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A930013K19Rik, AW049091, C4orf25, CMS1B, dok-7, EF-12, Oit5, RGD1566416, si:ch211-164d19.2, si:dkey-180b4.3
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DOK7 285489 Q18PE1
DOK7 231134 Q18PE0
DOK7 305448  

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Zebrafish Docking Protein 7 (DOK7) interaction partners

  1. Dok-7 promotes slow muscle integrity as well as neuromuscular junction formation in a zebrafish model of congenital myasthenic syndromes.

Human Docking Protein 7 (DOK7) interaction partners

  1. DOK7 was reduced in lung cancer and reduced DOK7 expression was associated with poorer survival.DOK7 isoform 1 plays an inhibitory role on the proliferation and migration of lung cancer cells.

  2. Individuals with DOK7 congenital myasthenic syndrome displayed stridor and feeding difficulties at birth or progressive weakness despite normal milestones in infancy pointing to a diagnosis and should lead to neurophysiological and genetic investigation

  3. this study demonistrated that Salbutamol is an effective treatment in patient wity congenital myasthenic syndrome due to DOK7 mutation.

  4. DOK7 limb-girdle myasthenic syndrome can mimick congenital muscular dystrophy.

  5. Hypermethylation of DOK7 occurs years before tumor diagnosis, suggesting a role as a powerful epigenetic blood-based biomarker as well as providing insights into breast cancer pathogenesis

  6. In contrast to AChR deficiency due to epsilon subunit (show CHRNE Proteins) mutations, onset of DOK7 CMS (show Cd2ap Proteins) tends to be later--ages two to three years--and in DOK7 CMS (show Cd2ap Proteins) eye movements are usually spared and anticholinesterases can exacerbate the weakness

  7. The DOK7 gene is highly polymorphic, and within these many variants, a spectrum of mutations that can underlie DOK7 Congenital myasthenic syndromes that will inform in managing this disorder, were defined.

  8. Sequencing of DOK-7 in seronegative myasthenia gravis patients reveals no mutations.

  9. 6 CMS (show Cd2ap Proteins) patients with DOK7 mutations had congenital stridor, bilateral vocal cord palsy and difficulty with feeding

  10. This study demonistreated that DOK7 mutation casused congenital myasthenic syndrome in French Canadians.

Mouse (Murine) Docking Protein 7 (DOK7) interaction partners

  1. The Dok-7's C-terminal region plays a key, but not fully essential, role in MuSK (show MUSK Proteins) activation and NMJ formation.

  2. These results demonstrate that correct, physiological levels of dok-7 expression are required for the postnatal maintenance of neuromuscular junctions.

  3. Protein kinase CK2 (show CSNK2A1 Proteins) interacts at the neuromuscular synapse with Rapsyn (show RAPSN Proteins), Rac1, 14-3-3gamma (show YWHAG Proteins), and Dok-7 proteins and phosphorylates the latter two.

  4. Sp1 (show SP1 Proteins) plays a crucial role in the regulation of the dok-7 gene.

  5. Data show a critical role for Crk (show CRK Proteins) and Crk (show CRK Proteins)-L downstream from Dok-7 in presynaptic and postsynaptic differentiation.

  6. The crystal structure of the Dok7 PH-PTB (show PTBP1 Proteins) domains in complex with a phosphopeptide representing the Dok7-binding site on MuSK (show MUSK Proteins), is presented.

  7. Dok-7 is essential for neuromuscular synaptogenesis through its interaction with MuSK (show MUSK Proteins)

  8. the COOH-terminal NES (show NES Proteins) and Src (show SRC Proteins) homology 2 target motifs play key roles in Dok-7/MuSK (show MUSK Proteins) signaling for neuromuscular synaptogenesis.

DOK7 Protein Profile

Protein Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is essential for neuromuscular synaptogenesis. The protein functions in aneural activation of muscle-specific receptor kinase, which is required for postsynaptic differentiation, and in the subsequent clustering of the acetylcholine receptor in myotubes. This protein can also induce autophosphorylation of muscle-specific receptor kinase. Mutations in this gene are a cause of familial limb-girdle myasthenia autosomal recessive, which is also known as congenital myasthenic syndrome type 1B. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with DOK7

  • docking protein 7 (DOK7)
  • docking protein 7 (dok7)
  • docking protein 7 (Dok7)
  • downstream of tyrosine kinase 7 (dok7)
  • A930013K19Rik protein
  • AW049091 protein
  • C4orf25 protein
  • CMS1B protein
  • dok-7 protein
  • EF-12 protein
  • Oit5 protein
  • RGD1566416 protein
  • si:ch211-164d19.2 protein
  • si:dkey-180b4.3 protein

Protein level used designations for Docking Protein 7 Proteins (DOK7)

docking protein 7 , downstream of tyrosine kinase 7 , protein Dok-7 , oncoprotein induced transcript 5

422875 Gallus gallus
488794 Canis lupus familiaris
524590 Bos taurus
557881 Danio rerio
750536 Pan troglodytes
285489 Homo sapiens
231134 Mus musculus
305448 Rattus norvegicus
724073 Takifugu rubripes
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