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  1. Human Monoclonal SAFB Primary Antibody for IF, WB - ABIN394374 : Hammerich-Hille, Kaipparettu, Tsimelzon, Creighton, Jiang, Polo, Melnick, Meyer, Oesterreich: SAFB1 mediates repression of immune regulators and apoptotic genes in breast cancer cells. in The Journal of biological chemistry 2010 (PubMed)
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Human Scaffold Attachment Factor B (SAFB) interaction partners

  1. Data suggest that ERH interacts directly in nucleus with C-terminal Arg-Gly-rich region of SAFB1/SAFB2 and this multimer co-localizes in insoluble nuclear fraction; binding of ERH reverses inhibition exerted by SAFB1/SAFB2 on SRPK1. (ERH = enhancer of rudimentary homolog protein; SAFB = scaffold attachment factor B; SRPK1 = splicing kinase SR protein kinase-1)

  2. The expression of coding and non-coding genes with SAFB1 cross-link sites was altered by SAFB1 knockdown. The isoform-specific expression of neural cell adhesion molecule (show MCAM Antibodies) (NCAM1 (show NCAM1 Antibodies)) and ASTN2 (show ASTN2 Antibodies) was influenced by SAFB1.

  3. Single depletion of either SAFB1 or SAFB2 (show SAFB2 Antibodies) leads to an increase in expression of the other SAFB protein.

  4. reveals an unexpected role of SUMO-1 (show SUMO1 Antibodies) and SAFB in the stimulatory coupling of promoter binding, transcription initiation and RNA processing

  5. SAFB1 formed a complex with the histone methyltransferase EZH2 (show EZH2 Antibodies).

  6. Data indicate that scaffold attachment factor SAFB1 is transiently recruited to DNA breaks in a poly(ADP-ribose)-polymerase 1- and poly(ADP-ribose)-dependent manner.

  7. Results indicate that SAFB1 and SAFB2 (show SAFB2 Antibodies) are crucial repressors for ERalpha (show ESR1 Antibodies) dynamics in association with the nuclear matrix and that their synergistic regulation of ERalpha (show ESR1 Antibodies) mobility is sufficient for inhibiting ERalpha (show ESR1 Antibodies) function.

  8. transcriptional repressor SAFB1 is modified by both SUMO1 (show SUMO1 Antibodies) and SUMO2 (show SUMO2 Antibodies)/3, and this modification is necessary for its full repressive activity.

  9. Data show that binding of p53 (show TP53 Antibodies) to SAFB1 had a significant functional outcome, since SAFB1 was shown to suppress p53 (show TP53 Antibodies)-mediated reporter gene expression.

  10. This study shows that low SAFB protein levels predict poor prognosis of breast cancer patients, suggesting critical functions of SAFB1 and SAFB2 (show SAFB2 Antibodies) in breast cancer cells.

Mouse (Murine) Scaffold Attachment Factor B (SAFB) interaction partners

  1. despite a high degree of sequence similarity, SAFB1(-/-) and SAFB2 (show SAFB2 Antibodies)(-/-) mice do not totally phenocopy each other

  2. Mice lacking SAFB1 exhibit developmental abnormalities in their lungs, high incidence of perinatal lethality, and adults develop different types of tumors. Mouse embryonic fibroblasts from Safb1-null animals are immortalized in culture.

  3. SAFB1 represses ERalpha (show ESR1 Antibodies) activity via indirect association with histone deacetylation and interaction with the basal transcription machinery

  4. SAFB1 plays a critical role in development, growth regulation, and reproduction.

  5. SAFB1 interacts in pull-down assays not only with PPARgamma (show PPARG Antibodies) but also with all nuclear receptors tested

  6. SAFB1 loss causes lack of contact inhibition, increased foci formation, and increased oncogene (show RAB1A Antibodies)-induced anchorage-independent growth.

  7. Our data show that SAFB1 heterozygosity does not influence Wnt-1 (show WNT1 Antibodies) induced tumorigenesis

  8. These results indicate a major role for SAFB1 in the activation of Srebp-1c (show SREBF1 Antibodies) through its interaction with RBMX (show RBMX Antibodies).

SAFB Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a DNA-binding protein which has high specificity for scaffold or matrix attachment region DNA elements (S/MAR DNA). This protein is thought to be involved in attaching the base of chromatin loops to the nuclear matrix but there is conflicting evidence as to whether this protein is a component of chromatin or a nuclear matrix protein. Scaffold attachment factors are a specific subset of nuclear matrix proteins (NMP) that specifically bind to S/MAR. The encoded protein is thought to serve as a molecular base to assemble a 'transcriptosome complex' in the vicinity of actively transcribed genes. It is involved in the regulation of heat shock protein 27 transcription, can act as an estrogen receptor co-repressor and is a candidate for breast tumorigenesis. This gene is arranged head-to-head with a similar gene whose product has the same functions. Multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been found for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with SAFB

  • scaffold attachment factor B (safb) antibody
  • scaffold attachment factor B (SAFB) antibody
  • scaffold attachment factor b (AaeL_AAEL001352) antibody
  • scaffold attachment factor b (CpipJ_CPIJ012814) antibody
  • scaffold attachment factor B (CpipJ_CPIJ017179) antibody
  • Scaffold attachment factor B (Bm1_49330) antibody
  • scaffold attachment factor B (LOAG_00080) antibody
  • scaffold attachment factor B (Safb) antibody
  • 3110021E02Rik antibody
  • 5330423C17Rik antibody
  • AU018122 antibody
  • D18386 antibody
  • E130307D12 antibody
  • HAP antibody
  • HET antibody
  • SAF-B1 antibody
  • SAFB antibody
  • SAFB1 antibody
  • SAFB2 antibody
  • wu:fb40a03 antibody
  • wu:fd42g06 antibody
  • zgc:55387 antibody

Protein level used designations for SAFB

scaffold attachment factor B2 , scaffold attachment factor B , scaffold attachment factor b , Scaffold attachment factor B , HSP27 ERE-TATA-binding protein , HSP27 estrogen response element-TATA box-binding protein , Hsp27 ERE-TATA binding protein , SAB-B1 , SAF-B , glutathione S-transferase fusion protein , heat-shock protein (HSP27) estrogen response element and TATA box-binding protein , scaffold attachment factor B1 , SAF-B1

321979 Danio rerio
426047 Gallus gallus
443583 Xenopus laevis
485028 Canis lupus familiaris
539785 Bos taurus
549467 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
5570070 Aedes aegypti
6046059 Culex quinquefasciatus
6050950 Culex quinquefasciatus
6104751 Brugia malayi
9937457 Loa loa
6294 Homo sapiens
224903 Mus musculus
64196 Rattus norvegicus
100174056 Pongo abelii
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