Independent Validation Initiative

Independent Validation Initiative

More than 50 % of scientists state that they eventually need to purchase several antibodies in order to get a new experiment for them to work properly. Even reproduction of previously published experiments is often stymied by antibodies that fail to specifically recognize their intended target or by non-reproducible antibodies.

As the largest marketplace for research antibody reagents with more than 1.6 million products and customers in over 50 countries, we have introduced the Independent Validation Initiative. This partnership between Science Exchange and antibodies-online was launched in July 2013 to have research antibodies and ELISA kits validated by top academic and contract research institutes in Science Exchange's network of over 1400 US-based research institutes, including 71 of the top 100 US universities.

Validations are carried out according to the manufacturer’s protocols in the case of ELISA kit or typical experimental conditions for antibody validations, thus replicating the situation for any given user. Our aim is to increase the transparency of product quality in the antibodies and ELISA kits market by providing exhaustive background information on how the product was applied in the experiment, while also allowing you to review results. Neither product suppliers nor antibodies-online have any influence on the validation in order to guarantee an unbiased experimental setup.

The costs for the independent validation of a product will be covered by more than 100 antibody and ELISA kit vendors that are committed to providing high quality products for the proteomics market. Independent Validation funds will be allocated according to requests from the scientific community.

In The News

The initiative received positive feedback from science communities:

Nature: NIH mulls rules for validating key results

Having a third party validate every batch would be a fabulous thing.

Peter Park, Harvard Medical School

How Independent Validation works

Search field

Search for a product or target protein of your interest using our search function. Filters allow you to narrow your selection. When you click on a product, the product detail's page opens and you will see all validation information currently available for this product.


If any desired product lacks sufficient validation data to make a purchase decision, use the 'Request Validation' button at the top of the product detail's page.


antibodies-online collects the requests for independent validation and arranges for funding by the respective manufacturers. Product validations will be carried out at qualified laboratories within the Science Exchange network depending on the availability of Independent Validation funds

Independent laboratories

The laboratories are chosen by Science Exchange and thus will perform the validation experiments under no control of either nor the respective vendor.

Validation reports

Science Exchange will provide validation reports (including data images, full methods, a detailed protocol and other key experimental details) and an 'Independent Validation' Badge.

'Independent Validation' Badge

Antibodies and ELISA kits that pass the Independent Validation will be highlighted by the ‘Independent Validation’ Badge. The detailed validation report will be available on our product details page.

Successfully validated antibodies

The anti-Fibrinogen antibody with the product number ABIN673854 was the first one to be successfully validated by the Independent Validation Initiative.

Our aim is to increase the transparency of product quality in the antibodies and ELISA kits market by providing sufficient background information on exactly how the product was applied in the experiment, while also allowing you to compare results. See the full validation report for ABIN673854 here.

Request an Independent Validation today and contribute to the Initiative

You need validation data for a specific antibody / ELISA kit? Request for a validation today to prioritize the product and receive a validation report as soon as possible.

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