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NK2 Homeobox 5 Proteins (NKX2-5)

NKX2-5 encodes a homeobox-containing transcription factor. Additionally we are shipping NK2 Homeobox 5 Antibodies (127) and many more products for this protein.

list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
NKX2-5 1482 P52952
NKX2-5 18091 P42582
NKX2-5 114109 O35767
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HOST_Escherichia coli (E. coli) Human His tag „Crystallography Grade“ protein due to multi-step, protein-specific purification process 1 mg Log in to see 29 to 34 Days
HOST_Escherichia coli (E. coli) Mouse His tag „Crystallography Grade“ protein due to multi-step, protein-specific purification process 1 mg Log in to see 29 to 34 Days
HOST_Wheat germ Human GST tag 2 μg Log in to see 9 Days
Yeast Rat His tag   1 mg Log in to see 56 to 66 Days
HOST_Human Human Un-conjugated   20 μg Log in to see 19 Days

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Human NK2 Homeobox 5 (NKX2-5) interaction partners

  1. NKX2-5 mutations mainly occur in familial congenital heart defects, the signature phenotype is atrial septal defects with conduction disturbances and mutation carriers are at increased risk of sudden cardiac death.

  2. 187QNRRYKCKRQR197 was required for exclusive nuclear localization of NKX2.5.

  3. NKX2.5 and GATA4 (show GATA4 Proteins) gene mutations might participate in the development of congenital heart disease and can promote bone marrow derived stroma cell differentiate into cardiomyocytes.

  4. Data indicate that cells cultured on cardiac muscle laminin (LN)-based substrata in combination with stimulation of the canonical Wnt (show WNT2 Proteins)/beta-catenin (show CTNNB1 Proteins) pathway showed increased gene expression of ISL1 (show ISL1 Proteins), OCT4 (show POU5F1 Proteins), KDR (show KDR Proteins) and NKX2.5.

  5. There was no evidence of a role for NKX2-5 and GATA4 (show GATA4 Proteins) CNV in fetal CHD (show CHDH Proteins); therefore, these CNV may not be common in fetal CHD (show CHDH Proteins) in China

  6. Overexpression of Nkx2.5 significantly promotes the differentiation of human umbilical cord drived mesenchymal stem cells into cardiomyocytes.

  7. Egyptian T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cases seemed to have a different genetic pattern compared to other populations, with a lower incidence of TLX3/HOX11L2 (show TLX3 Proteins) and SIL (show PMEL Proteins)/TAL (show TALDO1 Proteins) but a higher incidence of NKX2-5 expression than recorded in Western countries

  8. This study reveals a novel pathway that directly links ErbB4 (show ERBB4 Proteins) and p38gamma (show MAPK12 Proteins) to the transcriptional machinery of NKx2.5-GATA4 (show GATA4 Proteins) complex which is critical for cardiomyocyte formation during mammalian heart development.

  9. the single nucleotide polymorphism rs2277923 of NKX2-5 gene contributes to the risk of sporadic congenital heart disease in Chinese Bai people.

  10. the frequency of NKX2.5 gene mutations among the patient with Atrial septal defect: in 80% of the affected individuals two polymorphic sites are located at position 487 and 495.

Mouse (Murine) NK2 Homeobox 5 (NKX2-5) interaction partners

  1. Using a combination of mouse genetics, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, we demonstrate that Nkx2-5 regulates the gene encoding Kcnh2 (show KCNH2 Proteins) channel and others, shedding light on potential mechanisms generating electrical abnormalities observed in patients bearing NKX2-5 dysfunction and opening opportunities to the study of novel therapeutic targets for anti-arrhythmogenic therapies

  2. In the absence of NKX2-5 (or Smad-6 (show SMAD6 Proteins)), a severe form of rheumatic heart disease is observed.

  3. Study reports extensive and complex interdependent genomic occupancy of TBX5 (show TBX5 Proteins), NKX2-5, and the zinc finger TF GATA4 (show GATA4 Proteins) coordinately controlling cardiac gene expression, differentiation, and morphogenesis.

