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1274, cb58, CBP, CG1274, Dmel\\CG1274, DPx-4156, DPx4156, Hbp23, hm:zehl0637, Jafrac-2, JafRac2, MGC80194, MGC84820, MSP23, NKEF-A, NkefA, OSF-3, OSF3, PAG, Paga, PAGB, prdx1, PrdxI, prx-1, PRX1, Prx4156, PrxI, Tdpx2, TDX2, TPX-2, TPxA, wu:fq19b09, zgc:92891, zgc:110343
list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
PRDX1 5052 Q06830
PRDX1 18477 P35700
Rat PRDX1 PRDX1 117254 Q63716

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Top referenced Peroxiredoxin 1 Proteins

  1. Human Peroxiredoxin 1 Protein expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) - ABIN667075 : Iraqui, Faye, Ragu, Masurel-Heneman, Kolodner, Huang: Human peroxiredoxin PrxI is an orthologue of yeast Tsa1, capable of suppressing genome instability in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. in Cancer research 2008 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Peroxiredoxin 1 Protein expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) - ABIN2004074 : Neumann, Krause, Carman, Das, Dubey, Abraham, Bronson, Fujiwara, Orkin, Van Etten: Essential role for the peroxiredoxin Prdx1 in erythrocyte antioxidant defence and tumour suppression. in Nature 2003 (PubMed)
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  3. Mouse (Murine) Peroxiredoxin 1 Protein expressed in Escherichia coli (E. coli) - ABIN2007961 : Gisin, Perren, Bawohl, Jochum: Rare allelic imbalances, but no mutations of the PRDX1 gene in human hepatocellular carcinomas. in Journal of clinical pathology 2005 (PubMed)
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Xenopus laevis Peroxiredoxin 1 (PRDX1) interaction partners

  1. It was assumed that Prx1 plays a leading role in X. laevis early development.

  2. The results suggested that scarless skin-wound healing may require activation of the prx1 limb enhancer, and competence to activate the enhancer is probably a prerequisite for epimorphic regeneration, such as limb regeneration.

Zebrafish Peroxiredoxin 1 (PRDX1) interaction partners

  1. Data suggest a role for peroxiredoxin1 (Prdx1) in vasculature and indicating that the antioxidant function of prdx1 is important.

Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Peroxiredoxin 1 (PRDX1) interaction partners

  1. an IAP (show CD47 Proteins) antagonist that promotes cell death by liberating Dronc from DIAP1 (show DIAPH1 Proteins)

Human Peroxiredoxin 1 (PRDX1) interaction partners

  1. our findings suggest that the tumor suppressor activity of SIRT2 (show SIRT2 Proteins) requires its ability to restrict the antioxidant activity of Prdx-1, thereby sensitizing breast cancer cells to reactive oxygen species -induced DNA damage and cell cytotoxicity

  2. The gene signature of OPA1 (show OPA1 Proteins), CTSA (show CTSA Proteins), NDUFA1 (show NDUFA1 Proteins), STK10 (show STK10 Proteins) and PRDX1 was able to identify patients post-implant with a sensitivity of 91% and a specificity of 86% in discrimination between post-implant group and healthy controls.

  3. UV-vis spectra of heme-PRX1 suggested that Cys52 is the axial ligand of ferric heme. PRX1 peroxidase activity was lost upon heme binding, reflecting the fact that Cys52 is not only the heme-binding site but also the active center of peroxidase activity.

  4. Prx1 and Prx2 (show PRDX2 Proteins) are likely targets of urate hydroperoxide in cells. Oxidation of Prxs by urate hydroperoxide might affect cell function and be partially responsible for the pro-oxidant and pro-inflammatory effects of uric acid.

  5. Data suggest that PRX1 is a dual-function enzyme exhibiting both thioredoxin peroxidase (show PER1 Proteins)-like activity and catalase (show CAT Proteins)-like activity with varied affinities towards reactive oxygen species; studies were conducted using recombinant proteins from green spotted puffer fish Tetraodon nigroviridis and from human.

  6. peroxiredoxin 1 has a role in redox sensing and transducing [review]

  7. Activation of PRX1 and -2 indicate cold atmospheric plasma affects redox homeostasis in osteosarcoma cells

  8. Data show that peroxiredoxins PRDX1 and PRDX2 (show PRDX2 Proteins) are upregulated in tumor B cells as compared with normal counterparts.

  9. Data show the protein partners of human Prx1 and Prx2 (show PRDX2 Proteins) and identified three sequence motifs, or combination thereof in Prxs partners, namely: CXXC, PXXP, and LXXLL. that can be important for protein localization, function and biological pathways. [review]

  10. The data indicate that Prdx1 may contribute to the development and progression of hilar cholangiocarcinoma

Mouse (Murine) Peroxiredoxin 1 (PRDX1) interaction partners

  1. These findings suggest that extracellular Prx1-mediated TLR4 (show TLR4 Proteins)/NF-kappaB (show NFKB1 Proteins) pathway activation probably contributes to neuroinflammatory injury after ICH (show ACE Proteins), and thus blocking Prx1-TLR4 (show TLR4 Proteins) signaling might provide a novel anti-neuroinflammatory strategy with extended therapeutic window for hemorrhagic stroke

  2. This study demonstrated that Prdx1 showed a distinct nuclear localization in the spinal cord also present in the nucleus of dorsal root ganglia (DRG) cells as well as in the sensory nerve root in embryonic development.

