TMB High Sensitivity Substrate Solution

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Characteristics The TMB High Sensitivity (TMB HS) Substrate solution is an one-step working solution for HRP (horse-radish peroxidase) labeled conjugates. TMB HS substrate solution provides high signal and high sensitivity for ELISA. It is recommended for cytokine ELISA reagent sets. The substrate can be catalyzed with peroxidase to produce a pale blue color which can be read spectrophotometrically at 370 or 620-650 nm. The TMB reaction may be stopped with 2N H2SO4 or 1M H3PO4 (resulting in a yellow color), and read at 450 nm.
Components TMB High Sensitivity Substrate Solution
Application Notes Optimal working dilution should be determined by the investigator.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Handling Advice Avoid prolonged exposure to light, contact with metal, air, or extreme temperatures.
Storage 4 °C
Storage Comment The TMB High Sensitivity Substrate Solution should be stored between 2°C and 8°C.
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