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anti-PCDHgB3 Antibodies

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anti-PCDHgB3 antibody (Protocadherin gamma B3) Primary Antibody

PCDHgB3 Reactivity: Human ELISA, WB Host: Rabbit Polyclonal unconjugated
Catalog No. ABIN2148526
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50 μL
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anti-PCDHgB3 antibody (Protocadherin gamma B3) Primary Antibody

PCDHgB3 Reactivity: Human, Mouse ELISA, IF, WB Host: Rabbit Polyclonal unconjugated
Catalog No. ABIN5699801
Plus shipping costs $45.00
100 μg
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  • Type Primary
    • Primary
  • Target Protocadherin gamma B3 (PCDHgB3)
    • Protocadherin gamma B3 (PCDHgB3)
    • Histone 3 (H3)
    • Tumor Protein P53 (TP53)
    • Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR)
    • Mast/stem Cell Growth Factor Receptor (KIT)
    • Protein tyrosine Phosphatase, Receptor Type, C (PTPRC)
    • CD4
    • tau Protein
    • Receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-2 (ErbB2/Her2)
    • Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF alpha)
    • V-Akt Murine Thymoma Viral Oncogene Homolog 1 (AKT1)
    • Interferon gamma (IFNG)
    • Nuclear Factor-kB p65 (NFkBP65)
    • Estrogen Receptor 1 (ESR1)
    • Albumin (ALB)
    • BCL2-Associated Agonist of Cell Death (BAD)
    • B-Cell CLL/lymphoma 2 (BCL2)
    • V-Raf-1 Murine Leukemia Viral Oncogene Homolog 1 (RAF1)
    • CD8a Molecule (CD8A)
    • Platelet/endothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (PECAM1)
    • Tuberous Sclerosis 2 (TSC2)
    • CD19 Molecule (CD19)
    • CD3 epsilon (CD3E)
    • Hemagglutinin (HA)
    • Integrin alpha M (ITGAM)
    • CD8
    • Histone H4
    • CD44
    • Jun Proto-Oncogene (JUN)
    • Interleukin 6 (IL6)
    • Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule (EPCAM)
    • Myc Proto-Oncogene protein (MYC)
    • Ribosomal Protein S6 Kinase, 70kDa, Polypeptide 1 (RPS6KB1)
    • Interleukin 2 Receptor, alpha (IL2RA)
    • Catenin, beta (CATNB)
    • CD5
    • Vimentin (VIM)
    • Membrane-Spanning 4-Domains, Subfamily A, Member 1 (MS4A1)
    • Mucin 1 (MUC1)
    • CD3
    • PTK2 Protein tyrosine Kinase 2 (PTK2)
    • Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP)
    • C-Abl Oncogene 1, Non-Receptor tyrosine Kinase (ABL1)
    • CD34
    • Interleukin 2 (IL2)
    • Insulin Receptor Substrate 1 (IRS1)
    • Keratin 18 (KRT18)
    • Kinase insert Domain Receptor (A Type III Receptor tyrosine Kinase) (KDR)
    • Amyloid beta (A4) Precursor Protein (APP)
    • CD14
    • Tuberous Sclerosis 1 (TSC1)
  • Application
    • ELISA
    • Western Blotting (WB)
    • Immunofluorescence (IF)
  • Reactivity
    • Human
    • Mouse
  • Host
    • Rabbit
  • Clonality
    • Polyclonal
  • Isotype
    • IgG
  • Format
    • Liquid

PCDHgB3 Antigen Profile

Protein Summary

This gene is a member of the protocadherin gamma gene cluster, one of three related clusters tandemly linked on chromosome five. These gene clusters have an immunoglobulin-like organization, suggesting that a novel mechanism may be involved in their regulation and expression. The gamma gene cluster includes 22 genes divided into 3 subfamilies. Subfamily A contains 12 genes, subfamily B contains 7 genes and 2 pseudogenes, and the more distantly related subfamily C contains 3 genes. The tandem array of 22 large, variable region exons are followed by a constant region, containing 3 exons shared by all genes in the cluster. Each variable region exon encodes the extracellular region, which includes 6 cadherin ectodomains and a transmembrane region. The constant region exons encode the common cytoplasmic region. These neural cadherin-like cell adhesion proteins most likely play a critical role in the establishment and function of specific cell-cell connections in the brain. Alternative splicing has been described for the gamma cluster genes.

Gene names and symbols associated with PCDHgB3

  • protocadherin gamma subfamily B, 3 (PCDHGB3) antibody
  • PCDH-GAMMA-B3 antibody

Protein level used designations for PCDHgB3

protocadherin gamma-B3

56102 Homo sapiens

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