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Choline O-Acetyltransferase ELISA Kits (CHAT)
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B230380D24Rik, ChoAcTase, CMS1A, CMS1A2
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CHAT 12647  
CHAT 1103 P28329
CHAT 290567  

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Top referenced CHAT ELISA Kits

  1. Rat (Rattus) CHAT ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN832466 : Cansev, van Wijk, Turkyilmaz, Orhan, Sijben, Broersen: A specific multi-nutrient enriched diet enhances hippocampal cholinergic transmission in aged rats. in Neurobiology of aging 2014 (PubMed)

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Mouse (Murine) Choline O-Acetyltransferase (CHAT) interaction partners

  1. The isolation and characterization of CD4 (show CD4 ELISA Kits) TChAT cells will enable analysis of the role of these cells in hypotension and hypertension, and may suggest novel therapeutic strategies by targeting cell-mediated vasorelaxation.

  2. Microgravity causes substantial down-regulation of nerve tissue proteins, choline acetyltransferase, NF200 (show NEFH ELISA Kits), and calbindin (show CALB1 ELISA Kits) in mouse motor neurons.

  3. These studies indicate a novel relationship between cholinergic neurons and APP (show APP ELISA Kits) processing, with 82-kDa ChAT acting as a negative regulator of Abeta (show APP ELISA Kits) production

  4. increased REST/NRSF expression and its effect on the regulatory region for choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) transcription could explain the decreased expression of ChAT in the Alzheimer's disease transgenic mouse

  5. chronic social defeat stress in mice produces stress-related behaviors; a decrease in the Chat level at days 12 and 27 was noted in the prefrontal cortex (PFC (show CFP ELISA Kits)), amygdala (Amyg), and dorsal hippocampus (HIP) in defeated mice

  6. In choline acetyltransferase transgenic mice the activated cardiac ACh (show FGFR3 ELISA Kits)-HIF-1alpha (show HIF1A ELISA Kits) cascade improves survival after myocardial infarction.

  7. After bilateral common carotid artery occlusion, peripherin (show PRPH ELISA Kits) overexpression was significantly correlated with reduction in ChAT activity

  8. Histone deacetylase 9 (HDAC9 (show HDAC9 ELISA Kits)) represses ChAT gene expression in NG108-15 neuronal cells and thus plays an important role in cholinergic differentiation.

  9. Transcripts encoding ChAT and OCT1 (show POU2F1 ELISA Kits)-3 (organic cation transport proteins) have been detected in tracheal epithelial cells; these data suggest that cells lining the airway are able to synthesize/secrete acetylcholine into the lumen.

  10. Gene upregulation of insulin (show INS ELISA Kits) and ChAT in the brain, but not of PPAR-delta (show PPARD ELISA Kits) or APP (show APP ELISA Kits), was evident in American ginseng-fed groups.

Zebrafish Choline O-Acetyltransferase (CHAT) interaction partners

  1. We have identified a zebrafish mutant line, bajan, in which compromised motility and fatigue result from a point mutation in the gene coding choline acetyltransferase

Human Choline O-Acetyltransferase (CHAT) interaction partners

  1. Results suggest that SATB1 (show SATB1 ELISA Kits) is activated to bind to chromatin at S/MARs (show MARS ELISA Kits) after exposure to Abeta (show APP ELISA Kits) 1-42, resulting in alternative utilization and movement of 82-kDa ChAT to these regions demonstrating that both proteins play critical roles in the response of neural cells to acute Abeta (show APP ELISA Kits)-exposure.

  2. We conducted a meta-analysis of studies involving CHAT, TFAM (show TFAM ELISA Kits), and VR22 (show CTNNA3 ELISA Kits) polymorphisms and Alzheimer disease susceptibility.For CHAT, rs2177369 (G>A) in whites and rs3810950 (G>A) in Asians were found to be associated with AD susceptibility. No association was detected between rs1880676 and rs868750 and AD risk.

  3. There is a striking variability in the severity of phenotypes resulting from mutations in CHAT, which is the only gene so far known to be linked with congenital deficiency of ACh (show FGFR3 ELISA Kits) synthesis.

  4. Data show thata the expression of choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) is reduced in the postmortem alcoholic basal forebrain in comparison to moderate drinking controls.

  5. These studies indicate a novel relationship between cholinergic neurons and APP (show APP ELISA Kits) processing, with 82-kDa ChAT acting as a negative regulator of Abeta (show APP ELISA Kits) production

  6. There was a loss of choline O-acetyltransferase in the visual cortex of dementia with Lewy bodies patients.

  7. the functional consequences of 12 missense and one nonsense mutations of CHAT in 11 patients. ( choline acetyltransferase)

  8. Multiple abnormalities with intellectual and developmental disability result from recurrent deletions and reciprocal duplications of 10q11.21q11.23 including CHAT and SLC18A3 (show SLC18A3 ELISA Kits).

Pig (Porcine) Choline O-Acetyltransferase (CHAT) interaction partners

  1. The results revealed broad coexistence of ChAT and CGRP (show CALCA ELISA Kits) in the spinal cord neurons which implies that the neurons synthesize and store ChAT and CGRP (show CALCA ELISA Kits) in their cell bodies.

CHAT Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes an enzyme which catalyzes the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. This gene product is a characteristic feature of cholinergic neurons, and changes in these neurons may explain some of the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Polymorphisms in this gene have been associated with Alzheimer's disease and mild cognitive impairment. Mutations in this gene are associated with congenital myasthenic syndrome associated with episodic apnea. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene, and some of these variants have been shown to encode more than one isoform.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with CHAT

  • choline acetyltransferase (PGTG_00551) Elisa Kit
  • choline acetyltransferase (LOC100533322) Elisa Kit
  • choline acetyltransferase (Chat) Elisa Kit
  • choline acetyltransferase (chat) Elisa Kit
  • choline O-acetyltransferase (CHAT) Elisa Kit
  • choline O-acetyltransferase (Chat) Elisa Kit
  • B230380D24Rik Elisa Kit
  • ChoAcTase Elisa Kit
  • CMS1A Elisa Kit
  • CMS1A2 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for CHAT

choline acetyltransferase , CHOACTase , choline O-acetyltransferase , choline acetylase , baj , acetyl CoA:choline O-acetyltransferase

10528159 Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici CRL 75-36-700-3
100533322 Aplysia californica
12647 Mus musculus
100170938 Danio rerio
1103 Homo sapiens
290567 Rattus norvegicus
751512 Felis catus
100718930 Cavia porcellus
395314 Gallus gallus
450451 Pan troglodytes
486775 Canis lupus familiaris
396896 Sus scrofa
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