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NGR, NgR1, Nogor
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RTN4R 65078 Q9BZR6
RTN4R 65079 Q99PI8
RTN4R 113912 Q99M75

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Zebrafish Reticulon 4 Receptor (RTN4R) interaction partners

  1. The present results have uncovered new factors underlying successful axon regeneration in the fish CNS: Binding of Nogo (show RTN4 Proteins)-66 of fish RTN-4 (show RTN4 Proteins) to NgR is growth promoting on fish retinal ganglion cell axon growth

  2. Data suggest that localized Nogo (show RTN4 Proteins)/Nogo66 expression defines inhibitory territories that through repulsion restrict axon growth to permissive regions.

Human Reticulon 4 Receptor (RTN4R) interaction partners

  1. Allelic variation of the rs701428 SNP of RTN4R was significantly associated with volumetric differences in gray matter of the lingual gyrus and cuneus of the occipital lobe. Moreover, occipital gray matter volumes were robustly associated with ultra high risk symptoms of psychosis in the presence of the G allele of rs701428.

  2. Panax notoginseng saponins provide neuroprotective effects in a rat model of cerebral ischemia and SH-SY5Y cells exposed to oxygen/glucose deprivation injury by inhibiting the overexpression of NgR1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins), RhoA (show RHOA Proteins), and ROCK2 (show ROCK2 Proteins).

  3. (188)Re-NGR-VEGI (show TNFSF15 Proteins) has the potential as a theranostic agent.

  4. Messenger RNA expression from RTN4R in human cortical brain tissue correlated significantly with the genotypes of rs701427. Observations suggest that a functional RTN4R gene variant is associated with sporadic ALS.

  5. Authors highlight the structural and biochemical aspects of the interaction of Nogo (show RTN4 Proteins) receptors (R1 and R2) with myelin inhibitors such as MAG (show MAG Proteins), Nogo A (show RTN4 Proteins) and OMgp (show OMG Proteins).[Review]

  6. NgR1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins) is a neural entry mediator for mammalian reovirus.NgR1 is required for efficient infection of primary cortical neurons by reovirus.

  7. Data indicate that leucine-rich repeat neuronal protein 1 (LINGO-1 (show LINGO1 Proteins)) is intracellular and competes with Nogo-66 receptor (NgR) for binding to p75 neurotrophin receptor (p75NTR (show NGFR Proteins)).

  8. This study demonistrated that alterations in DTI metrics suggest white matter microstructural anomalies of the cerebral cortex in 22q11.2DS. Structural differences in ALIC appear to be associated with the Nogo-66 receptor gene.

  9. knockdown of NgR enhanced invasion and adhesion but increased cell apoptosis in C6 cells, suggesting that Nogo (show RTN4 Proteins)-66/NgR might have complex effects on glioma cells.

  10. After optic nerve crush injury, transgenic NgR1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins)-deficient neurons regenerate retinal ganglion axons as extensively as do zymosan-injected, macrophage-activated wild-type mice.

Mouse (Murine) Reticulon 4 Receptor (RTN4R) interaction partners

  1. Here we identify that the nogo-66 receptor 1 gene restricts an early and essential step in OD plasticity to the critical period. These findings link the emerging circuit-level description of OD plasticity to the genetic regulation of the critical period. Understanding how plasticity is confined to critical periods may provide clues how to better treat amblyopia.

  2. Rtn4r expression was reduced in spinal motor neurons from mice with a transgenic model of ALS.

  3. This study detected the expression of NgR1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins) in microglia during development and found that NgR1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins) protein expression increased significantly in microglia with aging.

  4. Ngr1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins) regulates tactile and motor task performance, it does not limit the rate of tactile or motor learning nor determine the low set point for synaptic turnover in adult sensory cortex.

  5. the Nogo (show RTN4 Proteins)/NgR signal might be involved in multiple processes in various inflammation-associated CNS diseases.

  6. Genetic ablation of NgR1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins) may lead to significant recovery in locomotor function after spinal cord injury

  7. NgR1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins) is required for efficient infection of primary cortical neurons by reovirus.

  8. NogoA (show RTN4 Proteins) receptors, NogoR1 and PirB (show LILRB3 Proteins), are expressed in the ventricular zone where neural stem cells reside.

  9. NgR1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins) functions with parvalbumin (show PVALB Proteins) interneurons to limit plasticity of binocularity, but its expression is required more extensively to limit improvement of visual acuity following chronic deprivation.

  10. NgR1 (show NEUROG1 Proteins) has little if any effects on the repertoire of immune cells, their activation and trafficking to the CNS.

RTN4R Protein Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes the receptor for reticulon 4, oligodendrocyte myelin glycoprotein and myelin-associated glycoprotein. This receptor mediates axonal growth inhibition and may play a role in regulating axonal regeneration and plasticity in the adult central nervous system.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with RTN4R

  • reticulon 4 receptor (rtn4r)
  • reticulon 4 receptor (RTN4R)
  • reticulon 4 receptor (Rtn4r)
  • NGR protein
  • NgR1 protein
  • Nogor protein

Protein level used designations for Reticulon 4 Receptor Proteins (RTN4R)

Nogo-66 receptor , reticulon-4 receptor , reticulon-4/Nogo receptor , reticulon 4 receptor , UNQ330/PRO526 , nogo receptor , nogo receptor; Nogo-66 receptor , Nogo66 receptor , nogo-66 receptor

403306 Danio rerio
458663 Pan troglodytes
100588816 Nomascus leucogenys
65078 Homo sapiens
65079 Mus musculus
113912 Rattus norvegicus
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