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Forkhead Box O3 ELISA Kits (FOXO3)
On are 42 Forkhead Box O3 (FOXO3) ELISA Kits from 11 different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping FOXO3 Antibodies (298) and FOXO3 Proteins (8) and many more products for this protein. A total of 361 FOXO3 products are currently listed.
1110048B16Rik, 2010203A17Rik, AF6q21, C76856, Fkhr2, Fkhrl1, FKHRL1P2, foxO, FOXO-3, FOXO2, foxO3, FoxO3A, wu:fb50g02, wu:fi33f07, xfoxo3, zgc:92176
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FOXO3 2309 O43524
FOXO3 56484 Q9WVH4
FOXO3 294515  

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  1. Human FOXO3 ELISA Kit for Sandwich ELISA - ABIN1000112 : Leti, Malenica, Doshi, Courtright, Van Keuren-Jensen, Legendre, Still, Gerhard, DiStefano: High-throughput sequencing reveals altered expression of hepatic microRNAs in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease-related fibrosis. in Translational research : the journal of laboratory and clinical medicine 2015 (PubMed)
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Zebrafish Forkhead Box O3 (FOXO3) interaction partners

  1. This study provided novel evidence of FoxO3a in the embryonic neurodevelopment from zebrafish to other mammals.

Human Forkhead Box O3 (FOXO3) interaction partners

  1. FOXO1A (show FOXO1 ELISA Kits) gene polymorphic site rs4943794 is associated with an acquisition of old and senescent age and with women's longevity. FOXO3A gene polymorphic site rs3800231 is associated with longevity in both women and men.

  2. data provide new clues for the essential role of miR-223 in the regulation of anti-Mtb-directed immune responses, which relies on the regulation of FOXO3 expression

  3. FOXO3a is a relevant mediator of the antiproliferative effects of MSA (show TPO ELISA Kits).

  4. this study demonstrated that JC induced the apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC (show FAM126A ELISA Kits)) cells by activating Akt (show AKT1 ELISA Kits)/Foxo signaling pathway and increasing intracellular ROS (show ROS1 ELISA Kits) levels.

  5. FOXO3a mRNA expression levels in breast cancer patients correlated with metastasis-free survival.

  6. Foxo3 circular RNA retards cell cycle progression via forming ternary complexes with p21 (show CDKN1A ELISA Kits) and CDK2 (show CDK2 ELISA Kits).

  7. FOXO3-dependent gene regulation is generally mediated not through uniquely bound regions but through regions occupied by both FOXK2 and FOXO3 where both factors play a regulatory role.

  8. These results suggest that the antitumor effects of paclitaxel in breast cancer are mediated by activation of the AMPK (show PRKAA1 ELISA Kits)/EF1alpha/FOXO3a signaling pathway.

  9. Porphyromonas gingivalis-induced reactive oxygen species activate FOXO transcription factors through JNK (show MAPK8 ELISA Kits) signalling, and that FOXO1 (show FOXO1 ELISA Kits) controls oxidative stress responses, inflammatory cytokine production and cell survival.

  10. overexpression of the IGF-1R (show IGF1R ELISA Kits), and activation of GSK3beta and FOXO3a might be the molecular mechanisms underlying the development of liver cirrhosis

Mouse (Murine) Forkhead Box O3 (FOXO3) interaction partners

  1. SIRT6 (show SIRT6 ELISA Kits) up-regulates AMP (show TMPRSS5 ELISA Kits)/ATP and then activates the AMPK (show PRKAA1 ELISA Kits)-FoxO3alpha axis and further initiates the downstream antioxidant-encoding gene expression, thereby decreasing cellular levels of oxidative stress, and mediating cardioprotection in ischemic heart

  2. Kit ligand regulates the subcellular localization of FOXO3 in the neonatal mouse ovary.

  3. These data suggest a role for FoxO3a in the maintenance of genome integrity in response to DNA damage that is mediated by H2AX via yet unknown mechanisms.

  4. mice. In vitro assays revealed enhanced survival capacity of Myc-driven cells lacking FoxO3, but no change in cell cycling was detected

  5. Results point to an antioxidant defense mechanism presented by Sirt3 (show SIRT3 ELISA Kits) through the activation of Foxo3a, in microglia

  6. Foxo3 circular RNA retards cell cycle progression via forming ternary complexes with p21 and CDK2 (show CDK2 ELISA Kits).

  7. GL-V9 attenuated DSS (show PMP22 ELISA Kits)-induced colitis against oxidative stress by up-regulating Trx-1 (show TXN ELISA Kits) via activation of AMPK (show PRKAA1 ELISA Kits)/FOXO3a pathway.

