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Mouse (Murine)
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  • Experiment Reproducibility
    The results will be likely more reproducible, with high inter- or intra-assay CV and Recovery (for values within the std curve) than the available alternatives.
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RPA2 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Required for DNA recombination, repair and replication. The activity of RP-A is mediated by single-stranded DNA binding and protein interactions. Required for the efficient recruitment of the DNA double-strand break repair factor RAD51 to chromatin in response to DNA damage (By similarity). Required for simian virus 40 DNA replication in vitro. It participates in a very early step in initiation.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with RPA2

  • Replication protein A2 (RPA2) ELISA Kit
  • replication protein A2 (rpa2) ELISA Kit
  • replication protein A2 (RPA2) ELISA Kit
  • replication protein A2 (Rpa2) ELISA Kit
  • replication protein A 32 kDa subunit (LOC725418) ELISA Kit
  • replication protein A2 (RPA2_2) ELISA Kit
  • STN1, CST complex subunit (Stn1) ELISA Kit
  • polymerase (RNA) I polypeptide B (Polr1b) ELISA Kit
  • RNA polymerase I subunit B (Polr1b) ELISA Kit
  • replication protein A2, 32kDa (RPA2) ELISA Kit
  • 153194_at ELISA Kit
  • CG9273 ELISA Kit
  • Dmel\\CG9273 ELISA Kit
  • dRPA2 ELISA Kit
  • rpa ELISA Kit
  • zgc:109822 ELISA Kit
  • ik:tdsubc_2g1 ELISA Kit
  • xx:tdsubc_2g1 ELISA Kit
  • repa2 ELISA Kit
  • rpa32 ELISA Kit
  • RPA2 ELISA Kit
  • GB13976 ELISA Kit
  • LOC100230445 ELISA Kit
  • 0610009H20Rik ELISA Kit
  • 2310057J23Rik ELISA Kit
  • AAF-44 ELISA Kit
  • AAF44 ELISA Kit
  • AI413458 ELISA Kit
  • RPA-32 ELISA Kit
  • 128kDa ELISA Kit
  • D630020H17Rik ELISA Kit
  • RPA116 ELISA Kit
  • RPA135 ELISA Kit
  • Rpo1-2 ELISA Kit
  • AA409079 ELISA Kit
  • AI325195 ELISA Kit
  • AU020965 ELISA Kit
  • RPA34 ELISA Kit
  • Rf-A2 ELISA Kit
  • RPA32 ELISA Kit

Protein level used designations for RPA2

CG9273-PA , CG9273-PB , RPA2-PA , RPA2-PB , replication protein A, subunit 2 , replication protein A2 , RPA p32 , replication protein A 32 kDa subunit , replication protein A2, 32kDa , GLEAN_05650 , putative replication protein A middle subunit , CST complex subunit STN1 , alpha accessory factor 44 , alpha-accessory factor of 44 kDa , oligonucleotide/oligosaccharide-binding fold-containing protein 1 , suppressor of cdc thirteen homolog , DNA-directed RNA polymerase I 135 kDa polypeptide , DNA-directed RNA polymerase I 135kDa polypeptide , DNA-directed RNA polymerase I subunit RPA2 , RNA polymerase 1-2, 128 kDa subunit , RNA polymerase I subunit 2 , A127 , RNA polymerase 1-2 , RNA polymerase I (127 kDa subunit) , RNA polymerase I polypeptide B , RPA135 , 30-kDa protein , RF-A protein 2 , RP-A p32 , RP-A p34 , replication factor A protein 2 , replication protein A 34 kDa subunit , p32-subunit of replication protein A

35364 Drosophila melanogaster
65226 Danio rerio
448500 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
456680 Pan troglodytes
658683 Tribolium castaneum
725418 Apis mellifera
7449647 Thalassiosira pseudonana CCMP1335
100119335 Nasonia vitripennis
100162673 Acyrthosiphon pisum
100230445 Taeniopygia guttata
100347550 Oryctolagus cuniculus
108689 Mus musculus
20017 Mus musculus
83582 Rattus norvegicus
19891 Mus musculus
59102 Rattus norvegicus
6118 Homo sapiens
419566 Gallus gallus
487339 Canis lupus familiaris
100514295 Sus scrofa
507912 Bos taurus
100172265 Pongo abelii
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