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On are 3 Modifier of Mdg4 (MOD(MDG4)) Antibodies from 3 different suppliers available. A total of 3 Modifier of Mdg4 products are currently listed.
BcDNA:GH07769, BcDNA:SD03001, bpd, CG7836, CG7859, CG8076, CG15500, CG15501, CG15802, CG18151, CG32491, Dmel\\CG32491, doom, E(var)3-93D, E(var)93D, E(var)129, E-(var)3-93D, E-var(3)1, E-var(3)3, l(3)03852, l(3)j2B7, l(3)L3101, mdg4, mnm, mnn, mod, mod(gypsy), Mod(mdg)4, mod(mdg-4), mod(mdg4, Mod(mdg4), mod(mdg4)-67.2, Mod(mdg4)2.2, MOD(MDG4)56.3, mod(mdg4)67.2, mod2.2, mod[mdg4], pf-2
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MOD(MDG4) 49228 Q86B87

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Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Modifier of Mdg4 (MOD(MDG4)) interaction partners

  1. Study of the role of Mod(mdg4)-67.2 and Su(Hw) proteins in the interaction between Su(Hw)-dependent insulator complexes and identifying the specific domains of the Su(Hw) protein required for insulation or mutual neutralization of insulators; demonstrated that the Su(Hw) protein zinc finger domain is involved in forming a functional insulator complex and cannot be replaced with the DNA-binding domain of the GAL4 (show LGALS4 Antibodies) protein

  2. Mod(mdg4) directly interacts with mtACP1A and mtACP1B proteins.

  3. Results show that mod(mdg4) pre-mRNAs are alternatively spliced, and a very significant fraction of the mature mod(mdg4) mRNAs are formed by trans-splicing.

  4. interaction between Chriz and Mod(mdg4) protein

  5. The phenotypes that emerge in the context of wild-type levels of the HP1 (show CBX5 Antibodies) and Mod(mdg4) proteins might be part of an adaptive response to the environment.

  6. SUMO (show SUMO1 Antibodies) conjugation is required for the assembly of Su(Hw) and Mod(mdg4) into insulator bodies that facilitate insulator complex formation.

  7. Trans-splicing takes place between transcripts produced on two different chromosomes to produce mod(mdg4) 2.2 protein

  8. functional correlation between the large number of different isoforms and the pleiotropic mutant phenotypes of most mod(mdg4) mutations. Putative function of Mod(mdg4) proteins as chromatin modulators involved in higher order chromatin domains

  9. Suppressor of Hairy wing (show AC Antibodies) and Modifier of MDG4 are involved in the transcriptional regulation of Achaete-scute (show AC Antibodies)

  10. the absence of the Mod(mdg4) protein allows the Su(Hw) insulator to function differently

Modifier of Mdg4 (MOD(MDG4)) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Component of the gypsy chromatin insulator complex which is required for the function of the gypsy chromatin insulator and other endogenous chromatin insulators. Chromatin insulators are regulatory elements which establish independent domains of transcriptional activity within eukaryotic genomes. Insulators have two defining properties\; they can block the communication between an enhancer and a promoter when placed between them and can also buffer transgenes from position effect variegation (PEV). Insulators are proposed to structure the chromatin fiber into independent domains of differing transcriptional potential by promoting the formation of distinct chromatin loops. This chromatin looping may involve the formation of insulator bodies, where homotypic interactions between individual subunits of the insulator complex could promote the clustering of widely spaced insulators at the nuclear periphery. Within the gypsy insulator complex, this protein may control the nature of the repressive exerts a bidirectional silencing effect, whereas in the presence of mod(mdg4), the silencing effect is unidirectional. Isoform H is specifically required to maintain the pairing of achiasmate homologs in male meiosis I which is mediated by the rDNA repeats on the achiasmate X-Y bivalents. Isoform H also plays a role in apoptotic regulatory pathways.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Modifier of Mdg4 (MOD(MDG4))

  • modifier of mdg4 (mod(mdg4)) antibody
  • BcDNA:GH07769 antibody
  • BcDNA:SD03001 antibody
  • bpd antibody
  • CG7836 antibody
  • CG7859 antibody
  • CG8076 antibody
  • CG15500 antibody
  • CG15501 antibody
  • CG15802 antibody
  • CG18151 antibody
  • CG32491 antibody
  • Dmel\\CG32491 antibody
  • doom antibody
  • E(var)3-93D antibody
  • E(var)93D antibody
  • E(var)129 antibody
  • E-(var)3-93D antibody
  • E-var(3)1 antibody
  • E-var(3)3 antibody
  • l(3)03852 antibody
  • l(3)j2B7 antibody
  • l(3)L3101 antibody
  • mdg4 antibody
  • mnm antibody
  • mnn antibody
  • mod antibody
  • mod(gypsy) antibody
  • Mod(mdg)4 antibody
  • mod(mdg-4) antibody
  • mod(mdg4 antibody
  • Mod(mdg4) antibody
  • mod(mdg4)-67.2 antibody
  • Mod(mdg4)2.2 antibody
  • MOD(MDG4)56.3 antibody
  • mod(mdg4)67.2 antibody
  • mod2.2 antibody
  • mod[mdg4] antibody
  • pf-2 antibody

Protein level used designations for MOD(MDG4)

CG32491-PA , CG32491-PAA , CG32491-PAB , CG32491-PAC , CG32491-PAD , CG32491-PAE , CG32491-PB , CG32491-PC , CG32491-PD , CG32491-PE , CG32491-PF , CG32491-PG , CG32491-PH , CG32491-PI , CG32491-PJ , CG32491-PK , CG32491-PL , CG32491-PM , CG32491-PN , CG32491-PO , CG32491-PP , CG32491-PQ , CG32491-PR , CG32491-PS , CG32491-PT , CG32491-PU , CG32491-PV , CG32491-PW , CG32491-PX , CG32491-PY , CG32491-PZ , Modifier67.2 , branch point disrupted , enhancer of variegation 93D , mod(mdg4)-PA , mod(mdg4)-PAA , mod(mdg4)-PAB , mod(mdg4)-PAC , mod(mdg4)-PAD , mod(mdg4)-PAE , mod(mdg4)-PB , mod(mdg4)-PC , mod(mdg4)-PD , mod(mdg4)-PE , mod(mdg4)-PF , mod(mdg4)-PG , mod(mdg4)-PH , mod(mdg4)-PI , mod(mdg4)-PJ , mod(mdg4)-PK , mod(mdg4)-PL , mod(mdg4)-PM , mod(mdg4)-PN , mod(mdg4)-PO , mod(mdg4)-PP , mod(mdg4)-PQ , mod(mdg4)-PR , mod(mdg4)-PS , mod(mdg4)-PT , mod(mdg4)-PU , mod(mdg4)-PV , mod(mdg4)-PW , mod(mdg4)-PX , mod(mdg4)-PY , mod(mdg4)-PZ , modifier mdg4 , modifier of mdg4 67.2 , modifier of mdg4 in meiosis , modifier of midget4

49228 Drosophila melanogaster
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