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Browse our antibodies, ELISA kits and proteins related to phototransduction.


Antigens in this category:
ARR2 - Arrestin 2:      
ARR3 - Arrestin 3, Retinal (X-Arrestin): ARR3 antibodies ARR3 ELISA Kits ARR3 Proteins
ARRB1 - beta Arrestin 1: ARRB1 antibodies ARRB1 ELISA Kits ARRB1 Proteins
ARRB2 - Arrestin 3: ARRB2 antibodies ARRB2 ELISA Kits ARRB2 Proteins


Antigens in this category:
CAMK2 - Calcium/calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II: CAMK2 antibodies CAMK2 ELISA Kits  
Calm1 - Calmodulin 1: Calm1 antibodies Calm1 ELISA Kits Calm1 Proteins
Calm2 - Calmodulin 2: Calm2 antibodies   Calm2 Proteins
Calm2 - Calmodulin 2 (phosphorylase Kinase, Delta): Calm2 antibodies   Calm2 Proteins
CALM3 - Calmodulin 3: CALM3 antibodies    
CALM3 (Calmodulin 3 (Phosphorylase Kinase, Delta)): CALM3 antibodies CALM3 ELISA Kits CALM3 Proteins
CALML3 (Calmodulin Like Protein 3): CALML3 antibodies CALML3 ELISA Kits CALML3 Proteins
CALML5 - Calmodulin-Like 5: CALML5 antibodies CALML5 ELISA Kits CALML5 Proteins

G Protein

Antigens in this category:
GNGT1 (G Protein gamma Transducing Activity Polypeptide 1): GNGT1 antibodies GNGT1 ELISA Kits GNGT1 Proteins
GRK1 - G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 1: GRK1 antibodies GRK1 ELISA Kits GRK1 Proteins
GRK7 (G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 7): GRK7 antibodies GRK7 ELISA Kits GRK7 Proteins
GNAT1 (Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein (G Protein), alpha Transducing Activity Polypeptide 1): GNAT1 antibodies GNAT1 ELISA Kits GNAT1 Proteins
GNAT2 (Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein (G Protein), alpha Transducing Activity Polypeptide 2): GNAT2 antibodies GNAT2 ELISA Kits GNAT2 Proteins
GNB1 (Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein (G Protein), beta Polypeptide 1): GNB1 antibodies GNB1 ELISA Kits GNB1 Proteins
GNAT3 (Guanine Nucleotide Binding Protein, alpha Transducing 3): GNAT3 antibodies GNAT3 ELISA Kits GNAT3 Proteins

Guanylate Cyclase

Antigens in this category:
GUCY2D - Guanylate Cyclase 2D, Membrane (Retina-Specific): GUCY2D antibodies GUCY2D ELISA Kits GUCY2D Proteins
GUCY2F - Guanylate Cyclase 2F, Retinal: GUCY2F antibodies GUCY2F ELISA Kits GUCY2F Proteins
GUCA1A - Guanylate Cyclase Activator 1A (Retina): GUCA1A antibodies GUCA1A ELISA Kits GUCA1A Proteins
GUCA1B (Guanylate Cyclase Activator 1B (Retina)): GUCA1B antibodies GUCA1B ELISA Kits GUCA1B Proteins
GUCA1C (Guanylate Cyclase Activator 1C): GUCA1C antibodies   GUCA1C Proteins


Antigens in this category:
ACTB - beta Actin: ACTB antibodies ACTB ELISA Kits ACTB Proteins
CNGA1 - Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Channel alpha 1: CNGA1 antibodies CNGA1 ELISA Kits CNGA1 Proteins
CNGA3 - Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Channel alpha 3: CNGA3 antibodies CNGA3 ELISA Kits CNGA3 Proteins
CNGB1 - GARP: CNGB1 antibodies   CNGB1 Proteins
MPDZ (Multiple PDZ Domain Protein): MPDZ antibodies MPDZ ELISA Kits  
MYO3A (Myosin IIIA): MYO3A antibodies MYO3A ELISA Kits MYO3A Proteins
OPN1MW - Opsin 1 (Cone Pigments), Medium-Wave-Sensitive (Color Blindness, Deutan):   OPN1MW ELISA Kits  
PDE6A - phosphodiesterase 6A, CGMP-Specific, Rod, alpha: PDE6A antibodies PDE6A ELISA Kits PDE6A Proteins
PDE6B (phosphodiesterase 6B, CGMP-Specific, Rod, beta): PDE6B antibodies PDE6B ELISA Kits PDE6B Proteins
PDE6G - phosphodiesterase 6G, CGMP-Specific, Rod, gamma: PDE6G antibodies PDE6G ELISA Kits PDE6G Proteins
PLC (Phospholipase C): PLC antibodies PLC ELISA Kits PLC Proteins
PKC - Protein Kinase C: PKC antibodies PKC ELISA Kits  
RCVRN - Recoverin: RCVRN antibodies RCVRN ELISA Kits RCVRN Proteins
RGS - Regulator of G-Protein Signaling 9: RGS antibodies RGS ELISA Kits RGS Proteins
RHO (rho): RHO antibodies RHO ELISA Kits RHO Proteins
RHO - Rhodopsin: RHO antibodies RHO ELISA Kits  
SLC24A1 - Solute Carrier Family 24 (Sodium/potassium/calcium Exchanger), Member 1: SLC24A1 antibodies SLC24A1 ELISA Kits SLC24A1 Proteins
trpl - Trpl: trpl antibodies