G-Elongation Factor, Mitochondrial 1 (GFM1) ELISA Kits

Eukaryotes contain two protein translational systems, one in the cytoplasm and one in the mitochondria. Additionally we are shipping GFM1 Antibodies (72) and GFM1 Proteins (9) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
GFM1 85476 Q96RP9
GFM1 28030 Q8K0D5
GFM1 114017 Q07803
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Catalog No. Reactivity Sensitivity Range Images Quantity Delivery Price Details
100 Tests 2 to 3 Days
Human 10.94 pg/mL 43.75-2800 pg/mL Typical standard curve 96 Tests 15 to 18 Days
  96 Tests 11 to 18 Days
  96 Tests 15 to 18 Days
  50 Tests 2 to 3 Days

Top referenced GFM1 ELISA Kits

  1. ABIN411715 : Takai, Ueda, Ishii, Kira, Nishida, Nasu, Narahara: Erucylphosphocholine induces growth inhibition, cell cycle arrest, and apoptosis in human choriocarcinoma cells. in Tumour biology 2011 (PubMed)
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Human G-Elongation Factor, Mitochondrial 1 (GFM1) interaction partners

  1. Functional studies demonstrated decreased GFM1 protein levels, suggested disrupted assembly of mitochondrial complexes III and V and decreased activities of mitochondrial complexes I and IV, all indicating combined OXPHOS deficiency.

  2. In the present study, a nanoparticle modified with EGFP-EGF1 (ENP) was constructed as a multitargeting drug delivery system. The protein binding experiment showed EGFP-EGF1 could bind well to A549 tumor cells and other stromal cells including neo-vascular cells, tumor-associated fibroblasts, and tumor-associated macrophages

  3. The R671C mutation disrupts an inter-subunit interface and could locally destabilize the mutant protein. The second mutation (L398P) disrupted the H-bond network in a rich-beta-sheet domain, and may have a dramatic effect on local structure.

  4. analysis of molecular model for EF-G1 isoform

  5. Sequencing of EFG1 revealed a mutation affecting a conserved residue of the guanosine triphosphate (GTP)-binding domain. These results define a new class of gene defects underlying disorders of oxidative phosphorylation.

  6. mutations in the mitochondrial translation factor EFG1 may have a role in oxidative phosphorylation deficiencies [case report]

  7. Genetic investigation of patients with defective mitochondrial translation led to the discovery of novel mutations in the mitochondrial elongation factor G1 (EFG1) in one affected baby and in the mitochondrial elongation factor Tu (EFTu) in another one

GFM1 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Eukaryotes contain two protein translational systems, one in the cytoplasm and one in the mitochondria. Mitochondrial translation is crucial for maintaining mitochondrial function and mutations in this system lead to a breakdown in the respiratory chain-oxidative phosphorylation system and to impaired maintenance of mitochondrial DNA. This gene encodes one of the mitochondrial translation elongation factors. Its role in the regulation of normal mitochondrial function and in different disease states attributed to mitochondrial dysfunction is not known.

Gene names and symbols associated with GFM1

  • G elongation factor mitochondrial 1 (GFM1) antibody
  • G elongation factor, mitochondrial 1 (Gfm1) antibody
  • AW545374 antibody
  • COXPD1 antibody
  • D3Wsu133e antibody
  • EF-G antibody
  • Efg antibody
  • EFG1 antibody
  • EFGM antibody
  • EGF1 antibody
  • Gfm antibody
  • hEFG1 antibody

Protein level used designations for GFM1

EF-Gmt , G translation elongation factor, mitochondrial , elongation factor G 1, mitochondrial , elongation factor G, mitochondrial , elongation factor G1 , mEF-G 1 , mitochondrial elongation factor G , mitochondrial elongation factor G1 , G elongation factor 1 , mitochondrial

85476 Homo sapiens
28030 Mus musculus
114017 Rattus norvegicus
477128 Canis lupus familiaris
513309 Bos taurus
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