  3. Prx I and Prx II appear to have a tight association with the mechanism underlying the protection of ESC stemness in developing teratomas.

  4. Prx (show PRX Proteins) I is an antioxidant that is up-regulated in a reactive oxygen species/p38 MAPK (show MAPK14 Proteins)-dependent manner and governs the progression of neuroinflammation by suppressing microglial activation.

  5. NO/SNO donors such as S-nitrosocysteine and S-nitrosoglutathione readily induced the S-nitrosylation of Prx1, causing structural and functional alterations

  6. PrxI is not an effective protector against ozone-induced oxidative damage but plays a positive role in the initiation of lung inflammation following exposure.

  7. Peroxiredoxin 1 stimulates endothelial cell expression of VEGF (show VEGFA Proteins) via TLR4 (show TLR4 Proteins) dependent activation of HIF-1alpha (show HIF1A Proteins).

  8. The clearance rate of Heinz body-containing RBCs (show SSU1 Proteins) in peroxiredoxin I(-/-) mice decreased significantly through the treatment of aniline hydrochloride (AH) compared with wild-type mice.

  9. Yiqi chutan recipe can inhibit the growth and metastasis of Lewis lung carcinoma and reduce expression of PRDX1 and PRDX6 (show PRDX6 Proteins).

  10. mice lacking Prx (show PRX Proteins) I are highly susceptible to bleomycin-induced pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis because of increases in pulmonary oxidant levels and macrophage migration inhibitory factor (show MIF Proteins) activity in response to bleomycin

Cow (Bovine) Peroxiredoxin 1 (PRDX1) interaction partners

  1. These results suggest that PRX 1 is a novel mechanosensitive antioxidant, playing an important role in shear-dependent regulation of endothelial biology and atherosclerosis.

Peroxiredoxin 1 (PRDX1) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a type III transmembrane adaptor protein that binds to the tyrosine kinase csk protein. It is thought to be involved in the regulation of T cell activation.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Peroxiredoxin 1 (PRDX1)

  • peroxiredoxin 1 (prdx1)
  • peroxiredoxin 1 (PRDX1)
  • peroxiredoxin 2 (prdx2)
  • thioredoxin peroxidase 2 (Jafrac2)
  • thioredoxin peroxidase 2 (TPx2)
  • thioredoxin peroxidase 2 (PY02747)
  • thioredoxin peroxidase 2 (BCAN_B0712)
  • Thioredoxin peroxidase 2 (BMEA_B0682)
  • peroxiredoxin 1 (Prdx1)
  • peroxiredoxin 1-like (LOC100350232)
  • phosphoprotein associated with glycosphingolipid microdomains 1 (PAG1)
  • 1274 protein
  • cb58 protein
  • CBP protein
  • CG1274 protein
  • Dmel\\CG1274 protein
  • DPx-4156 protein
  • DPx4156 protein
  • Hbp23 protein
  • hm:zehl0637 protein
  • Jafrac-2 protein
  • JafRac2 protein
  • MGC80194 protein
  • MGC84820 protein
  • MSP23 protein
  • NKEF-A protein
  • NkefA protein
  • OSF-3 protein
  • OSF3 protein
  • PAG protein
  • Paga protein
  • PAGB protein
  • prdx1 protein
  • PrdxI protein
  • prx-1 protein
  • PRX1 protein
  • Prx4156 protein
  • PrxI protein
  • Tdpx2 protein
  • TDX2 protein
  • TPX-2 protein
  • TPxA protein
  • wu:fq19b09 protein
  • zgc:92891 protein
  • zgc:110343 protein

Protein level used designations for Peroxiredoxin 1 Proteins (PRDX1)

peroxiredoxin 1 , peroxiredoxin-2 , CG1274-PA , CG1274-PB , CG1274-PC , Jafrac2-PA , Jafrac2-PB , Jafrac2-PC , jafrac2 , peroxiredoxin 4156 , thioredoxin peroxidase , thioredoxin peroxidase 2 , Thioredoxin peroxidase 2 , natural killer cell-enhancing factor A , natural killer-enhancing factor A , peroxiredoxin-1 , proliferation-associated gene A , proliferation-associated gene protein , thioredoxin-dependent peroxide reductase 2 , Trx dependent peroxide reductase 2 , macrophage 23 Kd stress protein , macrophage 23 kDa stress protein , macrophage 23kDa stress protein , macrophase stress protein 22kDa , macrophase stress protein 23 kd , osteoblast specific factor 3 , osteoblast-specific factor 3 , thioredoxin dependent peroxide reductase 2 , heme-binding 23 kDa protein , thioredoxin peroxidase II , Csk-binding protein , phosphoprotein associated with glycosphingolipid-enriched microdomains 1 , transmembrane adapter protein PAG , transmembrane adaptor protein PAG , transmembrane phosphoprotein Cbp

443911 Xenopus laevis
456537 Pan troglodytes
496551 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
791455 Danio rerio
53577 Drosophila melanogaster
811198 Plasmodium falciparum 3D7
3829891 Plasmodium yoelii yoelii 17XNL
5787166 Brucella canis ATCC 23365
7671188 Brucella melitensis ATCC 23457
5052 Homo sapiens
18477 Mus musculus
117254 Rattus norvegicus
281997 Bos taurus
541344 Danio rerio
424598 Gallus gallus
475375 Canis lupus familiaris
100512476 Sus scrofa
100689332 Cricetulus griseus
100350232 Oryctolagus cuniculus
55824 Homo sapiens
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