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RAB10, Member RAS Oncogene Family Proteins (RAB10)
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Ac1075, AW107754
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RAB10 10890 P61026
RAB10 19325 P61027
RAB10 50993  

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  1. Human RAB10 Protein expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) - ABIN1098775 : Chen, Wang, Zhang, Deng, Jiang, Song, Wu, Hammer, Xu, Lippincott-Schwartz: Rab10 and myosin-Va mediate insulin-stimulated GLUT4 storage vesicle translocation in adipocytes. in The Journal of cell biology 2012 (PubMed)
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Human RAB10, Member RAS Oncogene Family (RAB10) interaction partners

  1. miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-329 also suppresses wound-healing and migration ability of osteosarcoma cells and inhibits tumorigenicity in vivo. Rab10 was identified as a target of miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-329 in osteosarcoma and mediates its biofunction

  2. Data suggest that MGCRABGAP (show TBC1D21 Proteins) is involved in mammalian spermiogenesis by modulating RAB10.

  3. the target gene RAB10 regulated by miRNA-369-3p, miRNA-30e-5p, miRNA-30e-3p, and miRNA-655 may play key role in the progression and development of AD.

  4. The Anaplasma phagocytophilum surface protein, uridine monophosphate kinase (show UCK2 Proteins), was identified as a guanine nucleotide-independent, Rab10-specific ligand.

  5. Rab10 is a target of the GTPase-activating protein (show RASA1 Proteins) AS160 (show TBC1D4 Proteins), which is inhibited after phosphorylation by the protein kinase (show CDK7 Proteins) Akt (show AKT1 Proteins).

  6. Rab10 silencing increased the plasma membrane residence of HAS3 (show HAS3 Proteins), resulting in a significant increase of hyaluronan secretion and an enlarged cell surface HA coat, whereas Rab10 overexpression suppressed hyaluronan synthesis.

  7. Rab10 regulates endoplasmic reticulum dynamics/morphology. Suggest that these dynamics could be coupled to phospholipid synthesis.

  8. Insulin-stimulated GLUT4 protein translocation in adipocytes requires the Rab10 guanine nucleotide exchange factor Dennd4C

  9. Rab10 and Rab8A (show RAB8A Proteins) are new cytoplasmic factors implicated in WPB biogenesis that play a role in generating granules that can rapidly respond to secretagogue

  10. Rab10, acting upstream of Rab5 (show RAB5A Proteins), plays a prominent role in phagolysosome formation and can modulate Mycobacterium-containing phagosomes maturation

Mouse (Murine) RAB10, Member RAS Oncogene Family (RAB10) interaction partners

  1. SEC16A (show INPP5E Proteins) and RAB10 promote insulin (show INS Proteins)-stimulated mobilization of GLUT4 (show SLC2A4 Proteins) from a perinuclear recycling endosome/trans Golgi network compartment.

  2. Glut4 (show SLC2A4 Proteins) traffics predominantly through the specialized Rab10-dependent pathway both before and after insulin (show INS Proteins) stimulation.

  3. role of Rab10 in mouse embryo

  4. These results suggest that the association of Rab10-GTP (show AK3 Proteins) with Exoc6 (show EXOC6 Proteins)/6b is a molecular link between insulin (show INS Proteins) signaling and the exocytic machinery in GLUT4 (show SLC2A4 Proteins) translocation.

  5. RAB10 and its GTPase-activating protein (show RASA1 Proteins) AS160 (show TBC1D4 Proteins) comprise the principal signaling module downstream of insulin receptor (show INSR Proteins) activation that regulates the accumulation of GLUT4 (show SLC2A4 Proteins) transport vesicles at the plasma membrane.

  6. Rab10 coordinates with myosin-Va (show MYO5A Proteins) to mediate the final steps of insulin (show INS Proteins)-stimulated vesicle translocation to the plasma membrane.

  7. Insulin-stimulated GLUT4 protein translocation in adipocytes requires the Rab10 guanine nucleotide exchange factor Dennd4C

  8. show that continuous replenishment of TLR4 (show TLR4 Proteins) from Golgi to plasma membrane is regulated by the small GTPase (show RACGAP1 Proteins) Rab10, which is essential for optimal macrophage activation following ipopolysaccharide stimulation.

  9. Rab10 is a target of AS160 (show TBC1D4 Proteins) and a positive regulator of GLUT4 (show SLC2A4 Proteins) trafficking to the cell surface upon insulin (show INS Proteins) stimulation.

  10. the subcellular distribution of Rab10, the fraction of Rab10 in the active GTP (show AK3 Proteins) form in vivo; Rab10 participates in GLUT4 (show SLC2A4 Proteins) translocation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes

RAB10 Protein Profile

Protein Summary

RAB10 belongs to the RAS (see HRAS\; MIM 190020) superfamily of small GTPases. RAB proteins localize to exocytic and endocytic compartments and regulate intracellular vesicle trafficking (Bao et al., 1998

Alternative names and synonyms associated with RAB10

  • RAB10, member RAS oncogene family (RAB10)
  • RAB10, member RAS oncogene family (Rab10)
  • Ac1075 protein
  • AW107754 protein

Protein level used designations for RAB10

GTP-binding protein RAB10 , ras-related GTP-binding protein , ras-related protein Rab-10 , ras-related protein rab10 , rab10 GTP-binding protein

10890 Homo sapiens
19325 Mus musculus
50993 Rattus norvegicus
421994 Gallus gallus
403958 Canis lupus familiaris
100173682 Pongo abelii
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