anti-Histone H2A Variant (HIS2AV) Antibodies

Variant histone H2A which replaces conventional H2A in a subset of nucleosomes.

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HIS2AV 43229 P08985
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Fruit Fly Rabbit Un-conjugated ELISA, WB Western blot using  affinity purified anti-histone H2AvD pS137 antibody shows detection of a band at ~15 kDa corresponding to phosphorylated H2AvD (lane 2 arrow-head). Lanes contain either mock-irradiated (lane 1) or 4000-RAD gamma irradiated (lane 2) Drosophila melanogaster (3rd instar) larvae brain WC lysate separated on by SDS-PAGE and transferred to nitrocellulose. After blocking the membrane was probed with the primary antibody diluted to 1:500. Washes and reaction with secondary antibody followed incubation. Use HRP conjugated Gt-a-Rabbit IgG [H&L] MX  and ECL for detection. Personal Communication. Yikang Rong, NIH, CCR, Bethesda, MD. 100 μg 5 to 7 Days
Fruit Fly Rabbit Un-conjugated ELISA, WB 100 μg 11 to 14 Days

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  1. Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Polyclonal HIS2AV Primary Antibody for ELISA, WB - ABIN129671 : Na, Park, Pyo, Lee, Jeon, Kim, Yoo: Mechanism of metformin: Inhibition of DNA damage and proliferative activity in Drosophila midgut stem cell. in Mechanisms of ageing and development 2013 (PubMed)
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Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) Histone H2A Variant (HIS2AV) interaction partners

  1. H2Av continuously exchanges between lipid droplets.

  2. H2Av or H3S10 phosphorylation by JIL-1 is not required for chromatin decondensation or transcriptional elongation in Drosophila.

  3. The nucleosome positioning sequence (NPS) patterns from H2A.Z nucleosomes differ from the NPS patterns from H2A nucleosomes. The purine-purine/pyrimidine-pyrimidine pattern of H2A.Z nucleosomes has major peaks shifted by 10 bp deviated from the H2A nucleosome pattern. The H2A and H2A.Z nucleosomes have different sequence preferences.

  4. the H2AZ-like rather than the H2AX-like function of H2AV is primarily required for normal hematopoiesis.

  5. The study reports the crystal structure of the H2A.Z-binding domain of Drosophila melanogaster YL1 (dYL1-Z) in complex with an H2A.Z-H2B dimer at 1.9-A resolution.

  6. The Drosophila histone variant H2A.V works in concert with HP1 to promote kinetochore-driven microtubule formation.

  7. nucleosomes present significant, context-specific barriers to RNAPII in vivo that can be tuned by the incorporation of H2A.Z

  8. chromatin loosening and associated initiation of gene expression is activated by phosphorylation of H2Av in a nucleosome positioned in promoter regions of PARP-1-dependent genes

  9. Unlike other organisms that employ several H2A variants for different functions, the parsimonious fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster gets along with just a single H2A variant, H2A.V. Remarkably, H2A.V unites within one molecule features and functions of two different mammalian H2A variants, H2A.Z and H2A.X. [Review]

  10. H2A.Z nucleosome occupancy has no effect on sequence variability of Drosophila genome

  11. PARP1 is targeted to chromatin by association with the histone H2A variant (H2Av).

  12. demonstrated that the dTip60 chromatin-remodeling complex acetylates nucleosomal phospho-H2Av and exchanges it with an unmodified H2Av; both the histone acetyltransferase dTip60 and the atpase Domino/p400 catalyze the exchange of phospho-H2Av

  13. In Rsf-1 mutant, the levels of histone H3K9 dimethylation and histone H2A variant H2Av were significantly reduced in an euchromatic region juxtaposed with heterochromatin.

  14. in the absence of H2A.Z, checkpoint-defective telomeres adopt alternative structures, which are permissive for the loading of the capping machinery at Drosophila telomeres.

Histone H2A Variant (HIS2AV) Antigen Profile

Protein Summary

Variant histone H2A which replaces conventional H2A in a subset of nucleosomes. Nucleosomes wrap and compact DNA into chromatin, limiting DNA accessibility to the cellular machineries which require DNA as a template. Histones thereby play a central role in transcription regulation, DNA repair, DNA replication and chromosomal stability. DNA accessibility is regulated via a complex set of post-translational modifications of histones, also called histone code, and nucleosome remodeling. Acts as a Polycomb group (PcG) protein required to maintain the transcriptionally repressive state of homeotic genes of the animal throughout development. Required for histone H3 'Lys-9' methylation and histone H4 'Lys-12' acetylation, two modifications that are essential for heterochromatin formation. Also involved in DNA double strand break (DSB) repair. Essential for early development.

Gene names and symbols associated with HIS2AV

  • Histone H2A variant (His2Av) antibody
  • 5499 antibody
  • CG5499 antibody
  • Dmel\\CG5499 antibody
  • gamma-H2Av antibody
  • gamma-His2Av antibody
  • gammaH2Av antibody
  • H2A antibody
  • H2A.F/Z antibody
  • H2a.V antibody
  • H2A.X antibody
  • H2A.Z antibody
  • H2av antibody
  • h2AvD antibody
  • H2AV_DROM antibody
  • H2AX antibody
  • H2AZ antibody
  • his antibody
  • His2 antibody
  • His2AV antibody
  • His2AvD antibody
  • HisH2Av antibody
  • Hist antibody
  • Hist2av antibody
  • l(3)05146 antibody
  • l(3)97Dd antibody
  • l(3)810 antibody
  • l(3)L1602 antibody

Protein level used designations for HIS2AV

CG5499-PA , CG5499-PB , H2A variant , His2Av-PA , His2Av-PB , Histone-2A , Histone2Av , histone , histone 2A variant , histone H2A variant , histone H2Av , histone variant H2Av , histone2A , histone2AvD

43229 Drosophila melanogaster
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