protein):

SRRM4 (Serine/arginine Repetitive Matrix 4):

SOBP (Sine Oculis Binding Protein Homolog):

So - Th

SCN8A (Sodium Channel, Voltage-Gated, Type VIII, alpha):

SLC1A3 (Solute Carrier Family 1 (Glial High Affinity Glutamate Transporter), Member 3):

SLC12A2 (Solute Carrier Family 12 (Potassium-Chloride Transporter) Member 2):

SLC17A8 (Solute Carrier Family 17 (Sodium-Dependent Inorganic Phosphate Cotransporter), Member 8):

SLC26A5 (Solute Carrier Family 26, Member 5 (Prestin)):

TECTA (Tectorin alpha):

TSPEAR (Thrombospondin-Type Laminin G Domain and EAR Repeats):

Tr - Z

TFAP2A (Transcription Factor AP-2 alpha (Activating Enhancer Binding Protein 2 Alpha)):

TIMM9 (Translocase of Inner Mitochondrial Membrane 9 Homolog (Yeast)):

TOMT (Transmembrane O-Methyltransferase):

Trpl (Transient Receptor Potential-Like):

USH1C (Usher Syndrome 1C (Autosomal Recessive, Severe)):

USH1G (Usher Syndrome 1G (Autosomal Recessive)):

USH2A (Usher Syndrome 2A (Autosomal Recessive, Mild)):

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