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A730069N07Rik, Arhgap7, Dlc-1, DLC1, F56, HP, p122-RhoGAP, RhoGAP, rhogap7, StARD12
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DLC1 10395 Q96QB1
DLC1 50768 Q9R0Z9
DLC1 58834  

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  1. Human Monoclonal DLC1 Primary Antibody for IF, WB - ABIN968714 : Homma, Emori: A dual functional signal mediator showing RhoGAP and phospholipase C-delta stimulating activities. in The EMBO journal 1995 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Polyclonal DLC1 Primary Antibody for IHC (p), IHC - ABIN268701 : Ko, Yeung, Wong, Chan, Poon, Ng, Yam: Deleted in liver cancer 1 isoforms are distinctly expressed in human tissues, functionally different and under differential transcriptional regulation in hepatocellular carcinoma. in Liver international : official journal of the International Association for the Study of the Liver 2009 (PubMed)
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  3. Human Polyclonal DLC1 Primary Antibody for IHC, IHC (p) - ABIN4305321 : Muehlich, Hampl, Khalid, Singer, Frank, Breuhahn, Gudermann, Prywes: The transcriptional coactivators megakaryoblastic leukemia 1/2 mediate the effects of loss of the tumor suppressor deleted in liver cancer 1. in Oncogene 2012 (PubMed)

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Human Deleted in Liver Cancer 1 (DLC1) interaction partners

  1. The results identify DLC1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) as an activator of white and brown adipocyte differentiation, and provide a molecular link between PPARgamma (show PPARG Antibodies) and Rho pathways.

  2. DLC-1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) has a positive regulatory role in endothelial cell angiogenesis.

  3. Subsequent studies have demonstrated that DLC-1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) is generally expressed in normal human tissues as well as in rats, while it always exists inactivated or even lost in many human cancers, which characterizes DLC-1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) as a potential tumor suppressor. [review]

  4. Tumor suppressor genes deleted in liver cancer 1 (DLC1), F-box/WD-repeat-containing protein 7 (FBXW7 (show FBXW7 Antibodies)), and cadherin-6 (CDH6 (show CDH6 Antibodies)) were identified as presumed targets in Cholangiocarcinoma (CC).Inverse correlation between promoter methylation and expression suggested miR (show MLXIP Antibodies)-129-2 and members of the miR (show MLXIP Antibodies)-200 family (miR (show MLXIP Antibodies)-200a, miR (show MLXIP Antibodies)-200b, and miR (show MLXIP Antibodies)-429) as novel tumor suppressors and oncomiRs, respectively, in CC

  5. the expression levels of DLEC1 and ITGA9 were prominently decreased in lung tumor samples

  6. it was demonstrated that the rs621554 polymorphism was correlated with DLC1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) expression at the mRNA level. These results suggested that the rs621554 polymorphism is associated with breast cancer susceptibility and prognosis, and may serve as a biomarker for breast cancer development and progression.

  7. curcumin down-regulates the expression of Sp1 (show PSG1 Antibodies) to inhibit the expression of DNA methyltransferase 1 (show DNMT1 Antibodies), thus subsequently reducing hypermethylation of DLC1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) promoter to induce DLC1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) expression.

  8. DLC-1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) acts as a tumor suppressor gene in HCC (show FAM126A Antibodies) by regulating the expression of RhoA (show RHOA Antibodies)/ROCK2 (show ROCK2 Antibodies)/ moesin (show MSN Antibodies).

  9. Low DLC-1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) expression is associated with cancer.

  10. Low expression of DLC1 (show DYNLL1 Antibodies) is predictive of poor therapeutic efficiency of fluoropyrimidine and oxaliplatin as adjuvant chemotherapy in gastric cancer.

Mouse (Murine) Deleted in Liver Cancer 1 (DLC1) interaction partners

  1. DLC-1 has a positive regulatory role in endothelial cell angiogenesis.

  2. studies demonstrate that TNS1 (show TNS1 Antibodies) binds to DLC1 and fine-tunes its RhoGAP (show ARHGAP1 Antibodies) activity toward RhoA (show RHOA Antibodies) and that the TNS1 (show TNS1 Antibodies)-DLC1-RhoA (show RHOA Antibodies) signaling axis is critical in regulating cellular functions that lead to angiogenesis

  3. Loss of expression of only Dlc1 isoform 2 may be sufficient for the development of thymic tumors and metastasis.

  4. Several genes and biochemical activities collaborate with the inactivation of DLC1 to give rise to cell transformation in MEFs, and the identified genes are relevant to human tumors with low DLC1 expression.

  5. The Dlc1 deficient cells showed altered cytoskeleton structure, increased RhoA (show RHOA Antibodies) activity and cellular migration.

  6. DLC-1-/- embryos had defects in the neural tube, brain, heart, and placenta

  7. Our data validate DLC1 as a potent tumor suppressor gene and suggest that its loss creates a dependence on the RhoA (show RHOA Antibodies) pathway that may be targeted therapeutically.

DLC1 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene contains 37 exons, spans approximately 59-kb, and is located in the 3p22-p21.3 chromosomal segment that is commonly deleted in various carcinomas. Several alternatively spliced transcripts have been observed that contain disrupted coding regions and likely encode nonfunctional proteins. Aberrant transcription of this gene may be involved in carcinogenesis of the lung, esophagus, and kidney.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with DLC1

  • deleted in liver cancer 1 (dlc1) antibody
  • deleted in liver cancer 1 (DLC1) antibody
  • deleted in liver cancer 1 (Dlc1) antibody
  • deleted in lung and esophageal cancer 1 (DLEC1) antibody
  • A730069N07Rik antibody
  • Arhgap7 antibody
  • Dlc-1 antibody
  • DLC1 antibody
  • F56 antibody
  • HP antibody
  • p122-RhoGAP antibody
  • RhoGAP antibody
  • rhogap7 antibody
  • StARD12 antibody

Protein level used designations for DLC1

deleted in liver cancer 1 , rho GTPase-activating protein 7-like , Rho-GTPase-activating protein 7 , START domain-containing protein 12 , StAR-related lipid transfer (START) domain containing 12 , deleted in liver cancer 1 protein , deleted in liver cancer 1 variant 2 , rho GTPase-activating protein 7 , rho-type GTPase-activating protein 7 , p122-RhoGAP , stAR-related lipid transfer protein 12 , deleted in liver cancer 1 protein homolog , dlc-1 , rho GTPase activating protein 7 , stARD12 , Deleted in liver cancer 1 protein homolog , Rho-type GTPase-activating protein 7 , DLC-1 , deleted in lung and esophageal cancer 1 transcript varient 2 , deleted in lung and esophageal cancer protein 1

431800 Xenopus laevis
422740 Gallus gallus
464001 Pan troglodytes
700630 Macaca mulatta
100022416 Monodelphis domestica
100052317 Equus caballus
100352546 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100470350 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100488460 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100456847 Pongo abelii
100553915 Anolis carolinensis
100598737 Nomascus leucogenys
10395 Homo sapiens
50768 Mus musculus
58834 Rattus norvegicus
511433 Bos taurus
475607 Canis lupus familiaris
9940 Homo sapiens
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