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anti-RAS Guanyl Releasing Protein 2 (Calcium and DAG-Regulated) Antibodies (RASGRP2)
On are 38 RAS Guanyl Releasing Protein 2 (Calcium and DAG-Regulated) (RASGRP2) Antibodies from 10 different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping RASGRP2 Proteins (9) and many more products for this protein. A total of 51 RASGRP2 products are currently listed.
CalDAG-GEFI, Caldaggef1, CDC25L, RASGRP2
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RASGRP2 10235 Q7LDG7
RASGRP2 361714 P0C643
RASGRP2 19395 Q9QUG9

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  1. Cow (Bovine) Polyclonal RASGRP2 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN2787843 : Katagiri, Shimonaka, Kinashi: Rap1-mediated lymphocyte function-associated antigen-1 activation by the T cell antigen receptor is dependent on phospholipase C-gamma1. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2004 (PubMed)

  2. Human Monoclonal RASGRP2 Primary Antibody for ELISA, WB - ABIN523644 : Boudreaux, Catalfamo, Klok: Calcium-diacylglycerol guanine nucleotide exchange factor I gene mutations associated with loss of function in canine platelets. in Translational research : the journal of laboratory and clinical medicine 2007 (PubMed)

  3. Human Polyclonal RASGRP2 Primary Antibody for IHC, IHC (p) - ABIN4349420 : Andersson, Nilsson, Fagerberg, Hallström, Sundström, Danielsson, Edlund, Uhlen, Asplund: The transcriptomic and proteomic landscapes of bone marrow and secondary lymphoid tissues. in PLoS ONE 2014 (PubMed)

  4. Human Polyclonal RASGRP2 Primary Antibody for IF, IHC (p) - ABIN656117 : Eto, Murphy, Kerrigan, Bertoni, Stuhlmann, Nakano, Leavitt, Shattil: Megakaryocytes derived from embryonic stem cells implicate CalDAG-GEFI in integrin signaling. in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 2002 (PubMed)

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Human RAS Guanyl Releasing Protein 2 (Calcium and DAG-Regulated) (RASGRP2) interaction partners

  1. Eleven cases with unexplained bleeding or platelet disorders harbored 11 different, previously unreported RASGRP2 variants that were biallelic and likely pathogenic.

  2. These patients are the first cases of a CalDAG-GEFI (show RASGRP1 Antibodies) deficiency due to homozygous RASGRP2 mutations that are linked to defects in both leukocyte and platelet integrin activation.

  3. These studies identify RasGRP2 as a novel substrate of ERK1/2 (show MAPK1/3 Antibodies) and define a negative-feedback loop that regulates the BRaf (show BRAF Antibodies)-MEK (show MAP2K1 Antibodies)-ERK (show EPHB2 Antibodies) signaling cascade. This negative-feedback loop determines the amplitude and duration of active ERK1/2 (show MAPK1/3 Antibodies).

  4. RasGRP2 is exceptional in that its C1 domain has very weak binding affinity (Kd = 2890 +/- 240 nm for [(3)H]phorbol 12,13-dibutyrate. We have identified four amino acid residues responsible for this lack of sensitivity. Replacing Asn(7), Ser (show SIGLEC1 Antibodies)(8), Ala(19), and Ile(21) with the corresponding residues from RasGRP1 (show RASGRP1 Antibodies)/3 (Thr (show TRH Antibodies)(7), Tyr (show TYR Antibodies)(8), Gly(19), and Leu(21), respectively) conferred potent binding affinity (Kd = 1.47 +/- 0.03 nm).

  5. Human CalDAG-GEFI (show RASGRP1 Antibodies) gene (RASGRP2) mutation affects platelet function and causes severe bleeding.

  6. phosphorylation of CalDAG-GEFI (show RASGRP1 Antibodies) is a critical mechanism by which PKA controls Rap1b (show RAP1B Antibodies)-dependent platelet aggregation

  7. RasGRP2 increases cell viability and cell-matrix adhesion through increased Ras expression and Rap1 activation, respectively, in endothelial cells.

  8. NIH3T3 cells were found nonpermissive to mtHSV but they became permissive following transformation with the Rasgrp2 gene. This effect was linked to the activation of the Ras-PKR (show PKLR Antibodies) signaling pathway.

