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FSTL1 encodes a protein with similarity to follistatin, an activin-binding protein. Additionally we are shipping FSTL1 Kits (66) and FSTL1 Proteins (31) and many more products for this protein.

list all antibodies Gene Name GeneID UniProt
FSTL1 11167 Q12841
FSTL1 14314 Q62356
FSTL1 79210 Q62632
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Cow Rabbit Un-conjugated IHC, WB <b>WB Suggested Anti-FSTL1 Antibody Titration: </b>0.2-1 ug/ml<br><b>ELISA Titer: </b>1:62500<br><b>Positive Control: </b>HepG2 cell lysate WB Suggested Anti-FSTL1 <br /> Antibody Titration: 0.2-1 µg/mL ELISA Titer: 1:.2500 <br /> Positive Control: HepG2 cell lysate 100 μL Log in to see 2 to 3 Days
Human Goat Un-conjugated ELISA, WB ABIN184815 staining (0.5µg/ml) of Human Placenta lysate (RIPA buffer, 35µg total protein per lane). Primary incubated for 1 hour. Detected by western blot using chemiluminescence. ABIN184815 (0.3 µg/mL) staining of Placenta lysate (35 µg protein in RIPA buffer). Primary incubation was 1 hour. Detected by chemiluminescence.chemiluminescence. 100 μg Log in to see 6 to 7 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated FACS, IHC (p), WB FSTL1 Antibody (C-term)  western blot analysis in A549 cell line lysates (35ug/lane).This demonstrates the FSTL1 antibody detected the FSTL1 protein (arrow). FSTL1 antibody (C-term)  immunohistochemistry analysis in formalin fixed and paraffin embedded human prostate carcinoma followed by peroxidase conjugation of the secondary antibody and DAB staining.  This data demonstrates the use of the FSTL1 antibody (C-term) for immunohistochemistry.  Clinical relevance has not been evaluated. 400 μL Log in to see 10 to 11 Days
Cow Goat Un-conjugated WB   0.1 mg Log in to see Available
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated ICC, IF, IHC (p), WB IHC-P Image Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded human breast cancer, using FSTL1, antibody at 1:250 dilution. ICC/IF Image Immunofluorescence analysis of methanol-fixed HeLa, using FSTL1, antibody at 1:200 dilution. 100 μL Log in to see 1 to 2 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated WB 100 μL Log in to see 7 to 9 Days
Bat Goat Un-conjugated ELISA, WB 100 μg Log in to see 7 to 9 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated EIA, FACS, IHC (p), WB Flow cytometric analysis of A549 cells using FSTL1 Antibody (C-term) Cat.-No AP51731PU-N (right histogram) compared to a negative control cell (left histogram).FITC-conjugated goat-anti-rabbit secondary antibodies were used for the analysis. Immunohistochemistry analysis in formalin fixed and paraffin embedded human prostate carcinoma reacted with FSTL1 Antibody (C-term) followed by peroxidase conjugation of the secondary antibody and DAB staining. 0.4 mL Log in to see 6 to 8 Days
Cow Rabbit Un-conjugated WB 50 μg Log in to see 7 to 9 Days
Human Rabbit FITC FACS Flow cytometric analysis of Human FSTL1 expression on HeLa cells.  The cells were treated according to manufacturer’s manual (BD Pharmingen™ Cat. No. 554714), stained with FITC-conjugated anti-Human FSTL1. The fluorescence histograms were derived from gated events with the forward and side light-scatter characteristics of intact cells. 50 Tests Log in to see 20 to 21 Days

Top referenced anti-FSTL1 Antibodies

  1. Human Polyclonal FSTL1 Primary Antibody for ELISA, WB - ABIN249639 : Tanaka, Ozaki, Osakada, Mori, Okubo, Nakao: Cloning of follistatin-related protein as a novel autoantigen in systemic rheumatic diseases. in International immunology 1998 (PubMed)

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Human Follistatin-Like 1 (FSTL1) interaction partners

  1. Study suggests that follistatin like 1 plays an important role in lung fibrosis, and may serve as a novel therapeutic target for treatment of silicosis.

  2. Segmental allergen challenge increases levels of airway follistatin-like 1 in patients with asthma.

  3. Study found that FSTL1 was downregulated in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) cells. FSTL1 overexpression suppressed tumor cell proliferation, altered cell cycle and induced apoptosis in addition to inhibiting cell survival, migration and invasion. Altogether, results revealed the critical tumor-suppression function of FSTL1 in NSCLC progression, suggesting it as an important factor in NSCLC progression.

