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The anaphylatoxins C3a (see MIM 120700), C4a (see MIM 120810), and C5a are cationic fragments generated during the complement cascade that participate in host defense. Additionally we are shipping G Protein-Coupled Receptor 77 Antibodies (120) and G Protein-Coupled Receptor 77 Proteins (4) and many more products for this protein.

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GPR77 27202 Q9P296
GPR77 319430 Q8BW93
GPR77 445269  
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Human G Protein-Coupled Receptor 77 (GPR77) interaction partners

  1. Expression of C5aR1 and C5aR2 in whole blood was significantly attenuated by IL-6R-inhibition in non-ST-elevation myocardial infarction patients.

  2. Both rs2972607 and rs8112962 SNPs of C5L2 are associated with coronary artery disease in a Han population of China.

  3. Studies indicate that the complement response lie the active fragments, C3a and C5a, acting through their specific receptors, C3aR, C5aR1 and C5aR2 to direct the cellular response to inflammation.

  4. negative regulator of BDNF secretion by pulp fibroblasts under carious teeth

  5. All the C698T genotypes and allele frequencies in C5L2 were almost similar in both the cases and controls.

  6. C5AR and C5L2-mediated neutrophil dysfunction is associated with a poor outcome in sepsis.

  7. this study reveals a novel role for C5aR2 in C5a-mediated activation of mast cells and demonstrates that C5aR2 ligation initiates a beta-arrestin-2-, PI3K-, and ERK-dependent signaling pathway in these cells.

  8. C5a2 can modulate ERK1/2 signaling in macrophages via heteromer formation with C5a1 and beta-arrestin recruitment.

  9. prominent C5L2 expression in advanced atherosclerotic stages directly correlates with high levels of proinflammatory cytokines

  10. The present study has extended the mutation spectrum of C5L2, and Thr196Asn mutations in C5L2 were associated with retinitis pigmentosa and serum lipid levels.

  11. C5aR and C5L2 may have roles in adiposity in women

  12. A novel polymorphism (901G > a) of C5L2 gene is associated with coronary artery disease in Chinese Han and Uyghur population.

  13. our study indicates that 698C>T polymorphism of C5L2 gene is associated with the T2DM in individuals of Saudi population which was found to be similar with other studies.

  14. C5L2 may be implicated in the pro-inflammatory role in C5a-primed neutrophils for ANCA-induced activation.

  15. C5L2 receptors are abundant in neurofibrillary tangles in Alzheimer's disease brain compared to controls.

  16. The results suggest that insulin sensitivity may be permissive for coupling of C5L2 levels to lipid storage and utilization.

  17. C5L2 has been recently demonstrated to physically interact with both C5aR and beta-arrestin to negatively regulate C5aR signaling toward an anti-inflammatory manner

  18. C5L2 was expressed in the kidney and localized to the distal convoluted tubule and connecting tubule.

  19. genetic association studies in the Chinese Han population: Data suggest that an SNP in C5L2 (C698T) is associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus; 698CT heterozygotes exhibited increased serum triglyceride levels.

  20. The aim of this study was to investigate the genetic alterations and mRNA expression pattern of C5aR and C5L2 genes in neutrophils from attack-free familial Mediterranean fever patients.

Mouse (Murine) G Protein-Coupled Receptor 77 (GPR77) interaction partners

  1. Taken together, this study shows distinct roles of C5aR1 and C5aR2 in a model of renal IRI with progressive renal fibrosis. Both C5aR1-/- and C5aR2-/- mouse strains, compared with WT mice, showed attenuated inflammation and fibrosis after IRI.

  2. in experimental renal fibrosis C5L2 and C5aR both contribute to tubular injury, and, while C5aR acts profibrotic, C5L2 does not play a role in extracellular matrix accumulation, arguing against C5L2 functioning simply as a decoy receptor

  3. data demonstrate that complement-dependent and -independent mechanisms coexist in anti-Col17-autoantibody-mediated tissue destruction. C5aR1 and C5aR2 seem to play opposing roles in this process with C5aR1 exerting its primary effect in recruiting inflammatory cells to the skin during the early phase of the disease.

