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dJ545L17.2, Gm14160, MeiRAD21L, RAD21L, Rad21l1
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RAD21L1 668929 A2AU37
RAD21L1 642636 Q9H4I0

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Mouse (Murine) RAD21-Like 1 (S. Pombe) (RAD21L1) interaction partners

  1. These results strongly support the previous proposition that RAD21L is an atypical cohesin that establishes the association between homologs rather than sister chromatids.

  2. super resolution microscopy revealed synapsis-associated SYCP1 (show SYCP1 Proteins) aberrantly deposited between sister chromatids and on single chromatids in Smc1b (show SMC1B Proteins)-/-Rad21L-/- cells.

  3. Disruption of meiosis-specific cohesin RAD21L precludes the initial association of homologs as well as the subsequent pairing in spermatocytes

  4. RAD21L is identified as a novel subunit of the cohesin (show SMC3 Proteins)complex with homology to the R (show RAD21 Proteins)AD21/ (show REC8 Proteins)REC8/alpha-kleisin subfamily expressed in mouse testis.

  5. These results provide in vivo evidence that RAD21L is essential for male fertility and in females for the maintenance of fertility during natural aging.

  6. study identifes a new mammalian cohesin subunit, RAD21L, with sequence similarity to RAD21 (show RAD21 Proteins) and REC8 (show REC8 Proteins); RAD21L localizes along axial elements in early meiotic prophase, in a manner that is spatiotemporally different to either REC8 (show REC8 Proteins) or RAD21 (show RAD21 Proteins)

  7. The results suggest that cohesin complexes containing RAD21L may be involved in synapsis initiation and crossover recombination between homologous chromosomes.

Human RAD21-Like 1 (S. Pombe) (RAD21L1) interaction partners

  1. RAD21L is identified as a novel cohesin complex subunit (show SMC3 Proteins) homologous to mammalian RAD21 (show RAD21 Proteins)/REC8 (show REC8 Proteins)/alpha-kleisin subfamily.

RAD21-Like 1 (S. Pombe) (RAD21L1) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

Meiosis-specific component of some cohesin complex. Probably required during early meiosis for separation of sister chromatids and homologous chromosomes. Replaces RAD21 in premeiotic S phase (during early stages of prophase I), while RAD21 reappears in later stages of prophase I. May be involved in synapsis initiation and crossover recombination between homologous chromosomes.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with RAD21-Like 1 (S. Pombe) (RAD21L1)

  • RAD21-like (S. pombe) (Rad21l)
  • RAD21-like 1 (S. pombe) (RAD21L1)
  • dJ545L17.2 protein
  • Gm14160 protein
  • MeiRAD21L protein
  • RAD21L protein
  • Rad21l1 protein

Protein level used designations for RAD21L1

double-strand-break repair protein rad21-like protein 1

668929 Mus musculus
642636 Homo sapiens
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