  4. Smad3 (show SMAD3 Antibodies) knockdown could restore the inhibition of cell proliferation induced by FSTL1 overexpression in MDAMB231FSTL1 cells, indicating that the antiproliferative effect of FSTL1 overexpression may be associated with Smad3 (show SMAD3 Antibodies) involved TGFbeta (show TGFB1 Antibodies) signaling pathway regulation. This study identified FSTL1 as an inhibitor of cell proliferation in MDAMB231 and 231BR cell lines

  5. Dendritic cell-mediated immunity was activated by FSTL1.

  6. Fstl1serves an important role in liver fibrosis and target deletion of Fstl1 attenuated HSCs activation through suppressing TGFbeta1 (show TGFB1 Antibodies)/Smad3 (show SMAD3 Antibodies) signaling pathway.

  7. Results showed that: 1- FSTL-1 expression is localized to the stromal compartment of the pancreas; 2- FSTL-1 expression is reduced in pancreatic cancer, and 3- FSTL-1 inhibited pancreatic cancer cell proliferation.

  8. Data show that follistatin-like 1 (FSTL1) contributed to unfavorable post-surgical outcome of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC (show FAM126A Antibodies)) patients via inhibiting cell apoptosis.

  9. results indicate that rs1259293 is associated with an increased risk and unfavorable postoperative prognosis of renal cell carcinoma (show MOK Antibodies), possibly by down-regulating FSTL1 expression in renal tissues.

  10. Data provide evidence that FSTL1 modestly affects the proliferation of breast cancer cells and vascular endothelial cells. These findings improve the understanding of the functions of FSTL1 in breast cancer development and angiogenesis.

Mouse (Murine) Follistatin-Like 1 (FSTL1) interaction partners

  1. this study shows that FSTL-1 modulates IL-17 (show IL17A Antibodies) signaling via IL-17RC (show IL17RC Antibodies) regulation in stromal cells

  2. FSTL1 may exert its actions through the modulation of Akt (show AKT1 Antibodies) signaling.

  3. FSTL1 is a secreted osteoclastogenic factor that plays a critical role in osteoclast formation via the NF-kappaB (show NFKB1 Antibodies) and MAPKs signaling pathways.

  4. study indicates a pivotal role for Fstl1 in early stage of lung airway smooth muscle development

  5. This study reveals that Fstl1 is essential for the acute repair of the infarcted myocardium and that stimulation of early fibroblast activation is a novel function of Fstl1.

  6. Deletion of Fstl1 from the endocardial/endothelial lineage results in deformed mitral valves, which cause regurgitation, heart failure, and early cardiac death.

  7. A critical role for the Smad3 (show SMAD3 Antibodies)-c-Jun (show JUN Antibodies) pathway in the regulation of Fstl1.

  8. FSTL1 may induce epithelial mesenchymal transition and airway remodeling by activating autophagy.

  9. tightly spatial interaction of FSTL1 and BMP4 (show BMP4 Antibodies) signaling plays an essential role in lung development

  10. a new role for FSTL1 in the development of radial glial scaffolds and the neuronal migration of upper-layer projection neurons, is reported.

FSTL1 Antigen Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes a protein with similarity to follistatin, an activin-binding protein. It contains an FS module, a follistatin-like sequence containing 10 conserved cysteine residues. This gene product is thought to be an autoantigen associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Gene names and symbols associated with FSTL1

  • follistatin like 1 (FSTL1) antibody
  • follistatin-like 1 (Fstl1) antibody
  • follistatin-like 1a (fstl1a) antibody
  • Follistatin-related protein 1 (fstl1) antibody
  • follistatin like 1 (Fstl1) antibody
  • follistatin like 1 L homeolog (fstl1.L) antibody
  • AI316791 antibody
  • AW107808 antibody
  • DKFZp469P101 antibody
  • FLIK antibody
  • Frp antibody
  • FSL1 antibody
  • Fstl antibody
  • FSTL1 antibody
  • MIR198 antibody
  • TSC-36 antibody
  • wu:fc75h02 antibody
  • zgc:110703 antibody

Protein level used designations for FSTL1

follistatin-like protein 1 , follistatin-related protein 1 , TGF-beta-inducible protein TSC-36 , follistatin-like 1 , Follistatin-related protein 1 , follistatin like 1 L homeolog

11167 Homo sapiens
14314 Mus musculus
79210 Rattus norvegicus
325423 Danio rerio
395349 Gallus gallus
534482 Bos taurus
100172767 Pongo abelii
100195512 Salmo salar
100225571 Taeniopygia guttata
608384 Canis lupus familiaris
100720516 Cavia porcellus
101118330 Ovis aries
594869 Xenopus laevis
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