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2700054O04Rik, AI194771, HMG20, Rps27a, TI-225, Uba52, Ubb
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UBC 7316  
UBC 22190 P0CG50
UBC 50522 Q63429

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Human Ubiquitin C (UBC) interaction partners

  1. Noncovalent ubiquitin interactions regulate the catalytic activity of ubiquitin writers. (Review)

  2. The authors now report the crystal structure of a human Parkin-phosphoubiquitin complex, which shows that phosphoubiquitin binding induces movement in the 'in-between RING' (IBR) domain to reveal a cryptic ubiquitin-binding site.

  3. Studies indicate a role for the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) as a key regulator of ciliogenesis.

  4. Chicago Sky (show TYRO3 Antibodies) Blue 6B (CSB6B) binds directly to the beta-groove of ubiquitin and could inhibit the binding of ubiquitin to chemokine (C-X-C motif) receptor 4 (CXCR4 (show CXCR4 Antibodies)), a cell surface ubiquitin receptor.

  5. Studies suggest that ubiquitin signals for the proteasome involved more that Lys48 (K48).

  6. Data show that the stereospecific complex of ubiquitin and the ubiquitin-associated domain (UBA) is minimally perturbed by the crowding agent Ficoll.

  7. Studies indicate complex ubiquitin architectures function as important signals including post-translational modification (PTM) of ubiquitin itself, such as acetylated ubiquitin and phospho-ubiquitin..

  8. Our study predicted that UBC and RPA had potential as target genes for the diagnosis and treatment of osteosarcoma

  9. Data show that at least three heat shock elements with different configurations, exist in the UBC (show RPS27A Antibodies) promoter. All of them are bound by transcription factors belonging to the heat shock factor family clarifying the mechanisms regulating UBC (show RPS27A Antibodies) expression.

  10. Data show that discoidin domain receptor 2 (DDR2) is linked to a polyubiquitin (Ub) chain predominantly through lysine K27 conjugation and slightly through K33.

Mouse (Murine) Ubiquitin C (UBC) interaction partners

  1. Ubc (show UBA52 Antibodies)-/- mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs) exhibited reduced viability under As(III) exposure, although the Nrf2 (show NFE2L2 Antibodies)-Keap1 (show KEAP1 Antibodies) pathway was activated as a cytoprotective response.

  2. phosphorylation of Parkin (show PARK2 Antibodies) at Ser (show SIGLEC1 Antibodies)-65 following dissipation of DeltaPsim triggers ubiquitin-ester transfer by the RING2 (show HSD17B8 Antibodies) domain of Parkin (show PARK2 Antibodies) to Cys (show DNAJC5 Antibodies)-431.

  3. Defective proliferation of fetal liver cells contributes to severe reduction of fetal liver size and potentially mid-gestation lethality of Ubc (show UBA52 Antibodies)-deficient embryos

  4. Data indicate that Ubc (show UBA52 Antibodies) and Ywhaz (show YWHAZ Antibodies) were best correlated for B cells and lymphocytes, whereas Ubc (show UBA52 Antibodies) and Gapdh (show GAPDH Antibodies) were the best combination for non-B cells, and Actb (show ACTB Antibodies) and Hprt1 (show HPRT1 Antibodies) were the least stably expressed genes for B cells and non-B cell.

  5. the lethality of Ubc (show UBA52 Antibodies)(-/-) embryos is not the result of intrinsic HSC (show FUT1 Antibodies) failure

  6. reduction of Ubc (show UBA52 Antibodies) expression in R6/2; Ubc (show UBA52 Antibodies)+/- mice largely prevented this increase in uH2A levels

  7. regulation of ubiquitin C expression contributes to attenuation of skin carcinogenesis

  8. The mouse polyubiquitin (show UBB Antibodies) gene UbC (show UBA52 Antibodies) is essential for fetal liver development, cell-cycle progression and stress tolerance.

UBC Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene represents a ubiquitin gene, ubiquitin C. The encoded protein is a polyubiquitin precursor. Conjugation of ubiquitin monomers or polymers can lead to various effects within a cell, depending on the residues to which ubiquitin is conjugated. Ubiquitination has been associated with protein degradation, DNA repair, cell cycle regulation, kinase modification, endocytosis, and regulation of other cell signaling pathways.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with UBC

  • ubiquitin C (UBC) antibody
  • ubiquitin C (Ubc) antibody
  • 2700054O04Rik antibody
  • AI194771 antibody
  • HMG20 antibody
  • Rps27a antibody
  • TI-225 antibody
  • Uba52 antibody
  • Ubb antibody

Protein level used designations for anti-Ubiquitin C (UBC) Antibodies

polyubiquitin-C , polyubiquitin C , polyubiquitin , Polyubiquitin-C , ubiquitin copy 4

7316 Homo sapiens
22190 Mus musculus
50522 Rattus norvegicus
444874 Bos taurus
396966 Sus scrofa
467151 Pan troglodytes
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