  4. Sequential binding of MEIS1 (show MEIS1 Proteins) and NKX2-5 on the Popdc2 (show POPDC2 Proteins) gene demonstrate a mechanism for spatiotemporal regulation of enhancers during cardiogenesis.

  5. The model proposed will help to elucidate the molecular basis for disease causing mutations in GATA4 and NKX2-5 and may be relevant to other members of the GATA and NK classes of transcription factors.

  6. MSCs thus form a 'mechanical memory' of rigidity by progressively suppressing NKX2.5, thereby elevating SMA (show SMN1 Proteins) in a scar-like state.

  7. the Shox2 (show SHOX2 Proteins)-Nkx2-5 antagonistic mechanism primes the pacemaker cell fate in the pulmonary vein myocardium and sinoatrial node

  8. Findings implicate a novel, temporal-specific role of Mzf1 (show ZSCAN1 Proteins) in embryonic heart development and show that Mzf1 (show ZSCAN1 Proteins) bounds directly to the Nkx2.5 during murine embryonic stem cell differentiation.

  9. A heterozygous Nkx2-5 missense mutation in the homeodomain demonstrates a high penetrance of diverse cardiac anomalies, similar to or more profound than those observed in human patients.

  10. our findings reveal a novel mechanism for regulation of SCFFbox25-dependent Nkx2-5 and Tbx5 (show TBX5 Proteins) ubiquitination in cardiac development and provide a new insight into the regulatory mechanism of Nkx2-5 and Tbx5 (show TBX5 Proteins) transcriptional activity.

NK2 Homeobox 5 (NKX2-5) Protein Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes a homeobox-containing transcription factor. This transcription factor functions in heart formation and development. Mutations in this gene cause atrial septal defect with atrioventricular conduction defect, and also tetralogy of Fallot, which are both heart malformation diseases. Mutations in this gene can also cause congenital hypothyroidism non-goitrous type 5, a non-autoimmune condition. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Gene names and symbols associated with NK2 Homeobox 5 Proteins (NKX2-5)

  • NK2 transcription factor related, locus 5 (Drosophila) (NKX2-5)
  • Nkx2.5 protein (nkx2.5)
  • NK2 transcription factor related, locus 5 (nkx2-5)
  • NK2 homeobox 5 (NKX2-5)
  • NK2 homeobox 5 (Nkx2-5)
  • Nkx-2.5 homeobox protein (NKX-2.5)
  • CHNG5 protein
  • CNKX-2.5 protein
  • Csx protein
  • CSX1 protein
  • HLHS2 protein
  • NKX-2.5 protein
  • Nkx2-5 protein
  • NKX2.5 protein
  • NKX2E protein
  • NKX4-1 protein
  • tinman protein
  • VSD3 protein
  • XNkx-2.5 protein
  • XNkx2-5 protein

Protein level used designations for NK2 Homeobox 5 Proteins (NKX2-5)

NK2 transcription factor related, locus 5 (Drosophila) , NK2 transcription factor locus 5-like , Nkx2.5 protein , NK2 transcription factor related, locus 5 , cardiac-specific homeobox 1 , homeobox protein CSX , homeobox protein NK-2 homolog E , homeobox protein Nkx-2.5 , tinman paralog , transcription factor NKX2.5 , Drosophila NK2 transcription factor related, locus 5 , cardiac-specific homeobox , rNKx-2.5

462273 Pan troglodytes
703795 Macaca mulatta
100026700 Monodelphis domestica
100125478 Oryzias latipes
100144646 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
1482 Homo sapiens
489113 Canis lupus familiaris
538870 Bos taurus
18091 Mus musculus
114109 Rattus norvegicus
396073 Gallus gallus
100009490 Oryctolagus cuniculus
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