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Drosha, Ribonuclease Type III Proteins (DROSHA)
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1110013A17Rik, AI874853, Etohi2, HSA242976, im:7150667, RANSE3L, RGD1307626, Rn3, RNASE3L, Rnasen, zgc:158612
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Rat DROSHA DROSHA 310159  

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Human Drosha, Ribonuclease Type III (DROSHA) interaction partners

  1. Drosha and DGRC8 were significantly downregulated in healthy-appearing perilesional skin from hidradenitis suppurativa patients compared to healthy controls.

  2. Authors found that DENV4 infection exhibited the highest viral load 3 days post-infection. Dicer (show DICER1 Proteins), Drosha, and DGCR8 (show DGCR8 Proteins) showed reduced expression following DENV4 infection as compared with negative controls.

  3. Mutations of DROSHA gene underlie Wilms tumor recurrences.

  4. DICER (show DICER1 Proteins), DROSHA and DNA damage response RNAs act in the response to DNA damage after primary recognition of DNA lesions and, together with gammaH2AX (show H2AFX Proteins), are essential for enabling the secondary recruitment of DDR (show DDR1 Proteins) factors and fuel the amplification of DDR (show DDR1 Proteins) signaling.

  5. An essential role of DROSHA in the canonical miRNA pathway

  6. DICER1 (show DICER1 Proteins) and DROSHA copy number variation may be an important mechanism of upregulation/downregulation of miRNAs in lung cancer

  7. Gradual loss of cytoplasmic Drosha was accompanied by tumor progression in both gastric cancer tissues and cell lines, and was inversely associated with tumor volume (P = 0.002), tumor grade (P < 0.001), tumor stage (P = 0.018), and distant metastasis

  8. we found that both the structural features of shmiR hairpins and the nucleotide sequence at Drosha and Dicer (show DICER1 Proteins) processing sites contribute to cleavage site selection and cleavage precision.

  9. DGCR8 (show DGCR8 Proteins) and Drosha assemble into a heterotrimeric complex on RNA, comprising two DGCR8 (show DGCR8 Proteins) molecules and one Drosha molecule.

  10. Study reports the X-ray structure of DROSHA in complex with the C-terminal helix of DGCR8 (show DGCR8 Proteins); DROSHA contains two DGCR8 (show DGCR8 Proteins)-binding sites, one on each RNase III domain (RIIID), which mediate the assembly of Microprocessor; overall structure of DROSHA is surprisingly similar to that of Dicer (show DICER1 Proteins) despite no sequence homology apart from the C-terminal part.

Mouse (Murine) Drosha, Ribonuclease Type III (DROSHA) interaction partners

  1. our findings suggest that DROSHA is involved in stromal decidualization and may play an important role in embryo implantation in mice.

  2. These data indicate that oocyte DICER (show DICER1 Proteins) expression in the fetal ovary is required, and oocyte DROSHA is dispensable, for postnatal follicular development and female fertility in adulthood.

  3. Drosha repressed the expression of two mRNAs encoding inhibitors of myelopoiesis in early hematopoietic progenitors.

  4. Early postnatal ablation of the microRNA-processing enzyme, Drosha, causes chondrocyte death and impairs the structural integrity of the articular cartilage.

  5. Data indicate that Arf-deficient cells transformed by oncogenic Ras were dependent on increased Drosha expression as Drosha knockdown was sufficient to inhibit Ras-dependent cellular transformation.

  6. Drosha is required for VSMC survival by targeting multiple signaling pathways.

  7. the podocyte-specific deletion of Drosha results in a similar phenotype to Dicer (show DICER1 Proteins) mutants, confirming that the Dicer (show DICER1 Proteins) mutant phenotype is due to the loss of miRNAs

  8. DROSHA is essential mainly for the canonical miRNA production, and DROSHA-mediated miRNA production is essential for normal spermatogenesis and male fertility.

  9. Drosha is required for maintenance of neural stem cell self-renewal.

  10. epidermal Dicer (show DICER1 Proteins) and Drosha have multiple functions in postnatal skin

DROSHA Protein Profile

Protein Summary

Members of the ribonuclease III superfamily of double-stranded (ds) RNA-specific endoribonucleases participate in diverse RNA maturation and decay pathways in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells (Fortin et al., 2002

Alternative names and synonyms associated with DROSHA

  • ribonuclease type III, nuclear (rnasen)
  • Ribonuclease 3 (Thicy_0885)
  • Ribonuclease 3 (Sinme_0866)
  • ribonuclease 3 (Isova_2087)
  • Ribonuclease 3 (Sphch_0770)
  • drosha, ribonuclease type III (DROSHA)
  • drosha, ribonuclease type III (Drosha)
  • ribonuclease III, nuclear (LOC100349331)
  • 1110013A17Rik protein
  • AI874853 protein
  • Etohi2 protein
  • HSA242976 protein
  • im:7150667 protein
  • RANSE3L protein
  • RGD1307626 protein
  • Rn3 protein
  • RNASE3L protein
  • Rnasen protein
  • zgc:158612 protein

Protein level used designations for DROSHA

drosha , ribonuclease 3 , Ribonuclease 3 , RNase III , drosha, double-stranded RNA-specific endoribonuclease , nuclear RNase III Drosha , p241 , protein Drosha , putative protein p241 which interacts with transcription factor Sp1 , putative ribonuclease III , ribonuclease III, nuclear , ribonuclease type III, nuclear , ethanol induced 2

567505 Danio rerio
10719711 Thioalkalimicrobium cyclicum ALM1
10725435 Sinorhizobium meliloti AK83
10733713 Isoptericola variabilis 225
10741092 Sphingobium chlorophenolicum L-1
29102 Homo sapiens
479375 Canis lupus familiaris
14000 Mus musculus
310159 Rattus norvegicus
420911 Gallus gallus
540168 Bos taurus
100349331 Oryctolagus cuniculus
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