  9. analyzed the 5'-flanking region of rasgrp2 gene by a luciferase assay, which revealed that not only a promoter but also silencer regions were present upstream of D1E, suggesting rasgrp2 expression is controlled by a combination of promotion and repression

  10. CalDAG-GEFI (show RASGRP1 Antibodies) plays a role in inside-out signaling to alphaIIbbeta3

Cow (Bovine) RAS Guanyl Releasing Protein 2 (Calcium and DAG-Regulated) (RASGRP2) interaction partners

Mouse (Murine) RAS Guanyl Releasing Protein 2 (Calcium and DAG-Regulated) (RASGRP2) interaction partners

  1. CalDAG-GEFI is critical for atherosclerotic plaque development in hypercholesterolemic Ldlr (show LDLR Antibodies)(-/-) mice because of its contribution to platelet-leukocyte aggregate formation and leukocyte recruitment to the lesion area.

  2. (i) STIM1 (show STIM1 Antibodies)/SOCE is critical for procoagulant activity but not the proadhesive function of platelets; and (ii) at the site of vascular injury, STIM1 (show STIM1 Antibodies) and CalDAG-GEFI are critical for the first wave of thrombin (show F2 Antibodies) generation mediated by procoagulant platelets

  3. we evaluated the contribution of CalDAG-GEFI to platelet activation in a model of immune-mediated thrombocytopenia and thrombosis syndromes

  4. Studies indicate that CalDAG-GEFI mediates the rapid but reversible activation of integrin alphaIIbbeta3, and the adenosine diphosphate receptor P2Y12 (show P2RY12 Antibodies) facilitates delayed but sustained integrin activation.

  5. CalDAG-GEFI helps regulate neutrophil chemotaxis, independent of its established role in integrin activation, through a mechanism that involves actin cytoskeleton and cellular polarization.

  6. In a brain-slice explant model of Huntington's disease, knock-down of CalDAG-GEFI expression rescues striatal neurons from pathology induced by transfection of polyglutamine-expanded Htt (show HTT Antibodies) exon 1.

  7. CalDAG-GEFI plays a role in inside-out signaling to alphaIIbbeta3

  8. CalDAG-GEFI regulated the activation of beta(1) and beta(3) integrins in platelets, and CalDAG-GEFI deficiency caused complete inhibition of arterial thrombus formation.

  9. CalDAG-GEFI and PKC (show PKC Antibodies) represent separate, but synergizing, pathways important for alphaIIbbeta3 activation in platelets activated through the PAR4 (show F2RL3 Antibodies) receptor.

RASGRP2 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a brain-enriched nucleotide exchanged factor that contains an N-terminal GEF domain, 2 tandem repeats of EF-hand calcium-binding motifs, and a C-terminal diacylglycerol/phorbol ester-binding domain. This protein can activate small GTPases, including RAS and RAP1/RAS3. The nucleotide exchange activity of this protein can be stimulated by calcium and diacylglycerol. Three alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding the same protein have been found for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with RASGRP2

  • RAS guanyl releasing protein 2 (RASGRP2) antibody
  • RAS guanyl releasing protein 2 (calcium and DAG-regulated) (RASGRP2) antibody
  • RAS guanyl releasing protein 2 (calcium and DAG-regulated) (Rasgrp2) antibody
  • RAS, guanyl releasing protein 2 (Rasgrp2) antibody
  • CalDAG-GEFI antibody
  • Caldaggef1 antibody
  • CDC25L antibody
  • RASGRP2 antibody

Protein level used designations for RASGRP2

RAS guanyl releasing protein 2 , RAS guanyl releasing protein 2, isoform 3 , F25B3.3 kinase-like protein , RAS guanyl nucleotide-releasing protein 2 , RAS guanyl-releasing protein 2 , calcium and DAG-regulated guanine nucleotide exchange factor I , calcium and diacylglycerol-regulated guanine nucleotide exchange factor I , cdc25-like protein , guanine exchange factor MCG7 , hCDC25L , RAS, guanyl releasing protein 2 , calDAG-GEFI , calcium diacylglycerol guanine nucleotide exchange factor I , CalDAG-GEFI , F25B3.3 kinase like protein , RAP 1A protein-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor 1 , RAS, guanyl releasing protein 2; RAP 1A protein-specific guanine nucleotide exchange factor 1; CalDAG-GEFI

100137599 Papio anubis
10235 Homo sapiens
361714 Rattus norvegicus
512056 Bos taurus
100328903 Oryctolagus cuniculus
19395 Mus musculus
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