  8. The effect of Sirt1 (show SIRT1 ELISA Kits) stimulators on osteoclastogenesis was abrogated in cells lacking FoxO1 (show FOXO1 ELISA Kits), FoxO3, and FoxO4 (show FOXO4 ELISA Kits).

  9. Results point to FOXO3 as a potential node that couples mitochondrial metabolism with HSC (show FUT1 ELISA Kits) homeostasis. These findings have critical implications for mechanisms that promote malignant transformation and aging of blood stem and progenitor cells.

  10. PXR activation stimulates EGF-mediated hepatocyte proliferation in mice, at least in part, through inhibiting FOXO3 from accelerating cell-cycle progression.

Pig (Porcine) Forkhead Box O3 (FOXO3) interaction partners

  1. In granulosa cells, cell death is induced by transfection of FOXO3. FOXO3 mRNA in granulosa cells increases during atresia; FOXO3 protein is abundant in granulosa cells of early atretic follicles. (FOXO3 AA sequence homology with human/mouse FOXO3)

  2. PTEN, FOXO3A and PKB (show AKT1 ELISA Kits) were expressed in a stage- and cell-specific manner during ovarian follicle formation and development in the fetal and neonatal pig.

  3. Primordial oocytes are dormant in prepubertal pigs by a FOXO3-related mechanism to establish a nongrowing oocyte pool in the ovary, and that a transient knockdown of the FOXO3 activates the primordial oocytes to enter the growth phase.

  4. FoxO3a was localized in the granulosa cells of follicles at all stages and was extensively localized in the cytoplasma of the luteinized granulosa cells of corpora lutea

Cow (Bovine) Forkhead Box O3 (FOXO3) interaction partners

  1. NO/protein kinase (show CDK7 ELISA Kits) G (PKG (show PRKG1 ELISA Kits))-dependent downregulation of PGC-1 alpha (show PPARGC1A ELISA Kits) and the ROS (show ROS1 ELISA Kits) detoxification system in endothelial cells are mediated by the PI3K/Akt (show AKT1 ELISA Kits) signaling pathway and subsequent inactivation of transcription factor Foxo3a.

  2. FOXO is a key regulator of ROS (show ROS1 ELISA Kits)-induced apoptosis in mammalian cells.

FOXO3 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene belongs to the forkhead family of transcription factors which are characterized by a distinct forkhead domain. This gene likely functions as a trigger for apoptosis through expression of genes necessary for cell death. Translocation of this gene with the MLL gene is associated with secondary acute leukemia. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding the same protein have been observed.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with FOXO3

  • forkhead box O3 (FOXO3) Elisa Kit
  • forkhead box O3A (foxo3a) Elisa Kit
  • forkhead box O3 (foxo3) Elisa Kit
  • forkhead box O3 (foxO3) Elisa Kit
  • forkhead box O3 (Foxo3) Elisa Kit
  • 1110048B16Rik Elisa Kit
  • 2010203A17Rik Elisa Kit
  • AF6q21 Elisa Kit
  • C76856 Elisa Kit
  • Fkhr2 Elisa Kit
  • Fkhrl1 Elisa Kit
  • FKHRL1P2 Elisa Kit
  • foxO Elisa Kit
  • FOXO-3 Elisa Kit
  • FOXO2 Elisa Kit
  • foxO3 Elisa Kit
  • FoxO3A Elisa Kit
  • wu:fb50g02 Elisa Kit
  • wu:fi33f07 Elisa Kit
  • xfoxo3 Elisa Kit
  • zgc:92176 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for Forkhead Box O3 (FOXO3) ELISA Kits

forkhead box O3 , forkhead box O3A , fb50g02 , fi33f07 , forkhead box O protein , forkhead box protein O3-like , forkhead box protein O3 , forkhead homolog (rhabdomyosarcoma) like 1 , forkhead in rhabdomyosarcoma-like 1 , forkhead, Drosophila, homolog of, in rhabdomyosarcoma-like 1 , forkhead box O3a , forkhead protein FKHR2 , xFoxO3 , forkhead box O3A transcription factor

445015 Canis lupus familiaris
494532 Danio rerio
462921 Pan troglodytes
700731 Macaca mulatta
100066558 Equus caballus
100125025 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100303473 Saccoglossus kowalevskii
100406446 Callithrix jacchus
100451077 Pongo abelii
100600519 Nomascus leucogenys
2309 Homo sapiens
56484 Mus musculus
444992 Xenopus laevis
481954 Canis lupus familiaris
733621 Sus scrofa
294515 Rattus norvegicus
535530 Bos taurus
100713179 Cavia porcellus
421769 Gallus gallus
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