  4. The role of C5aR2 in adaptive immunity.

  5. Development of burn-induced mechanical allodynia, thermal allodynia, weight bearing changes and edema was assessed in C3aR(-/-), C5aR1(-/-) and C5aR2(-/-) mice and compared to their wild type controls over three days. Burn-induced mechanical allodynia, thermal allodynia and weight bearing changes developed normally C3aR(-/-), C5aR1(-/-) and C5aR2(-/-) mice.

  6. Loss of C5aR2 worsens the outcome from spinal cord injury in mice.

  7. a detailed map of murine C5aR2 immune cell expression in different tissues under steady-state conditions and upon pulmonary inflammation.

  8. The role of C5aR1 and C5aR2 in response to renal ischemia-reperfusion injury is reported. The results also demonstrated that C5aR2 is a functional receptor, rather than a decoy receptor, and may provide a new target for intervention.

  9. C5L2 plays an important antiinflammatory role.

  10. C5ar2 deficiency attenuates atherosclerosis and neointimal plaque formation after arterial injury.

  11. Findings demonstrate that, under excitotoxicity, Fosb products contribute to a neuroinflammatory response in the hippocampus through regulation of microglial C5ar1 and C5ar2 expression

  12. This work reveals an essential role for C5L2 in C5a-triggered, AP2-dependent C5aR internalization and downstream ERK signaling.

  13. Mouse susceptibility to MHV-3-induced fulminant hepatitis may rely on C5a/C5aR interactions, for which ERK1/2 and p38 pathways participate in up-regulating Fgl2 expression.

  14. These observations indicate the importance of C5aR in adipose tissue metabolism and immunity, which may be regulated through heterodimerization with C5L2.

  15. in allergic contact sensitivity, as in isolated human neutrophils, C5L2 functions to suppress C5a-C5aR-mediated responses, further underscoring its role as a negative regulator of anaphylatoxin activity.

  16. Disruption of C5L2 increases macrophage presence in white adipose tissue, contributing to obesity-associated pathologies.

  17. C5L2 is a functional receptor for ASP and act as a decoy receptor for C5a in pathophysiological conditions.

  18. These findings elucidate the functional characteristics of the C5L2 receptor during the acute inflammatory response.

  19. The results suggest that insulin sensitivity may be permissive for coupling of C5L2 levels to lipid storage and utilization.

  20. genetic deficiency enhances the development of diet-induced insulin resistance

Cow (Bovine) G Protein-Coupled Receptor 77 (GPR77) interaction partners

  1. C5AR2 seems to play a central role in inflammation

G Protein-Coupled Receptor 77 (GPR77) Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a G-protein coupled receptor 1 family member involved in the complement system of the innate immune response. Unlike classical G-protein coupled receptors, the encoded protein does not associate with intracellular G-proteins. It may instead modulate signal transduction through the beta-arrestin pathway, and may alternatively act as a decoy receptor. This gene may be involved in coronary artery disease and in the pathogenesis of sepsis. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants.

Gene names and symbols associated with GPR77

  • complement component 5a receptor 2 (C5AR2) antibody
  • complement component 5a receptor 2 (C5ar2) antibody
  • C5L2 antibody
  • E030029A11Rik antibody
  • GPF77 antibody
  • Gpr77 antibody

Protein level used designations for GPR77

G protein-coupled receptor 77 , G protein-coupled receptor C5L2 , C5a anaphylatoxin chemotactic receptor 2 , C5a anaphylatoxin chemotactic receptor C5L2 , G-protein coupled receptor 77 , C5A receptor beta , complement 5A receptor beta

456162 Pan troglodytes
612145 Canis lupus familiaris
717209 Macaca mulatta
27202 Homo sapiens
319430 Mus musculus
445269 Rattus norvegicus
522144 Bos taurus
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