anti-VAV1 antibody (Vav 1 Oncogene)

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Synonyms VAV, Vav, vav-T
Human, Mouse (Murine), Rat (Rattus)
(157), (80), (77), (1), (1), (1)
(145), (12)
This VAV1 antibody is un-conjugated
(4), (4), (4), (2), (2), (2), (2), (2), (2), (2), (2), (2), (2), (2)
Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
(127), (62), (20), (20), (13), (9), (6), (3), (3), (2), (1)
Pubmed 4 references available
Quantity 100 μg
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Immunogen The antiserum was produced against synthesized non-phosphopeptide derived from human Vav around the phosphorylation site of tyrosine 174 (E-I-YP-E-D).
Specificity Vav (Ab-174) antibody detects endogenous levels of total Vav protein.
Purification The antibody was affinity-purified from rabbit antiserum by affinity-chromatography using epitope-specific immunogen.
Alternative Name Vav (VAV1 Antibody Abstract)
Pathways TCR Signaling, Fc-epsilon Receptor Signaling Pathway
Application Notes WB: 1:500~1:1000.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Concentration 100ug/100ul.
Buffer Rabbit IgG in phosphate buffered saline (without Mg2+ and Ca2+), pH 7.4, 150mM NaCl, 50% glycerol
Preservative Sodium azide
Precaution of Use This product contains sodium azide: a POISONOUS AND HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCE which should be handled by trained staff only.
Storage -20 °C
Product cited in: Amarasinghe, Rosen: "Acidic region tyrosines provide access points for allosteric activation of the autoinhibited Vav1 Dbl homology domain." in: Biochemistry, Vol. 44, Issue 46, pp. 15257-68, 2005 (PubMed).

Charvet, Canonigo, Billadeau et al.: "Membrane localization and function of Vav3 in T cells depend on its association with the adapter SLP-76." in: The Journal of biological chemistry, Vol. 280, Issue 15, pp. 15289-99, 2005 (PubMed).

Miura-Shimura, Duan, Rao et al.: "Cbl-mediated ubiquitinylation and negative regulation of Vav." in: The Journal of biological chemistry, Vol. 278, Issue 40, pp. 38495-504, 2003 (PubMed).

Kuhne, Ku, Weiss: "A guanine nucleotide exchange factor-independent function of Vav1 in transcriptional activation." in: The Journal of biological chemistry, Vol. 275, Issue 3, pp. 2185-90, 2000 (PubMed).

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